#MyFriendAlexa- How bloggers make money? A beginner’s guide to get insight!

How bloggers make money
How bloggers make money!

Hi everyone! 

Welcome back to #Bloggingforbeginners series. 

This is the 6th post for #MyFriendAlexa and I am feeling little relaxed (just 2 more posts to go and then we will all set to complete our participation for this season successfully) 

In this post, I am talking about one of the most interesting aspect of blogging, and that is “Money making”.  

Money making through blogging is a vast subject, and there are so much to learn and explore in this important area (I am still in learning process). 

During my 5 years of blogging journey, I had explored and learnt various aspects of money making through blogging. Sharing all these in this post, read the post to know more! 

This post is just a basic guideline for beginners to get some insight about “Money making” aspect of blogging (based on my personal experience). Feel free to add or share your experience. Would love to know that as well.  

How bloggers make money (A beginners’ guide to get an insight) 

How bloggers make money
How bloggers make money

Ad display 

I am sure you all had already heard about this. Just like other platforms (TV, Newspaper), internet also offers that options to show relevant ads on your website and earn revenue as reward. There are many advertising companies that offer this facility.  

Google ad sense is one of the most popular one. With this program, you do not need to make a direct communication with advertisers. basically, google display relevant ads on your site. And when visitors click on those ads you become eligible to earn.  

There are mainly terms are used to calculated the amount that you can earn with ad display on your blog. First CPC and the other is CPM. CPC means cost per click; with this way your earning gets calculated on the basis of per clicks. Each time when visitors clicks on the ad, you get paid. CPM means “cost per 1000 impressions”.  As per Wikipedia, it refers to the cost or expense incurred for every thousand potential customers who view the advertisements.  

This is an easy process and you can learn more about this with this post.  

If your website has a great traffic, then ad display is one of the best ways to earn money through blogging.  

Sponsored post 

This one is second common and popular option that bloggers used to make money through their blogs. Basically, there are brands or companies who want to promote their services/ products or any other specialty. And as a part of their marketing strategies, they approach bloggers/vloggers for doing sponsored posts for promoting their products or services.  

By definition, “Sponsored posts defined as a promoted blog entries or posts that contain links that point to the home page of specific product pages of the website of the sponsors for which bloggers receive compensation in the form of money, products, services or in other ways.” 

Each brand has their own policy regarding lunching and executing their sponsored posts campaigns. Some brands prefer to manage this all by themselves, while some other take help of PR agencies or other mediator bloggers (who manage a big bloggers group for conducting the same thing as lead).  

Sometimes brands execute this as a launch event and invite bloggers and influencers (related to their suitable niche) to share more about their products or services. After attending event, bloggers and influencers share their experience or feedback on their blogs and social media channels with their readers.  

All these collaborations have different kinds of benefits and re-imbursement process. Some brands offer a decent amount to bloggers and influencers, while some other prefer to do it as barter association (means you get only free products or services or other benefits as per their individual brand policy). 

Writing a sponsored post requires to learn some tactics (it should be relatable and should not have an over advertising tone and approach). Also, you have to mentioned at the end of the post that “This is a sponsored post”, for making a disclosure with your readers.  

Product review (Barter or paid) 

Product review is another popular option that helps bloggers to earn money through their blogs. Each day, various brands and companies launch new products for their customers. In this over competitive world, they want to spread words about their products fast. Just like sponsored posts, they approach bloggers and influencers for writing a product review of their products on their blogs and social media channels.  

Product reviews also work in two ways. Either bloggers (and influencers) get paid in exchange of sharing their honest review and feedback about their related products or they receive free products (barter association) for doing the same.  

Affiliated marketing 

Affiliated marketing is another way that can be used by bloggers to earn a money as a commission by referring useful products or services with their readers and followers. Ideally, it should be based on your personal experience. If you had used any products (or services) and had a great experience while using them, then you can share this with your followers and readers, so that they can also get the same benefit.  

Nowadays this simple referral process has adopted a modernized and commercial approach. This commercial approach is called “Affiliated marketing”. 

By definition, “Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customers brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts”. 

 In simple words, various brands or companies (like Amazon, Walmart, target) launch their own affiliated program as a part of their marketing policy. They allow their customers or bloggers to become their affiliated.  

By being a part of any brand’s “Affiliated program”, you get a specific (and individual) link. You can share this link as a part of your post (related to their products or services) and can ask your readers (and followers) to make their purchase through your specific link. When they make their purchase your specific link, you earn a fixed amount (depend on brand’s individual policy) as a commission for selling their products. As a blogger and influencer, you should try to join only those affiliated programs that suitable to your niche and relatable to your audience. 

Just like sponsored posts, you require to mention same thing in your post as a disclaimer that “” This post contain affiliated link, and I may earn some amounts if your make a purchase through my link”.   

Selling digital/physical products 

Yes, this one is another option that is getting immense popularity nowadays. With the increasing power of digital medium, bloggers can use their blogs and social media presence for selling any related digital or physical products. E book and e courses are two most common digital options that many bloggers use to share their expertise.  

Similarly, if you can any physical products or homemade goodies (related to your expertise), you can easily set up an online store and can promote it through your blog.   

Offer an exclusive paid membership (for specific section of your blog) 

This one is another exciting way to earn some decent money through your blog. Many reputed websites use this approach and offer an exclusive membership for their specific section of their website. (check out Tarla dala’s food blog , where she has locked some exclusive content only for paid members). 

If you have a decent number of engaging audiences, you can do the same and can offer an exclusive paid membership for specific content on your blog. 

Offer online coaching/consultation 

Just like selling products, online portals have become an excellent option for offering online coaching/consultation too.  

If you think you are an expert in any field (ranging from language or academic teaching to life coaching and medical consultation), you can offer that services through your blog and can earn money by offering those expert services to your customers through your online portals.  

BTW, I also have a dream to start my online homeopathic clinic since long. Wish me luck, hope I would be able to do that in future.  

Some important factors for making money through your blog 

Though all these options sound so tempting. But in reality, it is not as easy as seems.  

Here are few factors that determine your money-making capability through your blog.  

  • First as I had mentioned in previous post, it is very important to establish yourself as an authority (or expertise) in your niche, before stepping on “Money making” aspect through blogging. You should have decent traffic and generous count of readers (and followers) who trust your recommendations.  
  • Social media stats, engagement, like comments also possess equal importance. Brands check numbers and if you had that, then there are higher chances to get selected in their next campaigns.  
  • Never keep an over tempting attitude while selecting sponsored posts/product review opportunities. Always try to focus on quality not quantity. Select only those products or services that you truly believe are good and useful for your readers. Also, try to include both sides (pros and cons) of any products or services while writing any sponsored posts.  

So, these were some basic aspect of “Money making through blogging”. What are your thoughts? Please share! 

These is all for now.  

Stay tuned for next post.  

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