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#BlogchatterA2Z- “Z”- Zucchini- two easy recipes to include this healthy vegetable in our diet


This is the last post for #BlogchatterA2Z and finally we had had reached on alphabet “Z”.

As “Z”, I am using “Zucchini” as main ingredient and sharing some easy ways to include this healthy vegetable in our diet.

What is Zucchini?

Zucchini recipes

Zucchini or courgette is a summer squash, it is native from America. it belongs to species Cucurbitaceae. it can be dark or light green. it has a delicate flavor and can be eaten in various forms like raw, shreaded or stir fry.

Health benefits of Zucchini

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Zucchini offers so many great health benefits such as good for digestion, helps in weight loss and good for eye health.

Zucchini recipes

Though I had heard a lot about different recipes with Zucchini but personally I had tried only two. first used this as a salad and second is an appetizer recipe called Zucchini cheesy bite.

Zucchini salad

Zucchini salad

of course, adding zucchini as a part of your salad platter is one of the easy way to include this healthy vegetable in your diet. you can use different creative ways and can prepare healthy and colorful salad by using this amazing vegetables.

Zucchini cheesy bite

This one is a easy and tasty appetizer and I had made this for my little one’s 4th birth day celebration as a starter. it was a big hit and everyone just loved it.


  • Zucchini 2
  • cheese or cheese spread 2-3 TBSP
  • Finely chopped mixed vegetables of your choice
  • salt and black paper as per your taste ( for seasoning)
  • Tomato katch-up


  • First wash and cut the zucchini in pieces and scoop the inside of zucchini with the help of a scopper.
  • now, prepare the filling. mixed finely chopped mixed vegetables, cheese or cheese spread in a bowl. add salt and black paper for seasoning. you can use any herb of your choice too. you can be creative with the filling and can try other fillings too, as per your taste and preference.
  • Next, fill this filling in scooped zucchini pieces. now, you can serve this as it is or can bake this in oven for few minutes.

Your tasty and healthy starter is ready to enjoy.

Few other easy ways to include Zucchini in your diet

Zucchini stir fry

Recently I came across this easy recipe and it sounds really amazing to me, I am going to try it soon. for making this, you need to cut zucchini in pieces, heat the oil, add garlic, zucchini pieces, seasoned with salt and black paper. add little soya sauce and sprinkle some sesame seeds on top, your tasty and healthy dish is ready to enjoy.

Zucchini noodles

This one is another easy and interesting recipe. even kids will love it. read this post to know more How to make zucchini noodles

Zucchini noodles

So, this is all for this season. I hope you had enjoyed this A2Z series. thanks a lot to all my dear friends for reading and appreciating my posts. means a lot to me.

Eat healthy, live well.

take care

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  • alpanadeo

    I was thinking of Zucchini for Z. Alike Zucinni cheesy bites, I make them with gram flour mixed with other dry spices and shallow fry them. Also I make Zucchini kofta and brownie.

    Very nicely implemented theme. Enjoyed all the posts.

  • Pr@Gun

    I haven’t used Zucchini in ample ever, just for salads. But cheesy bite and stir fry seems worth a try.
    Congratulations for successfully surviving AtoZ and completing it.

  • Anagha Yatin

    I have never used Zucchini yet, but the Zucchini stir fry sounds fast to cook and good to eat. Will try this out for sure.
    Congratulations Surabhi on successful completion of the A to Z challenge,

  • nooranandchawla

    Congratulations on successfully completing another A to Z Challenge!
    I’m going to go through all your recipes once again and pin my favourite ones.
    We make stuffed zucchini boats in our house which are delicious, but right now zucchini is not available anywhere in Delhi due to the coronavirus lockdown. Hopefully soon!

  • Jyoti Jha

    I have used Zucchini only for lasagna. Your recipes look delicious and a must-try. Thank you so much Surbhi for your lovely posts in the blog challenge. Looking forward to keeping in touch. Best wishes!

  • Sundeep Ananth Dubey (www.rightpurchasing.com)

    I love Zucchini Surbhi and since the lockdown, I haven’t been able to find it. Your post makes me happy 🙂
    Thanks for the Lovely series and I loved all your recipes. I have saved a few for trying out later too.
    Congratulations on a successful completion of this A2Z.
    — rightpurchasing.com

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  • Arushi Seth

    We usually eat it as a part of a salad but i like your ideas. A lovely post to end the A to Z. Congratulations on finishing the A to Z and your posts have been amazing. Healthy, easy and delicious. Thank you for taking the pains to write these posts. I think writing recipes is the most tedious.

  • Archana

    Zuchini is very lovable food item at my home usually used for salad and quinoq zuchini patties. enjoyed reading your all recipes throughout the challenge Surbhi.

  • Shweta Suresh

    I have never tried zucchini before. Mainly because I didn’t know what to make with them! 🙂 Those dishes look yummy. Thanks for sharing. 🙂 Congratulations on finishing the A2Z challenge! Kudos to you, AtoZ survivor. 🙂

  • Gleefulblogger

    Aw! I had no idea we could make so many yummy recipes with Zucchini, all I use it is in salads or stir fry vegetables. Lovely! Congratulations for completing A2Z, Surbhi, enjoyed reading your posts.

  • Monica

    Whether eaten raw or cooked, there’s so many ways to enjoy it and still get a solid amount of a few vitamins and minerals you need. I usually enjoy mine cooked with garlic and butter. But I am definitely going to try your recipe for Zucchini cheesy bite. Indeed an amazing appetizer! Thanks for sharing this Surbhi.

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