#BlogchatterA2Z- “V”: Varicose vein- causes, symptoms & homeopathic treatment!

Varicose vein: causes, symptoms & homeopathic treatment
Varicose vein: causes, symptoms & homeopathic treatment

This is day 22 of #BlogchatterA2Z. And as alphabet “V”, I am talking about Varicose vein. What are causes and symptoms of varicose vein? And what is scope of homeopathy in treating varicose vein symptoms? Read the post to know more! 

What is varicose vein? 

Varicose vein
Varicose vein

Image source: veinreliever.com 

Varicose vein is enlarged and twisted vein. They can appear in any parts of body but most commonly seen in legs. They are caused by improper functioning of values that causes back flow of blood into veins and lead to collection of blood in veins and results in dilated blood vessels that eventually lead to condition of varicose vein.  

Varicose veins appear as bulging and cords like appearance, just beneath the skin. And usually, bluish in color. They are usually harmless and many people seek treatment only for cosmetic reasons, but in some cases, it may cause serious complications like formation of ulcer and deep vein thrombosis.  

Varicose vein is more common in females than males. And it affects up to 25% of population.  

What are spider veins? 

Spider veins are milder form of varicose veins. They are smaller than varicose veins and often look like spider web, that’s why they called “Spider veins”.  

How varicose vein develops? (Basic pathology) 

Varicose vein pathology
varicose vein pathology

Image source: coremedicalwellness.com 

Varicose veins caused by increased pressure in veins due to dilatation of blood vessels. It is happened due to improper function of vein valves. Veins have one-way valves. These valves perform an important function and prevent the backflowing of blood.   

When due to any reasons, these valves become weak or fail to perform proper functions, blood beings to collect in the veins, rather than going towards heart, Due to this backflow of blood, veins become enlarged and may be twisted. This condition is collectively called as varicose vein.  

Stages of progression of varicose vein

Here is a good infographic to understand the progression of varicose vein.

Varicose vein stages
Varicose vein stages

mage source: searchgo.co

Risk factors 

  • Age: more common in older people 
  • People who live a sedentary and inactive lifestyle 
  • Pregnancy: many women get varicose veins during pregnancy due to increase weight that causes increased pressure in veins.  
  • Sex: more common in males 
  • Occupation: people who perform prolonged standing job (bus conductor, teacher), are more prone to get varicose vein.  
  • Obesity: increase weight is another risk factor 
  • Family history of varicose vein is another pre disposing factor. 
  • Sometimes any injury to leg causes varicose vein condition  


  • Enlarged, twisted, and bulging veins are primary symptom of varicose veins 
  • Veins look bluish purple in color and it may develop symptoms of pain, swelling and heaviness around the enlarged veins 
  • A generalized achy and sore feeling in legs that often accompanied by swelling in ankles. These symptoms get worse after sitting or standing for a prolonged time.  
  • Burning, throbbing and muscle cramping in legs, may cause difficulty in movement. 
  • Sometimes there is redness, dryness and itchiness of areas of skin around the varicose vein called venous eczema.  


Though varicose vein did not cause serious complications in routine cases, but in some cases, it may cause:  

  • Formation of ulcer: there may be formation of ulcers on the skin near the varicose veins. Ulcers are serious complication and require immediate medical treatment. 
  • Bleeding: occasionally, the varicose veins may get burst and started bleeding. This condition also requires immediate medical attention.  
  • Chronic inflammation or phlebitis is another common complication of varicose vein. In this condition, veins become inflamed, painful and hardened. And cause discomfort, pain and other symptoms.  
  •  deep vein thrombosis: occasionally, there is formation of thrombus in veins. This thrombus can travel down to other parts of body and can cause life threatening complication such as pulmonary embolism. This is a serious complication and require immediate medical treatment.  
  • Venous insufficiency: also happen due to increased pressure in veins for longer time.  


Diagnosis is usually made on the basis of clinical symptoms. In some cases, doctor performs the doppler ultrasonography to know the functioning of valves, blood flow in veins or other complications.   

Lifestyle modification 

Here are some important lifestyle modifications that is helpful in treatment of varicose vein condition.  

  • Elevate your legs and use pillow below legs to improve your blood circulation.  
  • Reduce weight if you are obese, and try to maintain an ideal weight 
  • Avoid prolonged standing  
  • Wear compression socks: compression socks are most important thing in treatment and prevention of varicose vein. They put an equal amount of pressure on varicose vein and helps in preventing complications.  

Conventional Treatment 

Conventional Treatment is usually consisting of sclerotherapy (injecting a liquid or foam through a chemical inject to redirect the blood to healthier vein), Laser therapy (use of light energy to block off a vein) and Surgical treatment (endoscopic vein surgery or endogenous ablation surgery) depending upon symptoms of patient.  

Homeopathic treatment 

Here are some common homeopathic remedies that used in treatment of varicose vein.  

Hamamelis Q 

Hemamelis vir Q
Hamamelis Vir Q

Image source: distacart.com  

Hamamelis is a top-grade remedy for treatment of varicose veins. Hemamalis has a marked action of venous system and it helps in reducing engorgement of blood in veins. The key symptoms are achy, tired feeling in the legs with bruised pain and muscular soreness. Pain in varicose vein worse by slight motion. Along with varicose vein, there may be formation of varicose ulcers and small bleeding spots under the skin also present. 

Dose: use 10-20 drops of hamamelis Q in half cup of Luke warm water, 3-4 times a day 

Pulsatilla nigricans

Pulsatilla N 30
Pulsatilla N 30

Image source: distacart.com  

Pulsatilla is an excellent remedy for varicose veins happen during pregnancy. The key symptoms are swollen veins in legs with sensation of heaviness and weariness. Legs feel hot and painful at night. Symptoms are worse by warmth and relived by open air and cold application.  

Pulsatilla is also used a preventive medicine to reduce the progression and complication of varicose veins. If it used in early stage of disease, it helps in preventing complications.  

Dose: 30 potency, 5-6 globules, 3-4 times a day 

Calcarea flour 

Calcarea flour 6X
Calcarea flour 6X

Image source: distacart.com  

Calcarea flour is indicated, when there is presence of stony hard and knotty varicose veins. The skin surrounding the vein is dry and cracked. This medicine helps in reducing the engorgement of blood in veins and also help in improving blood circulation.  

Dose: 6X potency, 4 tablets, 3-4 times a day.  

Few other indicated homeopathic remedies 

  • Mezereum: for chronic cases of varicose vein with presence of venous eczema.  
  • Belladonna: when there is pain, swelling and inflammatory condition of veins.  
  • Lachesis: when bluish discoloration of skin present along with varicose vein.  

Homeopathic combination 

Drreckwege’s R 42 combination (for varicose vein) 

DrReckeweg R 42
DrReckeweg R 42

Image source: distacart.com  

This is an excellent combination for treating varicose vein. It helps in treating varicose and varicose ailments, varicose eczema, inflammation of the veins, choking of the veins in the lower limbs, together with sensation of heaviness and, eventually, eczema and itching. It contains aesculus, arnica, belladonna, hemamalis,  calcarea flour and many other indicated homeopathic remedies for treating varicose vein.  

Dose: 10-15 drops in half cup of Luke warm water, 2-3 times a day. 

So, these are some common homeopathic remedies for treatment of varicose veins. What are your thoughts? Please share with me.  

This is all for now.  

Tomorrow, as “W”, I will talk about “Warts and homeopathic treatment”. Stay tuned to know more! 

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