#BlogchatterA2Z- “R”- Runny nose: causes, symptoms & homeopathic treatment!

Runny nose: causes, symptoms & homeopathic treatment!

This is day 18 of #BlogchatterA2Z and as “R”, I am talking about another common disease condition. As “R”, I am talking about “Runny nose”.  

What is runny nose? What are the causes, symptoms and scope of homeopathic treatment? Read the post to know more! 

What is runny nose?  

Runny nose is a common disease aliment that affect large number of populations worldwide, each year. As the name suggested, runny nose means excessive discharge from the nose that could be thick, thin or semi solid in nature. Runny nose is usually caused by viral infections and nasal allergies.  

Change in weather, excessive heat or cold and poor maintenance of hyeigen factors usually cause runny nose. Kids are more prone to get runny nose as their immune system is delicate and not have enough body resistance to fight off with common viral infections.  

Runny nose is a self-limiting condition and did not require any specific treatment. Proper rest, maintenance of good hydration level by increase fluid intake, steam therapy and use of over-the-counter medication often provide good relief.  

Expert also advice to not take any specific medication for stopping common cold up to 3-5 days, as common cold with runny nose and minor cough symptoms is body’s natural way to fight off with infections and throw out disease causing organisms from the body.  

How runny nose happen? (pathology) 


mage source : imaware.health  

Nose is one of the most important part of our respiratory system. Breathing process starts from the nose. Nose contain many mucosal glands that secrets mucous to keep the nasal cavity moist. Also, nasal glands work as filter to clean the outside air, so that lungs can get clean and pure air.  

Whenever, virus, bacteria, or other allergens enters into nose cavity, and try to destroy nasal mucosa. As a defense mechanism nasal glands become hyperactive and start increase secretion to trap the bacteria, virus or other organisms and as a result, runny nose happens.  

Runny nose can be present as only a single symptom or may be a part of other infections like common cough-cold and flu, sinusitis, and other respiratory allergies and infections. 

Difference between rhinorrhea and rhinitis  

There are usually two medical terms get used in context with runny nose.  

First is rhinorrhea means increased nasal discharge 

Second rhinitis means inflammation of nasal cavity that causes increased nasal discharge with other inflammatory symptoms like congestion (redness, hotness and burning) in nasal cavity.  


Here are some common causes of runny nose:  

  • Common viral infections that cause common cough-cold and flu 
  • Nasal allergies: common allergens are dust, pollen, animal dander 
  • Change in weather  
  • Exposure to excessive heat or cold  
  • Sinusitis (inflammation of sinus)  
  • Deviated septum 
  • Overuse of decongestant nasal spray 
  • In case of influenza and hay fever 
  • Side effect of certain medications (like some antidepressant medicine may cause it as a side effect) 
  • Nasal polyps 
  • Covid 19 infection 
  • Associated with other respiratory diseases like with asthma and allergic bronchitis 
  • Lodged foreign objects 
  • Smoke  
  • Hormonal changes  


  • Increased discharge from nose that could be thin, thick or somewhere in between consistency 
  • Post nasal drip: sometimes discharge pushed back in throat and causes symptom of post nasal drip  
  • Itching, burning sensation in nose, and throat (if cause of runny nose is nasal allergies)  
  • Cough, fever, body ache (if cause of runny nose is flu) 
  • Occasionally throat and ear pain (if respiratory system is infected with virus or bacterial infection)  

Home care measures 

Runny nose self care
Runny nose self-care

Image source : emedihealth.com  

As mentioned before, in most of the cases runny nose does not require any specific treatment. Symptoms get cured on its own within 3-5 days. Here are some simple home care measures to relieve the symptoms.  

  • Take proper rest  
  • Increased fluid intake to maintain hydration of body  
  • Take warm food like soup and liquid diet (like khichdi) to avoid extra pressure on body system.  
  • Steam inhalation also work great in releasing mucous and give symptomatic relief.  
  • Use humidifier to keep room air moist and clean.  
  • Consume Deshi kadha (herbal tea) to increase immunity level of body.  

Conventional treatment 

Conventional treatment is usually consisting of anti-allergic medication and decongestant nasal spray.  they are usually available over the counter and can be used as per direction during first few days of infection. 

 Avoid self-medication if you are suffering from any serious underlying disease condition and not sure about the cause of runny nose and other respiratory symptoms. Also, don’t take decongestant nasal spray for longer time to control the nasal allergy symptoms as they may cause other side effects (like dryness of nasal mucosa). Always take professional advice before using this longer period of time.  

Warning sign (When to visit doctor)?  

Here is a list of warning signs that require immediate medical attention.  

  • When symptoms of runny nose present more than 10 days. And did not respond well to home care measures and over the counter medication.  
  • Discharge from nose contain blood and other serious symptoms like breathing difficulty, chest in pain and severe cough is present along with runny nose. 
  • If runny nose affects the infants and younger kids and results in breathing difficulty and other serious respiratory symptoms like cough and pain in chest.  
  • High grade fever is present with runny nose.  

Homeopathic treatment  

Homeopathic offers great collection of remedies to cure and relive runny nose symptoms. Here are some common medicines:  

Aconite napellus

Aconite napellus 30
Aconite napellus 30

Image source: distacart.com 

As I had mentioned in previous posts, Aconite is one of the top-grade remedy acute remedy in homeopathy. Any complain that starts suddenly after exposure to dry cold wind, aconite works best. If you get sudden runny nose after exposure to dry cold wind and due to sudden change of temperature, aconite is the medicine to use. Using aconite during first 24 hours of onset of illness work great and give good relief. Patient is usually fearful and have restlessness with nasal symptoms.  

Dose: 30 potency, 5-6 globules, 3-4 times a day 

Allium cepa 

Allium cepa 30
Allium cepa 30

Image source: distacart.com 

Allium cepa is made from onion and it is another top-grade remedy for treating coryza symptoms. When patient has a profuse, acrid discharge from nose and blend discharge from eyes, allium cepa is the remedy to use. Also, when symptoms of runny nose and nasal allergies get worse in warm room and in evening and get better in open air, allium cepa is the best remedy to use.  

Dose: 30 potency, 5-6 globules, 3-4 times a day 

Arsenic album  

Arsenic album 30
Arsenic album 30

Image source: distacart.com 

Arsenic album is next top-grade remedy for runny nose. When there is burning nasal discharge from nose that erodes nostrils and upper lip, arsenic album is the remedy to use. Along with runny nose, there is burning sensation in throat and eyes, and sneezing also present. The patient is usually chilly and sensitive to cold air. Patient also has peculiar symptoms of weakness, anxiety and restlessness.  

Dose: 30 potency, 5-6 globules, 3-4 times a day 

Natrum mur 

Natrum mur 30
Natrum mur 30

Image source: distacart.com 

Natrum mur is indicated when there is egg-white like discharge is present from nose. The patient also has symptoms of runny nose alternates with blockage of nose and dryness. Patient has an irritable temperament and crave for salty food. Natrum mur is also useful in case of treating chronic nasal cattrah. (Chronic nasal discharge and associated problem) 

Dose: 30 potency, 5-6 globules, 3-4 times a day 

Few other indicated remedies for runny nose 

  • Euphrasia: when bland nasal discharge present with acrid nasal discharge 
  • Ferrum phos: during early stage of inflammation 
  • Gelsemium : when there is particular symptoms of “Dullness, dizziness and drowsiness” present 
  • Pulsatilla: when there is thick, greenish-yellowish discharge from nose  

Homeopathic combination 

Bio chemic combination no.5 (coryza) 

Bio-combination no. 5
Bio-combination no. 5

Image source: distacart.com 

This is a good combination for treating coryza and other associated symptoms like headache and dryness of mouth. It contains ferrum phos 12X, Kali mur 3X and Natrum mur 3X, and bring significant reduction in signs and symptoms of coryza (runny nose). 

Dose: 4 tablets, 3-4 times a day. Use half of the adult dose in children. 

So, these are some common homeopathic remedies for treating runny nose. What are your thoughts? Please share with me.  

This is all for now.  

As “S”, I will talk about “Sleeplessness and homeopathic treatment”. Stay tuned to know more! 

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This post is a part of Blogchatter A2Z Challenge

Disclaimer: the post is written for educational purpose only. did not intend to cure, treat or diagnose any disease condition. always consult your doctor before making any significant changes to your medication or starting any new medication.

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  • pythoroshan

    one of the most frustrating ailments in every persons life… cant begin to describe how annoyed i used to feel during the times i have had this. worse for those who have other lower respiratory tract infections

  • Pr@Gun

    Arsenic album, coryza and Natrum mur I always have in my first aid kit as in winters runny nose is very common problem. Runny nose can further cause headache and even give sleepless nights. I also give homemade meds like ginger, pepper, honey along with these supplements.

  • Imagemakeover

    This is so common.. During cold and infact I am allergic to dust so even dusting causes runny nose for me and the best solution which works for me is steam inhalation. But will keep this medicine handy if things goes out of hand.

  • romagptasinha

    Runny nose though very common is actually a very irritating ailment and is a symptom of several infections, I have used arsenic alba for my kiddo when he was tiny dear. Your brilliant post gave me a lot more insights

  • Navita Bhatia

    Though it’s a very common problem, never thought of knowing about the basic reason behind it. Thanks to your detailed post for explaining the pathology part. Great that you have mentioned about the home care and conventional treatment as well. I remember using Natrum Mur for curing it. Another valuable addition to the wonderful series, Surbhi.

  • Archana

    Another informative post with all the related details on runny nose, the most common and the most irritating disease among adults and kids as well. Homeopathic works wonder here also so I always keep aconite and arsenic album in medicine box. Thanks for sharing pointers, of expert consultation requirement.

    • Priyanka Chhabria

      I wasn’t aware of homeopathy treatment for this. Soups definitely help. Runny nose causes lot of discomfort and your pointers are really helpful.

  • Varsh

    Runny nose is one of the most irritating things to experience. I often rely on home remedies like warm soups or khichdi for strength and kadhas and steam for treatment.

  • Alpana Deo

    Runny nose is so common that sometimes we don’t even pay attention towards its severity. Steaming and humidifier always helps me whenever me or my family members experience runny nose.

  • rakhiparsai11984

    With the onset of rains cold and cough are some of the most common ailments and runny nose is one of the side affects. I always worry for my kids when they have runny nose. Thankful for these medicines for runny nose. Will definitely keep these at home.

  • Hema

    I was baldy looking for some safe and side effect free solution to treat my husband’s running nose. This is such a timely and helpful post. Gonna check these out for sure

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