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#BlogchatterA2Z- “T”- Top 10 Healthy eating tips for busy moms!

Healthy eating tips for busy moms

This is the fourth week of #BlogchatterA2Z and we had reached on alphabet “T”.  

As I had mentioned earlier in the beginning of this series, that this series will have some good tips and tricks for healthy eating (along with healthy recipes).  

So, today is the day, in this post as “T”, I will share “Top 10 healthy eating tips for busy moms”.  

Hoping these tips will help you in maintaining the healthy lifestyle. 

Top 10 healthy eating tips for busy moms 

healthy eating tips for busy moms

Plan ahead 

Yes, like our other stuff, pre-planning is first and most important thing for eating healthy with hectic and busy lifestyle. 

Being a mom or (even as a busy person) we always had tons of duties and responsibilities. So many times, with over busy schedule, we put our diet and exercise schedule on back burner. Of course, it is overwhelming for most of us, but with little pre planning and extra efforts, we can eat healthy even during busy weekdays.  

Here are some tips to do a good meal planning. 

  • Plan your week ahead and arrange your all stuff accordingly. 
  • If possible, make a weekly menu during weekends. This small step will ease your daily anxiety “what to make in lunch and dinner”. 
  • Try to keep things simplified and select easy but healthy recipes for everyday cooking. 
  • Sort out different healthy options for each meal of the day. Be little creative, searched on web and make a list for healthy options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Making a list is way easier than a detail menu planning each week. 

Personally, I made a long list of healthy dishes once in a month and then I rotate them for different meals of day, as per my convivence and availability of ingredients. 

Smart shopping 

This one is second important step for eating healthy with busy schedule. While shopping, pick healthier stuffs, like whole grain, fruits, nuts and vegetables. Explore new healthy options every week. Involve your kids while shopping and inspire them to pick more fruits and veggies of their choice.  

Also, read the labels. Avoid buying stuff that contain preservative or other chemicals.  

Never skip the breakfast 

healthy breakfast

I know, you had already heard this golden rule 1000th times before. But I have to listed this, if I am sharing heathy eating tips. We all know, breakfast is first and most important meal of day and we should try to make it healthy and should eat on time. If you had a really busy morning, you can prepare your breakfast in advance.  

Try to set a time table for your meal 

Adopting a healthy lifestyle is a combo of several factors such as include essential nutrients in your diet, avoiding junk and set a time table of each meal of day. Yes, being a busy person, it is not possible all the time, but if we try, we can manage this up to a certain level. Try to fixed a time of your breakfast, lunch and dinner. And make meal time as a “Family time”. Setting a time (like early dinner) helps a lot in easy digestion and metabolism. And you will feel good energy and positive mood with this small. Step. 

Healthy snacking with fresh fruits and dry fruit 

Fruits and vegetable as a snack

Nowadays, unhealthy and processed food snack is the major cause of unnecessary calorie intake and may cause obesity and metabolic disorders at the young age. Eating a nutritious and healthy snack can boost your daily intakes of essential nutrients such as fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants.  try to use healthier options for snacking. Healthy snacking with fruits, dry fruits or veggies is a great way to include more fruits and vegetables in your everyday diet. 

Replace the white bread and white rice with brown bread and brown rice 

Brown rice
multigrain bread

Scientific studies suggested that brown rice and brown bread both are the finest source of vitamin B-complex, fibers and proteins. While white bread and white rice made with the refined flours. Refined carbohydrates are low in essential nutrients and have been linked with the range of health problems such as diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, and obesity. So why not replace the white bread and white rice with brown bread and brown rice? It is a healthier option and helps us feel full for a longer period of time.   

Pay more attention to method of cooking 

Stir fry veggies

Apart from maintaining nutritional requirements, it is equally important to use a healthy method of cooking. Deep frying or overcooking often destroys nutritional elements of healthy cooking ingredients. So, try to use alternative healthy ways of cooking (such as steaming or stir-frying). This small step helps in keeping nutritional value intact.  

  Do a healthy makeover of routine recipes 

Healthy makeover of recipes

Nowadays we all want a “taste bhi, health bhi” mantra for our everyday diet. And if want to nourish our body with power of healthy nutrients, then we have to take some extra efforts. As an easy step, we can do a “Healthy makeover” of routine or unhealthy recipe. For example: 

  • Use whole wheat, homemade pizza base for pizza making, instead white flour ( maida) base.  
  • Try jaggery as a sweetener for sweet dish instead white sugar. 
  • Use multigrain flour instead of wheat flour for chapati making. You make add flex seed in your routine chapati flour for enhancing nutritional value.  

These are just some examples. With little creativity, we can do a healthy makeover of so many routine recipes and with this small step, we can eat a healthier diet, even with super busy schedule 

Involve your kids in grocery shopping and cooking 

Though it sounds like a small step but this small thing could make a major difference in your eating habits and overall lifestyle. Explain your kids importance of healthy eating and involve them in shopping and cooking 

 Encourage them to explore healthier option for snacking and lunch box recipes. This small thing will improve not only you’re eating habits but will inspire your kids as well. They will learn importance of healthy eating since at an early age. 

Avoid crash dieting and try to adopt healthy eating as a part of your lifestyle 

You know in beginning, health goals sound so amazing and we all feel so enthusiastic by making a long list of health goals (like losing 10kg weight in 2 months or eat only healthy for each meal of the day.) But these over enthusiastic plans usually did not stay for long and we all tend to give up after doing it for a while. If you want to eat healthy regularly, try to make it a part of your lifestyle. Go on slow but put consistent efforts. Take breaks in between. Avoid overstressing and enjoy your meal. 

So, these are some simple tips that helps me in eating healthy even with hectic schedule. Hoping it will help you too. What are your thoughts? Please share with me! 

This is all for now. Stay tuned for next post. 


This post is written for an informational purpose only. Please consult your doctor or nutrition expert before making any significant changes to your diet.  

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