#BlogchatterA2Z- “Y”: Your questions & my answers about homeopathic treatment!

Your questions & my answers about homeopathic treatment!
Your questions & my answers about homeopathic treatment

This is day 25 of #BlogchatterA2Z and as “Y”, I am ready to answer your questions. So, this post is all about “Your questions and my answers”. Hoping this will help in clearing doubts and get you an insight about different aspects of homeopathic treatment.  

Read the post to know more about it.  

Your questions and my answers about homeopathic treatment!

Your questions and my answers about homeopathic treatment
Your questions & my answers about homeopathic treatment

Q.1 I have taken homeopathic treatment in past, but it did not work for me, why?  

A.1 yes, there is a complete possibility that you did not get any relief in your complain even after using homeopathic medicines. The main reason behind that is the “Medicine that has been prescribed to you did not match with your disease/individual symptoms completely”. Sometimes, it takes time and repeated visit to your homeopathic doctor to get the right medicine as per your symptoms. You have to be patient, especially in case of chronic diseases, it is very important to give enough time to your doctor, so that he can understand you better as an individual and can select a best (means similar) remedy as per your symptoms.  

Q.2 which are some good brands of homeopathic medicines? 

A.2 Dr. Reckeweg, SBL and willimar shawabe, these three brands are really good and trustworthy. Also, try to check German manufacturing while purchasing medicine (dr. Rekeweg’s medicines are one of these). They are little expensive but quality wise, they are excellent. 

Q. 3 How should I store homeopathic medicines? 

A.3 Yes, you need to take little extra care while storing homeopathic medicines. Keep the cap of medicine bottles tightly closed and put medicine in a cupboard or on another safe place. Avoid putting homeopathic medicines near any strong-smelling substance like perfume or other cosmetic products.  These products can reduce the effectiveness of medicines.  

Q. 4 What is usual expiry date of homeopathic medicines?  

A.5 most of the homeopathic medicines have an expiry date of 5 years.  

Q. 6 Is homeopathic medicines are expensive?  

A.6 No, simple homeopathic dilutions are not expensive and you can make many drums (container) of homeopathic medicines by using a single dilution bottle.  

Q.7 How to prepare homeopathic medicines at home? 

A.7 buy a packet of globules and 30 ML dilution of prescribed or indicated medicine. Take globules in an empty drum (container), do not feel globules full in the drum (leave some space empty). next, add 8-10 drops of liquid medicine in container and give a gentle stroke for mixing liquid medicine and globules. Your medicine is ready to use.  

Q.8 What is difference between dilution and mother tincture(Q)?  

A.8 Q or mother tincture is a crude (pure) form of medicine. It did not go through a process of potentization (the process through which homeopathic medicines are manufactured). Q are so effective in treating many disease conditions but they are stronger than dilution medicines, so they should be used with caution.  

Q.9 What is key factor that define the success of homeopathic treatment? 

A.9 symptom similarity is the key factor that define success of homeopathic treatment. If the prescribed remedy matches with your symptoms perfectly, then you will get good results for sure.  

Q.10 Can diseases like diabetes, high BP reversed by homeopathic treatment? (Question asked by my dear friend Archana Shrivastav) 

A.10 Disease reversal is a big term and no Pathy can promise this specially in case of serious lifestyle disease like diabetes and high BP. But yes, homeopathy has some very good and effective medicines for treating these conditions and patient can take this along with their prescribed allopathic medication. In many cases, gradually homeopathic medicines show their results and doctor taper (reduce) their allopathic medication after performing required lab tests.  

In case of lifestyle diseases, maintaining a healthy lifestyle means eat healthy and nutritious food on time, doing regular exercise (for 45 minutes per day, 5 days in a week) and manage your stress level effectively are some important factors that play a major role in management and even reversing these disease condition.  

Also, age of patient and how old is their disease are another factor that help in disease reversal. Disease prognosis is always better in young patients and who did not have a long history of suffering from this disease condition.  

Q.11 what steps would love advice for ultimate care of hair for late 30’s women? ( question asked by my dear friend Archana Shrivastva)

A.11 I would love to answer this question with one single word and that is “Your diet”. Believe me, your hair health has a strong relation with your diet. If you want to keep our hair healthy and strong, then you have to pay an extra attention on your diet. Our Indian (veg) diet is usually low in protein and this protein deficiency is main cause of hair problems in many people. Also, calcium, iron and other minerals also play an important role in keeping your hair healthy. Here are few suggestions from my side for ultimate hair care. 

  • Take one bowl of protein (egg, panner, dal, tofu or other good source of protein) in your diet compulsorily in your diet every day. Within 1 month, you will see visible results in your hair health by adding enough protein in your diet.  
  • Add calcium, iron or other multivitamin supplements, if you think that your diet did not contain all essential nutrients.  
  • Take egg white and add few drops of oil in it, whisk the mixture properly and apply this hair pack properly on scalp (for at least 15-20 minutes). This hair pack is an excellent way to provide nourishment to your hair and keep them strong and healthy.  
  • You can use Wiesbaden 30 homeopathic remedy (as a general remedy) to improve your hair health and Arnica shampoo and Arnica hair oil are good option for external hair care.  
  • Also, you can add Jaborandi Q (Mother tincture) 20-30 drops in 30 ML of coconut oil and use this medicated oil for growing strong and shiny hair.  

Q.12 Can you please suggest some medicines of immunity booster among kids?  ( question asked by my dear friend Archana Shrivastava)

A.12 Yes, with recent scenario, we all are worried about our family’s immunity. In homeopathy and also in herbal medicinal system, there are some strong medications are available to boost immunity. Homeopathy medicines like Echinacea Q and it work great in boosting immunity but this kind of medication act strongly on immune system and they are not suitable for kid’s dedicate immune system. Even, in case of grown-ups, these medications should not be used without expert supervision.  

For boosting kid’s immunity, again I will suggest this three-step simple plan:  

  •  Feed you kids healthy and nutritious meal (include more fruits, vegetables and whole grain) 
  • If your child is picky eater, the use multivitamin supplement or bio chemic combination no. 28 (general tonic), as a supplement. This bio-chemic combination works great in treating any kind of mineral deficiency and support good health and wellbeing. You can also use Alfa-alfa homeopathic tonic, if your child is skinny.  
  • Third and last step, make sure your kid gets at least 60 minutes of daily physical activity in any form (walking, cycling or any sport activity).  

For kids, these simple steps are good enough to keep their immune system healthy.  

Q. 13 What is homeopathic treatment of chronic endometriosis and suggest medication?  ( Question asked by my dear friend Roma gupta Sinha)

A.13 Endometriosis is a chronic disease and unfortunately there is no permanent cure of this disease condition in traditional mode of treatment. But homeopathy can help a lot in relieving troublesome symptoms caused by endometriosis.  

Here are some commonly used homeopathic medication.  

  • Medicines that can help in treating painful menses: Cimicifuga and Caulophyllum are two of the great remedy that work great in treating painful menses.  
  • Nosode: Oophorinum and folliculinum are two best nosode homeopathic medicines that used frequently in treatment of endometriosis. 
  • General female remedies: like sepia, pulsatilla, platina can be used in treatment as per your individual symptoms  
  • Thuja and calcarea flour: These two remedies have a really good effect in any kind of over growth in body.  
  • Constitutional remedy: based on individual symptoms of patient.  

Taking a proper treatment for at least 6 months, under expert supervision can help a lot in dealing with this chronic problem.  

Q. 14 What is homeopathic treatment option for UTI (urinary tract infection), Fungal infection and hormonal imbalance in female? ( question asked by my dear friend Jyoti kaur)

A.12 yes, homeopathy has a treatment option for all these diseases. Here are some common medicine suggestions from my side.  

UTI: of course, it is very important to know the cause of UTI and all access all other associated symptoms related to disease, by general physical examination and proper case taking. But, in general there are two medicines that work great in treating Urinary tract infection.  

  • Cantharis: it is top grade remedy and work great in relieving all common symptom caused by urinary tract infection. (Use 30C potency) 
  • Berberis vulgaris Q: it is useful, when urinary tract infection is caused by renal stone and associated with severe back pain.  

Homeopathic medicine for fungal infection 

Again, fungal infection is a general term. Fungal infection can present on different part of body and there are many types of fungal infections are present. For proper treatment, it is very important to know the type and cause of fungal infections. In general, R 82 (Mycox anti-fungal drop by dr. Reckeweg) is good treatment option for fungal infection treatment.  

Homeopathic medicines for hormonal imbalance 

“Hormonal imbalance” is a general term that covers a wide range of diseases and symptoms. In homeopathy, there are many specific female remedies are present that work great in treating hormonal imbalance. Sepia, pulsatilla and Natrum mur are some of the common remedies that used for hormonal imbalance,  

So, this is all for now.  

I hope you like the post.  

Stay tuned for last post as alphabet “Z”, “Zika virus and homeopathic treatment”.

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  • Unishta

    Great advice on how immunity can be boosted with HOmeopathic medicines. It is true that all symptoms /diseases cannot be cured but my experience with omeopathic medicines has only been positive. My elder daughter used to get a routine cough and cold every month and was told to give her soething for her allergy to Mumbai ( it was diagnosed as a recation to the pollution here). I followed the prescribed regimen for just three months and she has never been down with a cough or cold since! She is now nearing 40.

  • Pr@Gun

    Oh yes, it had happened with me, when I was taking treatment for my hair that it didn’t work for me for as long as a year. I think I need more patience. I always buy Dr. reckeweg and SBL only. I will sure follow your advice for hair care as I need it the most. The question answers will help us clearing many of our doubts. Thanks once again for sharing so much information with all of us. A doctor sharing it herself is a boon for us.

      • Imagemakeover

        Thanks a lot Surbhi for writing such an inspiring series. I completely agree with Harjeet you should practice as you can add so much value in people’s lives. Thanks for sharing some good and reliable brand names and tipd on how to store homeopathic medicines.

    • Varsh

      Valid questions and very well answered. I had doubts about why homeopathy works for some and doesn’t work for others. Thanks a lot for sharing trustworthy brands. As amateurs to this kind of treatment it is a big help.

  • Aesha Shah

    Thank you for such an insightful post. All the questions one would have about the treatment are mentioned here. Your posts this April, are such useful resources. I will come back to your site again whenever I need assistance with Homeopathy.

  • Navita Bhatia

    How wonderfully you have answered many frequently asked questions. I have complete trust on homeopathic medicines. My experience says that they get your disease removed from the root but you need to be patient as the treatment entirely depends upon your symptoms. If rightly diagnosed, homeopathy can do wonders. This has been a very helpful series.

  • Archana

    Thank you so much dear to allow me to ask anything about Homeopathy treatment. I must say you have all my queries, so patiently, so sincerely. I really feel proud to associated with you through this blogging world!

  • Alpana Deo

    Great questions and thoughtful answers. #1 is a very common question people ask and with limited knowledge, they decide to stop the treatment or say a permanent goodbye to Homeopathy.

  • Hema

    this is such a insightful post, I was a bit skeptical about starting with homeopathy treatment for my sister’s PCOD, your questions and answers have cleared most of my doubt.

  • Sandy N Vyjay

    Homeopathy is an alternate medicine discipline that is perceived to work slowly. There is not much authentic information with people about this branch of medicine. Really appreciate the detailed post which answers many questions about Homeopathy treatment.

  • Kavita Singh

    First of all, this is quite a detailed post and answered many of my doubts. Secondly, I really appreciate that an expert is giving all the right information on this platform which will reach to many. Homeopathy is an alternative medicine discipline and has worked wonders for many of my known friends as well as family members.

  • Gleefulblogger

    You have covered almost every aspect of the doubt that arises when you start a new regime of medications. I have tired homeopathy for my migraine but it didn’t help me, at the same time my mother got relief from the same stream in her bronchitis. So, I believe it also depends on the body’s ecosystem too.

    • mummatalks

      You have very well explained and cleared all the doubts and queries so well. Btw, I really found ur book a must have for every household and recommended it to many.

  • rakhiparsai11984

    This is so helpful Surbhi that you have addressed the questions of your readers. Its nice that you are so connected with each one and helping in such a nice manner. Now I know if I have any question related to Homeopathy you are my go to person.

  • Judy Morris

    This is truly an informative article about Homeopathy. I didnt know many details from this. I didnt know that we can make the medicines at home as well. Thanks for this helpful post.

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