#BlogchatterA2Z: “L”- Laryngitis: causes, symptoms & homeopathic treatment!

Laryngitis: causes, symptoms & homeopathic treatment
Laryngitis: causes, symptoms & homeopathic treatment

This is day 12 of #BlogchatterA2Z. As alphabet “L”, I am talking about “Laryngitis”? What is laryngitis? What are causes, symptoms? And what is scope of homeopathy in treating it? Read the post to know more! 

What is laryngitis? 

Inflammation of larynx is called laryngitis, which is usually characterized by hoarseness or loss of voice and throat pain. The larynx is also called a voice box, is an organ that joins the back of the throat to the windpipe (trachea). The larynx is an important organ that helps in respiration and phonation. It allows air to be directed into respiratory organs for gas exchange. 

 It also produces vocal sounds and controls the pitch and volume of voice. It acts as a valve to close the respiratory tract and prevents the passage of food and other foreign particles into the lower respiratory tracts. When due to any reason, larynx get inflamed, and produce different sign and symptoms (like pain in throat and weak voice), the condition is called Laryngitis.  

Causes of laryngitis 

Here are some common causes of laryngitis.  

  • Viral infection is most common cause of laryngitis. Viruses that cause common cough and cold, also responsible for causing laryngitis in many cases.  
  • Bacterial infection is some cases 
  •  Laryngitis is also caused by excessive strain on the vocal cords caused by unusual yelling or excessive use of voice 
  • Smoking is another contributing factor for laryngitis.  
  • Respiratory allergies are some cases causes laryngitis. 
  • In some case COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) also causes laryngitis as a main symptom.  
  •  Gastro-esophageal reflux disease, and use of inhaled steroids may be contributing factors. 

 Symptoms of laryngitis 

Symptoms of laryngitis
Symptoms of laryngitis

Image source: yourchemistshop.com.au 

  •   Hoarseness 
  •   Weak voice or voice loss 
  •   Sore throat 
  •   Throat pain with tickling sensation and rawness in throat 
  •   Coughing  
  • pain while swallowing
  • pain while speaking
  • in some cases other signs of respiratory infections
  • shortness of breath ( in severe cases of laryngitis)

The problem usually lasts for few days to 2 weeks at the most.  And get resolved without any serious consequences. If persists longer than this duration, it could be a case of chronic laryngitis for which you need to consult with a doctor. 

Types of laryngitis 

There are mainly two types of laryngitis.  

  • Acute and 
  • Chronic laryngitis 

Acute laryngitis 

As the name suggested, it is acute type and have a short duration of illness. The usual cause of acute laryngitis is viral infection or overuse of voice. The symptoms are self-limiting and usually go on its own within few days. Practicing self-care measures and home remedies give great results in treatment of laryngitis.  

Chronic laryngitis 

As the name suggested, it is chronic in nature. When symptoms of laryngitis persist for more than 3 weeks, it is called chronic laryngitis. Chronic laryngitis is usually occurred in smokers and also seen as an “Occupational hazard” (means common in singers, cheerleaders who overuses their voice due to their profession). Respiratory allergies and chronic respiratory diseases also cause chronic laryngitis.  

In some case, chronic laryngitis is also a symptom of other underlying disease like throat cancer. For chronic laryngitis, it is very important to take professional medical treatment to rule out the real cause of this symptom.  


Diagnosis of laryngitis is usually made on the basis of clinical symptoms and physical examination. Doctor uses a special mirror to view and examine your vocal cards. In some case, they might perform laryngoscopy to magnify the voice box by using a thin flexible tube and a camera.  

In rare cases, doctor mat performs a biopsy to rule out the possibility of throat cancer.  

Conventional treatment 

When cause of laryngitis is viral infection, then it did not require any specific treatment. It gets cured on its own with practicing good set of home care measures.  

When laryngitis is caused by bacterial infections, antibiotic is choice of treatment. In some cases, doctor also used corticosteroid to reduce swelling and inflammation.  

 Homeopathic treatment 

Here is a list of some simple and homeopathic remedies which you can try to relieve the symptoms of laryngitis and may get your voice box back to normal. 

Using homeopathic remedies for treating laryngitis is a good alternative treatment option.  

   Homeopathy remedies provide great relieve in laryngitis.  here are some common remedies that works good in treatment of laryngitis.  


Aconite 30
Aconite 30

Image source: distacart.com 

Aconite is a good remedy if complain of laryngitis get started suddenly, due to exposure to dry cold wind. It is useful in treating laryngitis in first 24 hours of starting complain. Patient has anxiousness and restlessness.  

Dose: 30 potency, 5-6 globules, 3-4 times a day


Arnica montana 30
Arnica montana 30

Image source: distacart.com 

 When laryngitis or pain in throat caused by excessive use of voice like in shouting or yelling, arnica is the best remedy to try. Arnica is best remedy, when any complain caused by over exertion in any part of body. Also, when there is bruised, sore and exhausted feeling of vocal card is present with other laryngitis symptoms, Arnica works best.  

Dose: 30 potency, 5-6 globules, 3-4 times a day


causticum 30
Causticum 30

Image source: distacart.com 

it is the best suitable remedy for laryngitis, when larynx feel raw and sore to touch. Also, when complain aggravate in clear-dry weather, causticum gives best results.  

Dose: 30 potency, 5-6 globules, 3-4 times a day


Belladona 30
Belladona 30

Image source: distacart.com 

Belladonna is a great anti-inflammatory remedy to control inflammation in larynx. When the signs of inflammation mean redness, swelling, burning, pain is present Belladonna gives good results.  

Dose: 30 potency, 5-6 globules, 3-4 times a day

  Argentum Nitricum 

Argentum nitricum 30
Argentum nitricum 30

Image source: distacart.com 

best medicine for hoarseness of singers and speakers. It is best suited for chronic cases of laryngitis. Patient has a typical sensation of a splinter in the throat on swallowing. Always had thick mucus in throat. Mentally patient has an apprehensive tendency and nervous – anxious temperament. patient has a great desire for sweets. 

Dose: 30 potency, 5-6 globules, 3-4 times a day

   Arum Triphyllum  

Arum triphllum 30
Arum triphllum

Image source: distacart.com 

Arum triphyllum is another good remedy for laryngitis, caused by excessive use of voice.  the pain in larynx while clearing the throat. Burning sensation in the throat and patient constantly clear his throat is another main indication of this remedy. 

Dose: 30 potency, 5-6 globules, 3-4 times a day

Few other indicated homeopathic remedies  

  • Hepar sulph: when complain worse in night (2.00 AM to 3 AM) and also get worse by cold.  
  • Spongia: useful when laryngitis is associated with laryngeal cough (barking in nature)  
  • Carbo veg: when there is a painlessness condition is associated with laryngitis.  

   Homeopathic combination 

Bakson’s throat aid 

Bakson's throat aid
Bakson’s throat aid

This is an excellent homeopathic combination remedy for treating not only laryngitis but it works so well in treatment of tonsilitis, pharyngitis, and loss of voice. It is more suitable for treatment of acute cases of laryngitis. It contains belladonna 6x, Kali mur 6X, Barayta carb 12X, senega 6X and many other indicated remedies that help in reliving throat pain and other associated symptoms.  

Dose: take 4 tablets 3-4 times a day. Use half of adult dose in children.  

 Additional tips 

Tips to prevent laryngitis
Tips to prevent laryngitis

mage source: emedihealth.com

  Using self-care methods and general precautions may relieve the symptoms of laryngitis and reduce strain on your voice. These are: 

  •  Breathe moist air-use a humidifier to keep the air throughout your home or office moist. Inhale steam from the bowl of hot water or a hot shower. 
  •  Rest your voice as much as possible 
  • Drink plenty of liquids to prevent dehydration (avoid alcohol and caffeine) Avoid whispering as it puts more pressure than the normal speech does. 
  • Avoid decongestants. They can dry out your throat.  Moisten your throat try sucking on lozenges, gargling with salt water or chewing a piece of gum. 
  • Gargle with warm salt water to relieve congestion.  
  • Drink turmeric milk to fight off with infections fast. 

So, these were some common homeopathic remedies and at home treatment plan for laryngitis.  

If you have any questions regarding this. Feel free to ask.  

This is all for now.  

As “M”, I am talking about “Mouth ulcer and homeopathic treatment”. Stay tuned to learn more about this. 

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This post is a part of Blogchatter A2Z Challenge

Disclaimer: the post is written for educational purpose only. did not intend to cure, treat or diagnose any disease condition. always consult your doctor before making any significant changes to your medication or starting any new medication.

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