This Mother’s day A Big Cheer to “Mama earth”- An Amazing Journey that Keep Going!

 Happy “Mother’s day” to all. Even though I believed a single day celebration is not enough to salute or acknowledge the importance of a person, who devoted her whole life to just make our life comfortable. But still, I loved the fact that we set aside a whole day to honour and celebrate the women who raised us. It is absolutely a matter of pride to celebrate the bond of love and affection between a mother and a child and celebrate the spirit of motherhood.  Their unconditional love and care is the most precious gift of god. Being a mum and have a mum is one of the god’s greatest blessings.

Dear mom, thanks for just every thing

Even though I didn’t have enough words to describe or thank to my mom, but I still want to say that mom you are the most amazing, most beautiful person in the world. And I am the most fortunate person to have you in my life. I want to say a heartiest thank you for your unconditional love, care and most importantly the life lessons which you had taught me. I believed it is just your guidance, love and care that has carved my life so well and made me what am I?

My dolls you are so special

Mother’s day holds again a special place in my heart because of the little ones who made me a mom. After being a mom, I had realised that motherhood is the most beautiful journey that has taught me who am I as a woman.  Of course, motherhood has defined my identity, divine stature and nature and the unique traits, talents and tendencies which were unexplored until I had stared this journey. I want to say thank to my dolls that have full filled my life with immense pleasure and satisfaction. Being a mom is the best gift from god that I could ever receive. It is the most extreme measure of being alive.

A token of appreciation to all moms

Along with these I also want to salute and appreciate all wonderful women around the world who always put someone else’s happiness and well-being ahead of their own, who dedicate their lives to their kids and families.  Despite the diversity of mothering choices and style that exist nowadays, mother’s day is a perfect time when we feel bounded together by saying something truly incredible that is “we are mothers”. Indeed, mothers are the core strength of our society who brings positivity, optimism and new hope to our life.

An Amazing journey of Ghazal and Varun

While celebrating the mother’s day, when we are talking about the positivity, optimism and new hope, I would love to share (in fact rememorized) about an important thing that synonym with these 3 words and brought a huge positivity and new hope in our life (especially as a parent). It is a brand that has created an impactful, memorable and emotional connection with their customers during last year.  It is a genuine effort by two awesome individuals (Ghazal and Varun Alagh),  who has made our life easier, more pleasant and most importantly more peaceful as a parent.
 Yes! I am talking about the “Mama earth. It is a life style brand that offers value and services with a Nobel mission to create a brand which develops products that are mum-baby friendly, toxin free and meet stringent international standards. The excellent level of care and attention has established the “Mama earth” as a brand that takes care of its customers wholeheartedly.
People often decide which brand to buy and which ones to stick with based on how they make them feel and mama earth has delivered their each promise in a unique way. They are highly successful in making forging personal and meaningful connections with their customers (who are mostly the parents). They had served a generous portion of helpfulness. They are able to emulate the shared. Relationship based shopping experience that parents want when they buy baby products.
It is really amazing to see that it had been nearly a year now when mama earth has launched their first series of baby products with some unique principles and supreme quality.  It is great to know that now; we have a brand which is every parent’s friend. A brand that understands our issues and tries hard to resolve them. It is a brand that every parent like you and me can trust, a brand which intends to make lives of mums and expectant mums better and beautiful. A brand which welcomes all our babies to a healthy and a safe world.
Apart from these, the one thing that I had realised that make these products instantly trustworthy and acceptable, is a unique feature of “only Made safe certified  brand in Asia”
 As they had launched their first series of baby products that includes
  • ·         Mineral based sunscreen for babies
  • ·         Soothing massage oil for babies
  • ·         Natural insect repellent
  • ·         Diaper rash creams
  • ·         Moisturisers
  • ·         Shampoos, body wash etc.

These awesome products are already a big hit and most of the parents have already become a regular user of these great products. As per my personal experience, my little niece has enjoyed these nicely smelling wonderful products so much. And apart from her liking, the most important thing that make these products is so appealing is the being the “toxin free” and “natural”. Indeed, they provide a peace of mind to every parent.
Now, it’s time for “Mama Earth mama products
After this initial great response and results from all around now, Ghazal and Varun want to move a step ahead and this time along with caring the kids and babies they want to provide an exclusive and gentle care to moms.
As Ghazal says “all moms need to take better care of themselves while taking care of their babies. Only when our mama is healthy and happy will the baby and family be happy”. And for that purpose they are launching an extensive range of certified safe, natural products for all our mama problems  It is their genuine desire to make mom’s life a little easier and less stressful. Just like the baby care products, these products are also made by most natural and toxin free ingredients. And for sharing their exclusive love and care for moms, they had chosen the wonderful day of “mother’s day” to official launch these mama earth mom products.
It is their requests to all moms please #mamaloveyourself.
The products are already available on amazon; here is the link to mama earth mama products:
As a mom and as an individual I highly appreciate their effort and really think that had given a best gift to all moms as these unique products. My heartiest congratulation to them.
Positive parenting is extremely delighted to be one of the first users of these great products. And I will share a detail review of these products in my next post so stay tune…
Wishing again a “Happy Mother’s day” to all. Cheers!


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