Why I am a relaxed mommy….now?

Parenthood is an adventurous journey and being a parent comes with a multitude of responsibilities and duties. Of course, we all want to grow our children as a strong, healthy and happy individual. From the moment our child is born, it is our duty to take care of his every need.
Usually, the journey of motherhood is filled with different emotions and when I had started my parenting journey as a first-time mom (seven years ago); I was in a continuous cycle of learning. I want to learn each aspect of motherhood with perfection. I want to enjoy each moment of this most beautiful phase of any woman’s life. And during these 7 years of the journey and being a mom of two I had observed that it is a challenging journey. From routine care to good habit formations each step requires so much of patience and effort.
Creative development is the most integral part of childhood phase. Creativity in children can be developed by engaging them in activities that enable them to share their thoughts and feelings. Creativity also fosters mental and emotional growth in children.
 Reading, writing, and crafting are some easiest way to explore creativity and imagination power in kids.and we love reading,
We love crafting,
We love cooking,
We love to surf latest technologies,
We all moms love our duties. And as a conscious mom, I also had some fixed routine for kids. These are:
  • A regular visit to the library for picking good and age appropriate books for kids. Although I love to do that but it requires time and proper selection process, because one of the daughters is 7 and one are 4 years old. Both have different interest too.
  • Searching a craft theme to raise their creative quotient and also as a boredom buster crafting helps me a lot to keep them engage in a creative way. But again it requires lots of time, to search a theme and then gather or shop all crafting materials.
  • Sometimes, we all love cooking with our kids. It is the best way to teach them simple recipes and spend some quality together. But kids are fussy eaters; it is always challenging to search kid friendly recipes that they really love.
  • We lived in a high- tech world. And it is very important to keep updated with the latest technologies. Nowadays, verities of kids app are available, but to search out a perfect one that is best for us is a definitely a tough task.

And as a mom on duty, I am always busy with completing my all duties and responsibilities .Theoretically, everything seems pretty and simple, but practical life is little different and difficult. Apart from kids care, we also had tons of another household task, other social, and personal and profession responsibilities and maintain a healthy balance between them is not an easy thing.
From the last few days, I was feeling pressurizing with the overload of responsibilities. I was feeling tired and frustrated. And this hectic schedule was also affecting my mother responsibilities too. I was not able to make the regular visit to the library. Crafting and other creative activities are also on a dropping side. I was feeling a little sad and disappointed. But like “Every problem has a solution”. I also got a perfect solution for my all problem. It is a treasure box “Indianmomsconnect treasure box“. The box is really a treasure in the true sense. It has two options,
  • Under the Imli (for age 2-4 year)
  •  Under the Banyan (for age 4-7 year)

The box has 4 items:
  • A handpicked Indian children’s book (very good and age appropriate)
  • A specific designed related activity and its required item
  • An age appropriate App suggestion
  • A kid-friendly recipe suggestion

There are several benefits of IMC treasure box:
  • It is a perfect combination of all creative activities which we love to do with our kids.
  • It is a time consuming too. Most of the moms (like me) find it difficult to manage all things together. IMC treasure box will help you in that aspect.
  • Exceptional quality, it will make a reader out of a child and give the fight to his or her imagination. The stuff which is filled in it is personally recommended by moms and crafts are created by moms.
  • It can be received every month.
  •  It is available at an affordable price.  It’s shipping available in both India and USA.

I think it is a wonderful way to teach your child to read craft and have fun while doing all this.  and it is the reason why I am a relaxed mommy, now. So just get ready to open that treasure box and get the best treasure of all. Here is the link by using that you can subscribe to IMC treasure box.
AFFO4 is my affiliate code and if you subscribed from this link you will get a 20% off on an IMC treasure box.
So just subscribed the box a get the fun and creativity in your life. Until then, happy parenting!
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