Welcome to Surbhi’s crazy creative world. I am so glad you are here. And I am so excited to share my crazy creative world with you all.










A little more about me, I am a  homeopathic therapist by profession and a writer, a blogger, a creative photographer, and a nature lover by passion.








I got married in the year 2004 and my husband is a software engineer. He is the backbone of my life and his love and support is the most incredible gift of god for me.










I am a mommy of two cute daughters. The elder one is Angel (9 Year) and the little one is Pranjal (6 year).










I had various achievements in my personal and professional life, but being a mom of 2 cuties is one of the most indelible experiences of my life.










I had started my blogging journey in the year 2015. It was 3 years ago, when we moved from India to the USA, because of my husband’s job. And during these days, I had started my parenting blog (Positive Parenting on Blogger), just as a hobby to share my parenting journey with other moms.

During these 3 years of time, I had not only participated in so many challenges (Write tribe prolonger challenge, BlogchatterA2Z, OpenNTalk etc.) and won so many as well. With this ongoing journey, I had learnt a lot every day. I had made so many amazing blogging friends.

Now, with the amazing support of my family, friends and blogging community, I am trying to move one step ahead, as this blog “Surbhi’s Crazy Creative world”. It is an extension of my previous blog, and with this, I am ready to share a glimpse into my crazy and creative world.It will be a place, where,

1. You will meet an overprotective and over conscious mom, who always had tons of parental anxiety. you will meet a mom to who is always ready to share, learn, and teach about various parenting issues. Motherhood is the most beautiful yet challenging aspect of women’s lives. Let’s, make it most incredible by sharing and learning the process.
2. You will meet a qualified homeopathic therapist, who had more than 5 years of clinical and teaching experience in the medical field.  and being an enthusiastic physician, I am always ready to help you to solve any of your health quarries with my passion and knowledge.
3. You will meet an amateur writer and blogger, who is trying to narrate her story with the power of words.
4. You will meet an artist who believes “Creativity should be a way of living life”. with this blog, you will explore the journey of a creative crafty mom (and a person), who always love to create something new and something different.

This “About Me” page is a heartiest invitation to you all, please come and join this creative, hilarious, crazy, funny, exciting and amazing journey with me. I am sure you will never get disappointed.