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8 Incredible benefits of playing softball for girls!

Benefits of playing softball for girls
Benefits of playing softball for girls

Summer is a time to get a break from typical and somewhat hectic school routine. While it’s good to have a relaxing routine during summer but at the same time, summer is also a great time to learn something new and polish your extracurricular skills like sport, music or art.  

Here, at my place, when I asked my little one that “What she wants to learn during summer vacation?” 

She replied instantly that “She wants to learn how to play softball during this summer.” 

Honestly, softball was a new game for me, and I had not heard much about this game before. To support her wish, I had searched for a good sport academy named “Pleasanton girls softball league” and enrolled her for summer recreational season.  

She had 2-3 practices and games per week during this summer and completed her first recreational season yesterday.  

It was a wonderful experience for her to learn a new sport and we as a family had a great time while she played matches for various teams and won many of them too during this summer season.  

So, in this post, I am sharing more information about softball for those who are new to this game.  

What is softball? What are the benefits of playing softball for girls? Read on to know more.  

What is softball? 

As per Wikipedia “Softball is a game similar to baseball game. It is played with a larger ball on a smaller field, with only underhand pitches (where the ball is released while the hand is primarily below the ball) permitted.  

Softball is played competitively at various levels like club levels, the college level, and the professional level.  The game was first created in 1887 in Chicago by George Hancock. 

8 amazing benefits of playing softball for girls!

Benefits of playing softball for girls
Benefits of playing softball for girls

Here are some amazing benefits of playing softball for girls.  

Physical benefits (total body workout with upper and lower body conditioning)  

One of the most obvious benefits of playing softball for girls is the improvement of physical health and fitness. Softball involves running, throwing, catching, and swinging, providing an excellent full-body workout. Regular practice and games help girls build strength, endurance, agility, and coordination. Additionally, participating in sports at a young age can establish a lifelong commitment to staying active and leading a healthy lifestyle. 

 Muscle development  

As second benefits, softball helps in developing muscles and making them stronger. Playing softball requires the use of various muscles of the body including both upper and lower parts of the body. For throwing the ball, muscles of upper parts of body like shoulder, deltoid and biceps get good workout, while oblique muscles in the abdomen ( lower part of body) also get a good workout while playing softball . Thus, softball helps a lot in muscular development of body in subtle way, not make them bulkier like weightlifting or other heavy workout.  

Teamwork and Communication Skills 

Softball is a team sport, and playing as part of a team teaches girls valuable lessons in collaboration and communication. It fosters an understanding of collective goals and encourages players to work together as a team to achieve success. Girls learn to support their teammates, communicate effectively on and off the field, and develop essential leadership skills. These qualities are not only beneficial in sports but also in various aspects of life, including academics and future careers. 

Boosting Confidence and Self-Esteem 

As girls progress in softball and witness their growth and improvement, their confidence and self-esteem soar. Mastering new skills, overcoming challenges, and receiving encouragement from coaches and teammates contribute to a sense of accomplishment. Softball allows girls to set personal goals and witness the tangible results of their hard work, ultimately building their confidence in their abilities both on and off the field. 

Improve mental health 

Playing softball is not just about physical strength; it also requires mental toughness and resilience. Girls learn to handle pressure, cope with setbacks, and stay focused in high-pressure situations. Facing victories and defeats on the field teaches them valuable life lessons about perseverance and the importance of bouncing back after failure. These qualities are crucial for personal growth and facing challenges later in life. 

Social Development and Friendship 

Participating in softball opens opportunities for girls to make new friends and build lasting friendships. Being part of a team fosters a sense of belonging and camaraderie. Girls learn to respect diversity, embrace differences, and work together toward a common goal. The bond formed with teammates can lead to lifelong friendships and support systems, promoting social and emotional development. 

Time Management and Discipline 

Balancing school, sports, and other commitments can be challenging, but it teaches girls valuable time management and discipline skills. They learn to prioritize responsibilities, set schedules, and allocate time effectively. These organizational skills will benefit them in their studies and various other endeavors throughout life. 

Have fun 

I did a kind of mini interview with my girl to know her first-hand experience of playing softball this season, before writing this post. Though, I am mentioning it in last part of post, but she answered this point as a first experience. She said that “It was so much fun to play softball during this summer.”. She enjoyed every bit of being a part of the team and learning new things every day as a member of the softball team.  


Softball provides a powerful platform for girls to grow and thrive in multiple aspects of their lives. Beyond physical fitness, it fosters teamwork, communication, confidence, resilience, and social development. As girls take the field, they learn to embrace challenges, celebrate victories, and build meaningful connections with their teammates.  

 We had a great experience while my little one learnt this new game during this summer, and we are looking forward for upcoming fall season too for improving her softball skills and being more efficient in the game.  

Have you heard about softball before? What are your thoughts? Please share with me!

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  • Monidipa Dutta

    Wow! Your post on the benefits of playing softball for girls is both informative and heartwarming. I love how you shared your personal experience and your daughter’s journey in discovering and enjoying the sport. The benefits you mentioned, from physical health to social development, highlight the positive impact of softball on young girls’ lives. Keep sharing such valuable insights and experiences. Well done! ⚾????????

  • Ambica Gulati

    Sports needs more girls. We never had softball in school, but if I get another chance at going back in life, then I would certainly add this game to my list. Games build physical and mental strength and you can just keep modifying your practice as you grow older.

  • Samata

    I was into sports in school days and mostly in athletics, Kabadi, Long jump and Kho Kho… but soft ball was not there and honestly I am also not aware of its existence. Thank you for enriching my knowledge pool and I got to know something excellent which I will love to share with my neighborhood girls and also my boy too.

  • Shilpa Garg

    During my school days, we didn’t have softball, we just had basketball. Sports foster both physical and mental resilience, and encouraging greater female participation in sports is crucial.

    • Cindy DSilva

      I wasn’t aware of softball. But I think the above are the benefits if you play any good sport. Playing a sport regularly improves your health. I’m looking at starting badminton.

  • Preeti Chauhan

    We did not have softball but played other ball games. I knew about softball but not in detail. It is a perfect whole-body activity for girls and we should encourage our girls to play this too.

  • Varsh

    I’ve heard about softball but haven’t seen it much. Any sport is a great way to develop fitness, instill discipline and improve social skills. Proud of your daughter for being interested and completing too.

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