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Acidity: causes, symptoms and homeopathic treatment

Hi everyone,  

Welcome to day 1 of #BlogchatterA2Z. This year’s theme is “A 2 Z of common diseases and their homeopathic treatment”. 

 In this series, I will share a proper information about 26 common diseases (in A2Z format) with their causes, symptoms, and homeopathic treatment. Along with disease description, I will be listed out most common and indicated homeopathic remedies for these common diseases. 

 Hoping this information will help you to get an idea about efficacy of homeopathic treatment in treating common diseases. And also, serve as a handy guide for easy home treatment of common ailments.  

In first post, I am talking about “Acidity”. What is acidity or heartburn? Why this happens (Basic pathology)? What are the common causes or etiological factors of acidity? What are some common homeopathic remedies and useful lifestyle measures to treat acidity at home? Read the post to know more! 

What is acidity? 

As per definition, “Acidity or heartburn is an uncomfortable feeling of burning and warmth occurring in waves, rising up behind the sternum towards the neck.” 

Acidity or heartburn is not a disease in itself, it is more a symptom of any underling disease conditions or a result of some predominant causative lifestyle factors such as excessive smoking or alcohol consumption eating too much spicy and fatty foods, or side effect of prolonged used of NSID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) and painkillers like Ibuprofen.   

Worldwide, acidity or heartburn is a common problem and it happens about once a week in about (15-20% of population.  

Causes or etiological factors of acidity

We can classify the causative factors of acidity in two main categories. 

  1. Lifestyle factors 
  2. Systemic factors (underlying disease condition)  

Lifestyle factors 

Here is a list of some common lifestyle factors that causes acidity.  

  • Intake of excessive spicy, fatty, junk food 
  • Eating late at night and sleep immediately afterwards 
  • Smoking  
  • Excessive alcohol consumption 
  • Being overweight 
  • Lack of physical activities  
  • Prolonged state of sleeplessness (Insomnia) 
  • Constant high level of stress 
  • Anxiety and depression  
  • Prolonged use of NSID (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) and painkillers 

Most of the lifestyle factors can be modified and patients can improve their acidity condition by working on them. 

Systemic causes 

Systemic causes are more severe than lifestyle factors. In this category, acidity is a symptom of some underlying disease condition. Here are some common diseases that cause acidity as a prominent symptom. 

  • GERD (Gastroesophageal reflex disease): it is a common disease condition that results in acidity as a main symptom. In this disease condition, there is laxity of esophageal sphincter (a Valve that is present is between esophagus and stomach) occur, and this looseness results in backflow of stomach acid in to esophagus or food pipe. This backflow of acid irritates the esophagus and causes acidity symptom. 
  • Stomach or peptic ulcer: it is another serious systemic disorder that causes acidity (Typically at night) in many patients.  
  • Hital hernia:  it is a condition where a portion of stomach lies within the chest instead of the abdomen. Weak supportive tissues are main cause of developing hernia. A large Hital hernia may cause backflow of food and acid into esophagus and results in heartburn symptoms.  
  • Stomach cancer: in some cases, heartburn or acidity could be an early sign of stomach cancer.  
  • Zollinger Ellison syndrome: it is a rare disease in which one or more tumors form in pancreas and upper part of small intestine. These tumors cause over production of hormone gastrin, that results in hyperacidity.  

Why heartburn or acidity happens? (Basic pathology)

What causes acidity?

Image source: my.clevelandclinic.org 

Our stomach and intestine contain various digestive glands. These digestive gland secrets hydrochloric acid (HCL) and other digestive enzymes like pepsin to digest the food. In normal circumstances, the amount of HCL remain controlled and secrets only in required quantity to digest food. 

 Due to any reasons (lifestyle factors or systemic disease), when this acid secretion exceeds beyond normal limit, then it starts eroding the lining of stomach and intestinal mucosa and start regurgitate (flow back) in food pipe or esophagus. This back flow of acid in food pipe produces the other symptoms of acidity like sour eructation and burning.   

In some systemic disease like GERD (gastro esophageal reflux disease), there is loosening of sphincter muscle (a muscle that present at the lower end of esophagus and prevent the flow back of food in food pipe from stomach) occurs, it causes stomach acid to back up into your esophagus or food pipe and results in heartburn and other associated symptoms.  

In most of the cases, acidity (or heartburn) did not cause any serious complications and respond well to routine acidity treatment (anta-acid) and lifestyle changes. But when left untreated for long time, acidity could cause serious complications such as stomach (peptic) ulceration and in rare cases, stomach cancer too.  

Symptoms of acidity 

Here are some common symptoms of acidity.  

  • Pain and burning sensation in chest usually occur in night and after eating 
  • Pain that gets worse by lying down or bending over.  
  • Sour and rancid eructation (belching or Khatti Dakar in Hindi)  
  • Bitter or acidic taste in mouth 
  • Gas or flatulence in abdomen  
  • Stomach pain 
  • Nausea, Vomiting and constipation in some case 
  • Headache and dizziness (occasionally)  
  • Loss of appetite 
  • Distension of abdomen 
  • Loss of sleep (when acidity symptoms get worse in night) 

Heart attack Vs Heartburn 

Sometimes, acidity symptoms may create a state of confusion and may mimic like heart attack symptoms. Here is an infographic to understand the differentiation between heart attack symptoms and heartburn symptoms.

A graphic showing symptoms of heart burn and a heart attack

Image source: Inspirehuahin.com 

Conventional treatment 

The path of conventional treatment is depending on the underlying cause of acidity.  

  1. For minor cases, where lifestyle factors are responsible for acidity, the antacid is usual first line of treatment and give satisfactory results in most of the patients. Improving lifestyle factors also play a vital role in treatment of acidity and other associated symptoms.  
  2. For serious cases, where acidity is caused by serious systemic diseases, physician treat underlying disease first to control the symptoms of acidity.  

Homeopathic treatment 

Homeopathy offers a great scope of treatment for treating acidity and associated symptoms. Here are some important factors that need to be understand before starting homeopathic treatment of acidity.  

  • Unlike conventional treatment, homeopathy did not work only on symptoms (in this case acidity symptom). Homeopathy treats the “Patient as a whole” and along with acidity symptoms, other individual symptoms of patient play an important role in selection of a proper homeopathic remedy. 
  • Before starting homeopathic treatment, it is always advisable to rule out serious systemic disease (like stomach cancer) by proper test or other diagnostic measures.  
  • Homeopathic treatment is more suitable for treating mild cases, where lifestyle factors are main reason of acidity (not any serious systemic disease)  

Best homeopathic remedies for treating acidity symptoms 

Though homeopathic treatment is highly individualized (means medicine is selected on the basis of individual symptoms) but there are some remedies for each disease condition that works wonderfully for treating that peculiar disease symptoms.  

Here I am listing 5 best homeopathic remedies for treating acidity symptoms. There remedies can be used as a “At home treatment option” to treat mild cases of acidity.  

Matching of symptoms is main basis to select a particular remedy. (I am highlighting main symptoms of each remedy in bold italic letters, if you or any one in your family have that symptom, you can use that remedy to relive your acidity symptoms) 


Robinia pseudoacacia

Image source: amazon.com

Robinia is one of the best homeopathic remedy for treating acidity symptoms. When there is regurgitation (Flow back) of food into food pipe after eating with sour eructation (Khatti Dakar) present as a key symptom, Robinia works great to relief acidity symptoms. Along with sour eructation, other discharges of body (like urine and stool) also have a sour smell. 

 Also, when acidity get worse in night, after lying down and after having meal Robinia works great.  Robinia is also suitable for small kids who have acidity symptoms and sour smelling body.  

Dose: Take 30c potency of Robinia 5-6 globules or 2 drops, 4 times in a day (15 minute after meal) 

Natrum phos 

Natrum phos 6x

Image source: distacart.com 

Natrum phos is a “Homeopathic anta-acid“. it is useful in treating indigestion, heartburn, dull feeling and other associated symptoms like sore belching, sore vomiting and yellow discoloration of tongue. It is a bio chemic remedy and can be used safely in kids and adults both for treating acidity. It is also useful in treating chronic cases of acidity and can be used for long time (1-2 months) to treat acidity symptoms.  

Dose: 6x potency 4 tablets 4 times a day.  

Carbo veg 

Carbo veg 30

Image source: distacart.com

This is another excellent remedy for treating acidity symptoms. It is more suitable for weak people (like old age people) who have a weak digestion. When there is immediate burning sensation occur after eating, then Carbo veg is your remedy. Also, when burning is present in upper part of abdomen, Carbo veg gives best results.   

Dose: 30c or 200c potency, 5-6 globules 4 times a day.  

Nux Vomica 

Nux Vomica 200

mage source: distacart.com

Nux Vomica is a king remedy of all sorts of gastric complaints that includes acidity, constipation, headache due to constipation, indigestion and gas in abdomen. The gastric discomfort starts about half an hour after meal.  It is more suitable for those people who have a long history of living sedentary life, eating fatty and junk food and consuming alcohol and taking allopathic medications for treating other disease conditions.  

Dose: 30c or 200 c potency, 5-6 globules 4 times a day. Nux vomica works best when taken in night. Do not forget to take nigh dose for treating acidity and other indigestion symptoms.  

Iris versicular 

Iris versicolor

Image source: distacart.com

Iris is another wonderful remedy for treating acidity and heartburn. When there is severe burning present in whole elementary canal (from esophagus (food pipe) to rectum (stool passing opening), then iris works wonderfully. Along with this, there is sour ( khatti) vomiting and migraine present as associated symptom, iris can be used to treat acidity and heartburn.  

Dose: 30 c or 200c potency 5-6 globules 4 times a day.  

So, these are some homeopathic remedies to treat acidity.  

Along with these, it is equally important to put a proper attention on improving lifestyle factors.  

Homoeopathic combination 

Nowadays, homeopathic combination medicines are so in trend and gives great results in treating acidity and heartburn.  

Here I am sharing few of excellent homeopathic combination for acidity.  

This combination works great and even relive chronic acidity symptoms too.  

Dr. Reckeweg Biochemic combination 25 

Dr. Reckeweg BC 25

Image source: dailyneedsworld.com

This is an excellent combination for treating acidity, flatulence and indigestion symptoms. It contains Natrum phos, Natrum Sulph and silicea as key medicine ingredients. 

Dose: Take 4 tablets (adults), 2 tablets (children), 4 times a day at intervals of 3 hours for treating acidity symptoms.  

SBL Biochemic combination no. 25 

SBL’s bio combination 25

Image source: dailyneedsworld.com

This is another good combination for treating acidity, flatulence and indigestion symptoms. Each tablet contains Natrum phos 3X, Naturm sulph 3X and Silicea in equal proportion. 

Dose:  Take 4 tablets (adults) and children (2 tablets), every 3 hours or 4 times a day.  

SBL’s Nixocid syrup and tablet combination 

Nixocid tablet

Image source: dailyneedsworld.com

SBL’s Nixocid syrup

Image source: ebay.com

SBL’s Nixocid syrup is another excellent combination for treating hyperacidity and indigestion symptoms. It contains Naturm phos 3X, Carbo Veg 6X, Robinia 3X, and Lycopodium 3X. This combination is available in both form as tablets and as a syrup. You can use any form as per your preference.  

Nixocid Syrup dose: Take 1-2 teaspoonful 3-4 times a day. In acute condition, you can take 2-3 hourly.  

 Nixocid tablets dose:  take 2 tablets 3-4 times a day. For children, use half of the adult dose.   

Bakson’s Gastro-Aid syrup 

Bakson’s Gastro Aid

Image source: ebay.com

This is another good combination remedy for treating belching, flatulence and hyperacidity symptoms. It contains Phosphorus 5X, Robinia 2X, Natrum Phos 2X, and Capsicum 3X.   

Dose: Take 1-2 teaspoon of syrup with lukewarm water, 3 times a day. For children use half of the adult dose.  

Lifestyle measures to improve and treat acidity symptoms 

  • Eat at least 2-3 hours before sleeping, and avoid lying down immediate after eating.  Take a 15-20 Walk after dinner 
  • Do Regular exercise to keep yourself fit and improve overall wellbeing. 
  • Try to maintain your ideal weight as per your age and height.  
  • Avoid overeating, junk and spicy food 
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption  
  • Sleep on time 
  • Manage your stress with stress relieving techniques like yoga and meditation.  
  • Drink enough water (at least 8-10 glass a day) 
  • Add more fruits, vegetables and whole grain in your diet.  
  • Know your triggers (particular food or condition) that causes acidity  
  • Avoid or limit unnecessary use of pain killer medicines (NSID drugs) 

Important tips for taking homeopathic treatment ( as a home treatment) 

  • Always read and learn instructions properly before start taking any medicine. If you are using homeopathic combinations (for home treatment), read the details and follow instructions properly to get best results.  
  • Avoid eating or drinking anything at least 15 minutes before and after taking homeopathic medicines.  
  • Also, avoid consuming strong smell substances like garlic and onion while taking homeopathic treatment. It is believed that strong smelling substances may reduce the efficacy of homeopathic medicines.  
  • Do not take homeopathic globules in hand. Take medicine in a cap of medicine container and put directly in mouth.  
  • Always close the cap of medicine bottle properly and avoid putting homeopathic medicines near the perfumes or other strong-smelling substances.  
  • For home treatment, use 30c or 200c potency of homeopathic medicines (as they are generally safe and less likely cause any side effects) and take 5-6 globules or 2 drops, 4 times in a day. in acute condition, you can repeat medicine frequently (5-6 times a day). In chronic conditions, avoid frequent repetitions.  
  • Avoid self-medications for infants and younger kids, pregnant and lactating women, and for people, who already suffering from any chronic diseases (like diabetes and hypertension). Always consult your doctor first before start taking any herbal or homeopathic medicines for self-treatment.  
  • Be cautious and always monitor your symptoms carefully while taking home treatment. If your symptoms did not improve within 3-5 days or get worse despite taking home (and homeopathic treatment), consult your doctor immediately and take professional medical care.  

So, this is all for now.  

If you have any questions about acidity and homeopathic treatment. Feel free to ask in comment section. Would love to answer any of your quarries regarding this subject.  

As Alphabet “B”, I am talking about “Baby colic, its causes, symptoms and homeopathic treatment”. Stay tuned! 

What are your thoughts? Please share with me.  

Note: with this post, I did not have any aim to promote any particular homeopathy brand of medicine. the brands which I have mentioned here have good reputation and give good results in treating acidity condition. SBL, Schwabe and Dr. Reckeweg ( German company )are some of the trusted homeopathic brands for buying good quality homeopathic medicines. you can use any of these as per your preference and availability.

Disclaimer: this article has been written for information purpose only. It did not intend to diagnose or treat any disease condition.  Always consult your physician before making any significant changes to your diet and existing medications.  

This post is a part of Blogchatter A2Z Challenge


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