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6 Common Blogging Mistakes that most new bloggers make!

Hi all! 

Welcome to “Blogging tips and tricks that actually works” series and I am nervously excited to write and share first post of this series.  

Though this is the first post of series, but I am not starting with very basics because I assume that everyone who starts blogging are well aware of basic steps such as finding out niche, create useful content around your niche, building an audience, being active on social media accounts and share your content all across the different SM channels and so on. 

So, in this post, we will talk about another important topic that is rarely discuss, and often remain ignored while discussing other important aspects. 

In this post, I am sharing some common blogging mistakes that most of the new bloggers make. These are the things that need to get fixed, if you want move ahead in our blogging journey successfully. 

This post is specially dedicated to newbies. Hoping they will be found it informative.  

Here are some common blogging mistakes that most new bloggers make. 

Common blogging mistakes that most new bloggers make 

Don’t know exact reason or aim why they had started blogging? 

Nowadays we lived in high-tech era. Blogs, social media activities and other digital promotions are part of our day to day lives. In fact, with advancement in technologies, having a blog or YouTube channel is a kind of fancy hobby that most of the people pursue. 

And honestly there is nothing wrong in doing that. But all problems get started, when as a beginner, you do not know the exact reason or goal of starting a blog. 

Recently, one of my dear friends has called me and asked me to give some advice on “How to start a blog?” and other important aspects of blogging.  while conversation, when I had asked her, what is her aim or reason to start a blog? She has given me no answer. Then I had explained her, that 

Starting a blog could have different reasons for different people. such as starting a blog just as a hobby, or as a money-making tool, or establish an easy way to get connected with other like-minded people or as a passion to share your talent or expertise with others. Based on your aim the further steps and strategies get planned. If you are starting this just as hobby or with a desire to get connected with others, then there is no need to make any in- depth strategies for blogging. But if you have much wider aspect such as earning money or recognized yourself as an established blogger, then you have to learn various detailed aspects of blogging that includes create quality content, market your content, basic technical knowledge of website maintenance and effective use of social media for promoting your content. 

So, conclusively “Being not clear about your aim or goal is one of the common blogging mistakes that most new bloggers make”. If you are one who had just entered in blogging world, then ask yourself first, what do you want achieve as a blogger? 

Write only for yourself, not for your audience (being a self-indulgent)  

Being a part of various blogging community, this one is one of the common statements that I heard from most of the bloggers. It is a routine phrase that “I write straight from the heart or I write what I love?”. I agree that there is nothing wrong in being honest in sharing your own stories or write your inner most sentiments, but sometimes this thing may become a one-side conversation. And readers may feel bored or develop a “Not so interesting attitude” for your content or blog post. 

Your blog should not have a feel of your own diary (especially if you are serious about blogging), it should have much more than just sharing your own things. It should provide any worth or useful information to your readers; readers should get a feeling that you care about their time which they had taken out to visit your blog. Your blog should add some value to their already existed knowledge or help in solving their any kind of problems.” 

In short, “Try to re-analyzed your written content before publishing. Read your post as a reader point of view and ask yourself, is it worth of publishing? Will it provide some kind of value to my readers? If you get an answer “Yes”, then go ahead and publish it? Otherwise, re-work on whole thing again”. 

Not writing consistently 

This one is third common blogging mistakes that most of the bloggers made. If fact, I was one who had done this mistake in past. Initially, when we start blogging, we feel over excited and publish some amazing posts one by one, but after some time, so many of us lost that passion or zeal to keep a consistency in posting routine.  

Not writing consistently make your regular readers disappointed and reduces your chance to get new readers as well. Though it is hard to be consistent but being consistent is key that offers so many benefits. Such as with regular writing you improve your writing capabilities, your website gets some consistent traffic, you have better chances to get connected with other bloggers and you become a recognized face in community of various immensely talented bloggers.” 

Conclusively, write quality content consistently is one of the basic steps that helps you in moving ahead. If being a newbie, you are feeling lazy or having a lack of passion, then just pull up your socks. If you want to survive in over competitive blogging field then be consistent in your posting routine. And believe me, you will get amazing results for your hard work.  

Think readers will come to my website automatically and my blog posts will get viral 

I know, being a blogger (and as a creative person), “Hum sab apne favourite hai” (remember, Kareena’s dialogue from jab we met). After writing a piece, we all get an intense feeling that “Wow this piece is super awesome?” (the same feeling, I am getting while writing this…. just kidding”) 

But honestly, the practical world is much harder than this fantasy.  

Every day, millions of blog post had been published all across the web, with a hope that they all will get viral. But in reality, only less than 1000 posts reach on a status of getting viral. This virtual world had tons of talented people, so get recognized among this over crowded market is not as easy as seems.  

Writing great quality content with consistency is only one step and market your content is next most important step. 

Nowadays, it has been said that “Content is king and marketing is queen”. For being successful or get recognized, you need to understand the deeper meaning of this statement, if you want to succeed in blogging world, never assume that you will get an automatic traffic or ready to read readers. You need to work hard on market your quality content. Create accounts on different social media channels, being active on other digital platforms, join good blogging communities, participate in blogging campaigns  are some of the effective ways to get recognized and established yourself as a well-known face in blogging world.” 

In short, make different sets of goals for your blogging such as content creation, marketing, interacting and communication, and work on each thing with proper planning and strategy. Things will fall on place with gradual and consistent efforts. 

Follow the exact things what others are doing 

This one is another common blogging mistake that I had observed frequently. I know when we start off, the different vast aspects of blogging give an overwhelming feeling and most of us develop a “go with flow” attitude.  

Of course, it is completely ok to learn from others people’s experience and get inspired with the things that has helped others. But sometimes this over follow attitude lost your own identity and you will get a feeling of lost in crowd.  

Blogging is one of those amazing creative field that requires a strong set of your own personality and individuality. Your work should have some kind of USP factor and a feel of your own personality. So along with learning with others, it is equally important to work on our own USP factors. Making a balance between following others and at the same time doing something different is key to be successful in blogging world. 

In short, “your blog post should have a strong impact on your reader’s mind. If you develop that power then you are a winner in your own world.” 

Blog only for “Money making”

This one is another blogging mistake that most of bloggers commit, when they started off. I know, it is really tempting to get rewarded for our hard work in the form of sponsored post, product review or by affiliate marketing. 

But honestly, it is not that easy as seems.  It takes time and you have to keep patience. Earning money through blog is a kind of later step that you can achieve after building a wide range of audience who trust you and eagerly wait for your next post or creation”? 

Conclusively, never keep money making your first and primary focus, otherwise you may feel impatient and disappointed soon, when your things did not happen the way you thought. instead, enjoy the process of writing, reading and interacting. Once, when all these things get followed regularly, the new doors of opportunity (for money making) will get open automatically 

Along with these, here are some more common blogging mistakes that most of new bloggers make. Such as: 

  • Not writing long form content 
  • Not format content properly 
  • Not have an idea about target audience 
  • Lack of information and clarity in content (always remember, crisp content is only a big hit) 
  • Choosing the wrong topics 
  • Not having a self-hosted website 

So, these were some common blogging mistakes that most of new bloggers make. 

I hope this post will help you to understand these common blogging mistakes. And you will work on that to move ahead on the path of successful blogging. 

What are your thoughts? Please share! 

This month, I had started two new series on the blog. One of “Natural Amazing DIYs” and second “Blogging tips and tricks that actually works”, so stay tuned for both series. 

First post of #NaturalDIYs will be live tomorrow. Do not forget to check it out. 

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