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5 Reasons Why every blogger should participate in Blogchatter campaigns!

blogchatter campaigns participation
Blogchatter Campaigns

Hello everyone!  

Welcome back to #Bloggingtips&tricks series.  

In last post, I had talked about importance and benefits of joining blogging communities. Read the post here, in case you had missed it.  

Of course, joining blogging communities offers many benefits.  

 When you join a good and reputed blogging community, then it creates an amazing supporting system for your blogging journey.  

 In this post, I am talking about one of most favorite blogging community. Which one is this? And why should every blogger become a part of it? Read the post to know more. 

I am sure most of you had guessed already, yes! I am talking about India’s largest and most active blogging community “Blogchatter”.  

Blogchatter is a team of some amazing supporting people who always ready to help you in your blogging journey at various level. The team is led by immensely talented “Richa Singh”. She is the driving force behind this incredibly supportive blogging community. 

 Blog chatter organized different blogging campaigns in timely manner and help bloggers with their best possible efforts. Here are some of the well-known campaigns hosted by blog chatter. 

  • Myfriendalexa 
  • BlogchatterA2Z 
  • Light camera chatter 
  • Blogging with a cause 
  • Blogchatter e-book carnival 

And many more! 

Each of these campaigns have a unique theme and purpose. With regular participation, you can learn a lot about different aspects of blogging. Blogchatter  team is extremely supportive and always ready to help you with your blogging quarries.  

Here are five reasons, why every blogger should participate in blog chatter campaigns.  

Five reasons why should every blogger participate in Blogchatter campaigns!


Blogchatter campaigns participation
Blogchatter campaigns participation

You will get a chance to learn about different aspects of blogging (practical approach) 

Blogging is an amazingly creative field.  there are different aspects of blogging (social, technical, creative) that should be get learn by bloggers. These are the things that create a strong foundation for your blogging related knowledge. But somehow, all these is not possible by learning through books or by asking someone. Geeting a practical exposure is best thing to learn these blogging related integrities.  

Here, blogchatter campaigns comes in action. Each of their campaigns have a unique theme and provide an excellent opportunity to learn more about different aspects of blogging.  

  • For example: what is Alexa rank? And why is this important for your blog? may seems like an over whelming subject for new bloggers, but with blogchatter’s  “My friend Alexa” campaign, you will not only learn the importance of “Alexa rank”, but also get a chance to drop it by participate in “My friend Alexa campaign”.  
  • In the same way, blog chatterA2Z (another campaign by Blogchatter) taught you the importance of regular writing every day (for 1 month continuously), and help you in making a highly patient blogger.  

These two are just examples. There are plenty of opportunities are available at blogchatter every day to learn something new about blogging. If you want to learn different aspects of blogging in a fun and practical way, then you should must join this awesome blogging community.  

You will get a chance to get connected with like-minded people 

As I had mentioned before, blogging could become a lonely carrier option, if we struggle our battels all alone. Getting connected with like-minded people work wonders for your blogging journey and you will get a morale booster with this little act of connecting with others.  

Here, blogchatter offers that opportunity in an effortless manner. Blogchatter team runs different amazing blogging related activities (ranging from weekly twitter chat to live FB and Instagram sessions) regularly on their social media channels and website. By being a part of these activities, you get a chance to get connected with other like-minded people. With proper approach, you can create a supportive group of people around you who will help you in moving ahead in your blogging journey.  

You get an incredible support of amazing blogchatter team 

Yes! Third most important reason. Blog chatter campaigns are very well organized. They have an amazing team of immensely talented and hardworking people who are always ready to solve your any blogging related quarries.  This team works like a support system.  when you just started off and have bunch of questions related with your first participation, you just need to drop a mail to team and will get proper reply with all possible suggestions and guidelines.  

There is something special for every genera and niche 

This one is another impressive point. Blogchatter always impressed us with their versatility and you never get disappointed with their creative ideas. They had wide range of creative ideas that suits different niche and genera. For example: 

  •  If you are a book blogger (or have an interest in book reviewing), then you can join #Bookchatter campaign, and can explore and enhance your book reviewing journey by participate in this amazing book review program. Click here to know more about this. 
  • Vlogging or video making is your passion and you are not finding proper way, then #LighCameraChatter is the perfect campaign for you. With this campaign, you can get a deep insight about vlogging.  
  • If you are someone who want to do blogging with a purpose, then join #Causeachatter. With this campaign, you will not only get a chance to give a purpose to your blogging, but also get a chance to read other inspiring stories as well.  
  • “Becoming author and publish your own book” is your dream, then participate in blogchatter e-book carnival.  Blogchatter will give you wings to fly high in the sky, and fulfill your dreams.  

Recently, blog chatter has also started a guest post  opportunity on their website. If you think, you can write awesome content suitable to their niche (blogging tips, SEO, personal branding, social media marketing), then drop a pitch to them and become a guest blogger on their reputed platform. 

You will have loads of fun while learn 

Last but not the least, with these amazing campaigns you will have loads of fun too. We all want a stress free and creative atmosphere for our blogging journey and blog chatter provide that fun filling experience. You will learn a lot while having fun.  

Personal experience 

I had joined blog chatter community in year 2017, and participated in various blog chatter campaigns. In fact, with blogchatter e -book carnival, I had published my two e books (creative kids and healthy eating for busy moms) too. This amazing platform has helped me a lot to grow as blogger and also helped in making new blogging friends. I am so thankful to blog chatter team for their amazing support in my blogging journey and would always love to be a part of their all upcoming campaigns.  

Do you know, recently Blog chatter has re-vamped their website, as “Blog chatter re-loaded, click here to know more about this new look.  

Also, Blog chatter’s most prestigious campaign “My friend Alexa” is starting from 1 October. I am feeling super excited for my third participation. Check out this link, if you are interested in participating this campaign.  

So, this is all for now. Stay tuned for upcoming post, will do a theme reveal for #MyfriendAlexa in next post.  

(Note: this is not a sponsored post for blog chatter. I had participated in various blogchatter campaigns in past few years and had a great experience with these. This post has been written for helping purpose only. It did not intend to promote blogchatter in a sponsored way) 

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