#BlogchatterA2Z- “U”: Urticaria: causes, symptoms & homeopathic treatment!

Urticaria; causes, symptoms & homeopathic treatment
Urticaria: causes, symptoms & homeopathic treatment

Hi everyone! 

This is day 21 of #BlogchatterA2Z and as “U”, I am talking about another common disease and its treatment.  

As “U”, I am talking about a common skin allergic condition “Urticaria”. Urticaria is also called “Hives” or “Pitti ( Sheetpitti)” in Hindi.  

What is urticaria? What are causes, type and symptoms? And what is scope of homeopathic treatment in treating urticaria. Read the post to know more! 

What is urticaria?  

Urticaria is an allergic skin disorder that is characterized by presence of wheel like lesion on the skin that itch intensely and sometimes present with dangerous swelling. These allergic rashes may have different shape (large or small) and may vary in color (ranging from bright red to light red). These wheel-like rashes appear suddenly either due to body’s allergic reaction to certain allergens or for unknown reasons.  

Urticaria or hives usually present with intense itching and occasional burning sensation. These wheel like lesion usually go away on their own (within few minutes to few hours) and usually have an unpredictable nature of recurrence. In most of the cases, there are some trigger factors like stress, excessive heat or cold, or certain type of food or medication that brings that allergic reaction on skin.  

How urticaria occur? (Pathology of urticaria) 

how urticaria happens?
How urticaria happens?

Image source:sciencedirect.com  

Urticaria is caused by release of histamine and other chemicals from mast cells. When due to any reason (physical, emotional or some type of food), histamine releases, it causes dilatation of blood vessels and results in itching, swelling and other allergic symptoms.  

When inflammation involves deeper tissue of skin, it is called Angio oedema. It is a severe form (and a sort of complication) of urticaria that requires immediate medical treatment.  

Types of urticaria  

Types of urticaria
Types of urticaria

Image source:sciencedirect.com  

There are two common type of hives or urticaria: 

  • Acute urticaria  
  • Chronic urticaria  

Acute urticaria 

 As the name suggested is acute in nature. The duration of acute urticaria is less than 6 weeks and they fade away within few hours. They have less tendency of recurrence and did not have much negative impact on quality of life of affected person. The cause of acute urticaria is usually known triggers like certain food or medication. Avoidance of triggers and anti-histamine (anti allergic) medication gives good results in treatment and management of acute urticaria.  

Chronic urticaria  

As the name suggested, they are chronic in nature and has a duration of more than 6 weeks. They also an unpredictable nature and tendency of recurrence. They have a negative impact on quality of life of affected person. The long duration of suffering often causes sleeplessness and symptoms of mental stress (like depression) in many patients.  

The cause of chronic urticaria is usually unknown and it is difficult to find known triggers like certain food or medications.  

the chronic urticaria is further divided in to chronic spontaneous urticaria ( where cause is unknown) and chronic inducible urticaria ( physical and contact urticaria comes in this category)

Both acute and chronic urticaria respond well to anti-allergic medications.  

Causes (and trigger factors) of urticaria 

Usually, the cause of urticaria is idiopathic (unknown) and there are no fixed established etiological (causative) factors that causes urticaria or hives. But there are some triggers that causes urticaria in most of the cases. Here are some common trigger factors that brings urticaria on skin.  

  • Physical: exposure to excessive heat or cold, sudden change of weather from heat to cold (and Vica versa), application of pressure (by tight band or other things) on skin 
  • Food: certain type of food like nuts, pickle, tomato, chocolate, fish and sour things may cause allergic reaction in susceptible individuals.  
  • Drugs and medication: some medications like Ibrufen and aspirin may cause hives or urticaria in sensitive individuals.  
  • Insect or parasite bite 
  • Emotional stress is another trigger that causes urticaria in many cases.  
  • In some rare cases, urticaria is caused by serious systemic diseases like thyroid disorder and cancer.  

Sign and symptoms of urticaria  

Here are some classic symptoms of urticaria.  

  • Presence of wheels like lesions or rashes on body. Wheels may have different shape, size and varied appetence in color. The rashes appear suddenly and runs their course from few hours to few days and then fade away on its own.  
  • Intense itching that leads to scratching and burning sensation.  
  • Pain swelling of lips eyelids and inside the throat is called Angioedema. It happens in severe and chronic cases of urticaria.  When left untreated, Angioedema may cause serious life-threatening complications like airway obstruction. 


The diagnosis of urticaria is made on the basis of clinical symptoms. In most of the cases, there is no need of any specific tests or other diagnostic measures. In some cases, doctor perform skin prick test (skin allergy test) to know the allergens that causes urticaria.  

Also, in case of suspect of systemic disease (when other Prominet systemic symptoms are present), other blood tests and diagnostic measures used to rule out the cause.  


As mentioned before, Angio oedema is most serious and common complication of urticaria. When allergic reaction involves deeper tissue and cause swelling of lips, throat and mouth cavity, it may result in airway obstruction, chocking and even prove life threatening too.  

Conventional treatment and prevention  

Conventional treatment and management of urticaria mainly involves two steps:  

  • Avoidance of trigger factors like certain food, pollen or medication that causes allergic reaction. Avoidance of these triggers help a lot in controlling symptoms and also prevent reoccurrence.  
  • Use of anti-histamine medication like cetirizine, famotidine 

These two things give satisfactory control and relive the symptoms of urticaria.  

In more complicated cases, steroid medications and injections also used to treat the urticaria symptoms.  

Homoeopathic treatment 

Homeopathy has great collection of remedies for treating urticaria (though individual remedy as per case always work best).  

For acute urticaria, a short-term treatment provides good relief but for chronic cases, it is important to take at least 6-12 months of regular treatment to cure the disease from root.  

Here are some indicated remedies for urticaria.  

Urtica urens Q 

Urtica urens Q
Urtica urens Q

Image source: distacart.com  

As the name suggested, this remedy is a top-grade remedy for treating urticaria rashes. When urticaria is caused by eating selfish, then urtica urens work best. The key symptom of this remedy is “Intense itching”. When there is intense itching present with urticaria rashes, this is the remedy to use. It is also a useful remedy for treating recurrent urticaria and also work well when urticaria symptoms alternate with rheumatism.  

Dose: take 10-15 drops of urtica uresns Q in half cup of Luke warm water, 3-4 times a day,  

Hydrastis Q 

Hydrastis Q
Hydrastis Q

Image source: distacart.com  

This one is another indicated remedy for treating urticaria. It is especially useful when urticaria is associated with constipation. Also, there is intense burning and itching that get worse at night and by scratching.  

Dose: take 10-15 drops of urtica uresns Q in half cup of Luke warm water, 3-4 times a day, 

Apis mel 

Apis mel 30
Apis mel 30

Image source: distacart.com  

This is one of the best homeopathic remedy for urticaria. When there is intense burning and swelling (large and oedetemous)  present with urticaria, Apis is the remedy to use. Also, there is sharp-stinging pain present along with rashes. The skin is very sensitive to touch and the rashes get worse by application of heat and warmth of bed and symptoms get relived by going out in the open air.  

Dose: 30 potency, 5-6 globules, 3-4 times a day 


Dulcamara 30
Dulcamara 30

Image source: distacart.com  

Dulcamara is an excellent remedy for urticaria that caused by exposure to rainy and damp weather. Also, it works great in female, when urticaria occur before menstrual period.  

Dose: 30 C potency, 5-6 globules, 3-4 times a day 

Natrum mur 

Naturm mur 30
Naturm mur 30

Image source: distacart.com  

Natrum mur is good remedy for chronic cases of urticaria. When urticaria is caused by exposure to sun or heat and by exercise or exertion, natrum mur is the remedy to use. There is presence of large hives with intense burning and itching.  Patient has an irritable temperament and crave for salty food.  

Dose: 30 C potency, 5-6 globules, 3-4 times a day 

Skookum chuck 

 It is an excellent remedy for treating chronic cases of urticaria. it comes in tablet form. 

Skookum Chuck 3X
Skookum Chuck 3X

Image source: distacart.com  

Dose: use 3x potency and take 4 tablet 3-4 times a day  


Histaminum 200
Histaminum 200

Image source: distacart.com  

This is a best medicine in homeopathy for any kind of allergic disorder. Use this as an “Intercurrent remedy” (use once in a week), to reduce allergic tendency from body.  

Dose: 200 or 1 M potency, 1 dose, once in a week (take dose in morning)  

Few other indicated homeopathic remedies for urticaria treatment 

  • Rhus tox: when urticaria is caused by getting wet and worse in damp cold weather 
  • Astacus fluviatilis: when urticaria return at the same time of year and associated with liver complaint.  
  • Arsenic album: when urticaria caused by eating selfish and symptoms worse at night.  

So, these were some common remedies to treat urticaria symptoms. What are your thoughts? Please share with me.  

So, this is all for now.  

As next post with “V”, I will talk about “Varicose vein and homeopathic treatment”. Stay tuned to know more.  

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Disclaimer: the post is written for educational purpose only. did not intend to cure, treat or diagnose any disease condition. always consult your doctor before making any significant changes to your medication or starting any new medication.

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  • Pr@Gun

    Never heard this word urticaria, may be had seen similar skin disorder possibly. Thanks for sharing so much information and sharing types, causes, signs and diagnosis in detail it sure is helpful.

  • Varsh

    Never heard of this term but it looks like a serious kind of skin rash. The causes suggest that it depends on climate and lifestyle to some extent.

  • Roma

    I had no clue of this condition. This is the advantage of having a doctor friend she adds to your knowledge everyday and before I forget wish you a v happy birthday love

  • Navita Bhatia

    Oh!! There are so many skin problems, that need to be handled carefully. We might have come across it but didn’t know the name. Now when you have given a detailed information about symptoms etc., it will be handy for many in any such situation.

  • Archana

    Looking at pic I can say I have seen few people suffering with this but today only I got to know the name of it i.e. Urticaria. Great to know about it’s homeopathy treatment. Though for my sis in law’s son we went for allopathy, i wish I could know about this treatment a little earlier. But anyways will keep in mind for the next time. Is this disease repetitive by nature after certain period Surbhi?

    • admin

      Yes dear, this disease has an unpredictable nature and it can reoccur after certain period. but more than time, it has an strong association with allergic factors that could be weather, food or any other substances. many time, chronic urticaria bother patients for long year. thanks a lot dear for your visit.

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