#BlogchatterA2Z, #ThemeReveal- “Creative Kids”- Arts, Crafts, DIY, activities and much more!

Finally the wait is over and I am so excited to share the #Theme reveal post for #BlogchatterA2Z.

I am having a wide spectrum of emotions while writing this. It is mixed feeling of nervousness, excitement and enthusiasm. And I am sure most of us bloggers who are participating in almost one month long blogging marathon,#BlogchatterA2Z, will be having same mixed emotions.

And there are not only one, but so many various reasons why the month of April and beginning of #BlogchatterA2Z, causes adrenalin rush.

  • First it is one of the most prestigious and challenging blogging marathon that requires lots of hard work and dedication. It is bit of challenging to write (and share, read and comment) 26 posts in a row, in one month.
  • It is a kind of dream of every blogger to participate and complete at least once this mega blogging challenge.
  • The successful completion gives you lots of happiness and satisfaction that finally you did it.
  • Also with this you can share your areas of expertise or interest with your readers and among the blogging community. This challenge provides an excellent opportunity to showcase your talent to world.
  • As a bonus you will get a chance to explore new and awesome blogs, and would be able to make new friends too. And you can learn a lot from each other’s experience.

So I do want to take this opportunity and would love to be a part of it with good mood, positivity and enthusiasm.

Now, without wasting any time let’s move on most important part of this post.

Theme Reveal

Here is my theme for #BlogchatterA2Z 2019,

“Creative kids”

An Awesome kids activity series by Angel, Pranjal and Mamma

Arts, crafts, activities and much more

What is “Creative kids” series?

I am so happy to announce this fact that “This time with #BlogchatterA2Z, my two little dolls are also putting their contribution to in their mamma’s blogging journey. And I am having a great feeling of happiness that at the age of 9 and 6 they are capable to share something creative and useful with world.

The series is planned on the basic concept of “Raising creative kids”

Creativity and creative activities are one of my most favourite topics. I have a separate category too for this, on my blog. In fact, I had run  a great successful video series (for kid activities) during last summer.

So this year, I had thought to give a more detailed and elaborated extension to same theme.

And we (me and my girls) are bringing 26 awesome kids activities  with #BlogchatterA2Z that will include:

  • Art
  • Crafts
  • DIY projects
  • Fun and creative projects
  • Science experiment
  • Recycling projects

And much more with this series.

I am sure it will be a roller coaster fun ride for kids and parents and everyone will have loads of fun and creativity.

Why this theme?

There are two prominent reasons why I had selected this theme.

  • First this is the time of summer vacation. And I am sure most of kids get bored during long days of summer. (High temperature and no school routine add extra boredom). So I had thought it is an excellent opportunity to share something useful and creative content for kids and parents. I am sure this series will help lots of parents to keep their kids creatively engaged during summer break.
  • Second reason is an emotional story that I would love to share with you all.
  • It was almost 9 years ago, when I was a first time mommy. And as a first time mommy I had been always in the attempt to make my little girl happy. During the first year of motherhood journey, I had learnt the basic concept  of raising happy kids that  is “Busy kids are happy kids” and to keep my little girl happy, I love to explore and plan various creative and intellectual activities on routine basis.

As the time passes this habit becomes a part of my life. And I tend to explore and plan various creative activities for my both girls as a routine task.  I remember during those days I often make this statement as a funny note that “Ek din ye ladkiyan mujhe kids activities book ka writer bana kar rahegi”

(Means I will become an author of kids activities book one day, because of this extensive research and activity planning)

And now, this statement has become a reality.

I am writing my A2Z posts on same theme and I may write my first E-book on same theme.

So, stay tuned during the whole month of April, I am sure you have loads of fun with lots of creativity and learning.

What are your thoughts? Please share!              


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