Unlock Your Child’s Creativity and Imagination with “Colgate Magical Space Adventure”

We love creativity as a family. I believed that being creative is not just a hobby; it is a way of life too. As a mom of two young kids, get involved in creative activities with my kids, always feel great. It is the best way to spend time together while having fun, excitement and learning. We always get an immense joy and satisfaction by reading, drawing, painting, crafting (especially recycled crafts), storytelling etc.
Among all these creative activities recycling and storytelling are my personal favourite. Storytelling is a great art that often involved with improvisation, theatrics or embellishment. It is the best and easiest way to enhance verbal proficiency, improving listening and communication skills, and imagination power. And using some interesting characters (like puppets or dolls) is a way to make it more interesting and appealing to kids.
Second recycling the waste products is my all-time favourite way to feel the spark of creativity in routine days. It always feels great to convert a trash into a treasure. And it is an interesting way to teach kids about the importance of recycling and saving the energy. Kids always had lots of fun and learning with these two awesome activities. But since few days, we really had tight schedules. School, homework, assignments, and appointments…during this super busy life we were not able to carve some quality time to doing our favourite creative stuff.
Suddenly, just a few days ago, when blogadda has approached to join an exciting project called “Colgate magical stories”, I get super excited as this project has involved my two favourite super creative activities.
I know, it might me a little confusing for you, as Colgate is a well-known world class tooth paste brand, and it is associated with kids and creativity. How? Wait for a minute; I will explore it for you.

“Colgate magical stories”- A New creative pack by Colgate

The Colgate “Magical Space adventure” has three packs, with an interesting theme inside of each pack to cut, play and learn concept. Alien planet, float around the zero gravity, spacewalk and experience the thrilling space launch, with more than 15 space characters, these packs will take your kids on an adventurous journey into the magical space world. These packs allow the kids to create their own secret universe by exploring their creative canvas.
, this is inside of pack:



  • My perspective these packs has some great unique feature.
  • As usual superior anti-cavity protection for families.
  • ·         Brilliant concept of recycling a cover pack
  • ·         New and exciting way to narrate a story with super cool characters
  • ·         Easy to understand instructions for making a cut out
  • ·         And at the end, of course the hours of fun, excitement with simultaneous learning

So as soon as we had received our packs, my dolls cannot wait to make a story with these super cool characters and space theme. And without wasting any time, we had started our story formation.  As like all kids my daughters also had a great fantasy about space, different planets, aliens, and other space related things, I had explained them about space in brief. And they had started the story with keeping the name of two main characters of story as “Ravi and Seema”
Here is our story:
Once upon a time, there were two kids Ravi and Seema lived in a beautiful place called Shimla. They were enjoying their life with their family and friends. Like all other kids, they also had a great fantasy about space and aliens. Every night, Ravi and Seema shared their desire to go to space with one another.
“I want to meet an Alien” Ravi has said.
“Oh! Me too…” I want to wear a space suit too. Seema has replied excitedly.
But how? Both have asked to one another. Days were going with fastest speed. And one day, god has heard their prayer. Suddenly, all kids have been called in the assembly hall of school.  Nobody know, what has happened? And within few minutes, principle, teachers came along with the well-known scientist Mr. Sharma. Everyone was so curious about what will happen next?
Very soon, Mr. Sharma has started his speech. He has said, “I know, you all kids love space and you always had a fantasy about space, aliens but unfortunately since few days ago, when we had sent two young astronauts (From another school) to space for a research purpose, their space ship has encountered an accidents. They are in trouble. And to help them, we need your help, we want two volunteer for that purpose. We will send them in a space; we provide them a complete training and all other essential security measures. Please let me who will help us, after taking permission from your parents.
Most of kids got scared. But for Ravi and Seema, it was like dream come true. They had convinced their parents and next day, they had said “A big yes” to Mr. Sharma. Mr. Sharma has praised them a lot for their brave decision. After completing their training, they both were ready for completing the noble mission. They had worn their space suit. And after taking the blessing of their parents, they launched on the space station to refuel the tank. They had a huge amount of excitement for their venture.
After completing long journey of 48 years, they had reached on Venus Planet, and took the help of Rover (Mr. Sharma has guided them about it, it is a vehicle that has been used to move around the planet), they were trying to find the next clue to search their astronaut friends. But suddenly, a big UFO has come toward them with a flying speed.  A green alien comes out of the UFO; initially, he was looking so angry on them, but very soon, Ravi has offered some gifts to him and they become good friends. Ravi and Seema has explained their mission to him. And he has made a promise to helping them.
After a search of few hours, they had found their astronaut friend. Alien has helped them a lot. Both friends were feeling so happy to see Ravi and Seema. And they had explored the beautiful planets with spacewalk. Alien was too happy to find the new friends. After exploring the beautiful and unique space world, it was the time to say bid adieu to alien. At the end, they all said a big thanks to alien for his help, and they come back to earth with happy, precious memories.
After coming, everyone has praised Ravi and Seema. They had received “Bravery award” for the government. It was the greatest achievement for their parents, school, Mr. Sharma. But for Ravi and Seema, it was just like the “Dream come true”.
With this beautiful ending, we had completed our story.
“Wow! What a story, my daughters had cheered in a loud voice.  We are feeling like that “We came from the space”, my dolls has expressed their emotions with lots of happiness. We had loads of fun, excitement, creativity…all because of Colgate magical space adventure pack.
Positive parenting (and as a mom too) is absolutely delighted to be the users of these super creative packs. And a big round of applause to Colgate for providing such a wonderful opportunity to create magical stories with kids, with a brilliant concept of recycling. I would strongly recommend to all parents to give a try to this amazingly creative activity with these magical packs. Your child will have a refreshing, innovative and exciting learning experience.
“I am blogging my #ColgateMagicalstories at Blogadda in association with Colgate.

Note: It is a sponsored post.

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