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12 Clean eating Recipes Ideas (For lunch and dinner) part 2


The Power of Clean Eating
The Power of Clean Eating

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This is the second last post of Blog chatter projects season 2 and I am feeling a little nostalgic. I had a great experience with blog chatter projects season 2 while sharing clean-eating series. The series has proved really beneficial for me in so many terms. While sharing the ideas, benefits and recipes for the series, I had gotten a chance to pay more attention to my and my family’s eating habits.

Blogchatter projects season 2 (1)
Blogchatter projects season 2

Along with this personal health benefit, the series has given a good boost to my blog. With the great response from readers and co-bloggers, I am feeling so excited to write better and share more useful stuff on my blog, in the upcoming month. Thanks a lot to all for appreciating my efforts and be a part of this clean eating journey. so now sharing the main topic of this post.

 12 Amazing Clean eating recipes ideas (for lunch and dinner)

So here is the list of 12 easy healthy clean eating ideas that you can use in both lunch and dinner.

Simple Indian thali with little variation

It might sound a little boring but we as a family loved this option. No doubt, Indian cuisine is one of the best healthy cuisines in the world. And if we take little precautions like the use of less oil and use more vegetables as main and side dish. Then nothing could be better than this.

Here I am sharing some tips to make Indian platter perfectly healthy. (These are the things that I usually follow during hectic routine days)

I usually have a weekly menu in this pattern.

  • Chapatti – I mixed quinoa or ragi flour in wheat flour, to add extra nutrients to our diet, and this thing helps in controlling the carb portion too.
  • Seasonal vegetables- we eat almost all seasonal vegetables and I always prefer to add the tadka with garlic. Garlic is one of the best ingredients that have amazing anti-inflammatory properties, and have other health benefits too.
  • One dal or curry- as a side dish, I make different dals like moong, mixed dal, arhar dal or sometimes I make Chana, chole, besan kadhi, etc., to fulfil the protein requirements. These dishes also add an additional good flavour to the platter.
  • Salad- A full platter green veggie salad is an essential part of our lunch and dinner.
  • Seasonal add-on- during summer I add curd (either as a raita or Chas) and during winter I make different soups to relish the taste and health of my family.

    Indian thali

Now move on the second option,

Brown rice with different curries

This one is my second favourite, especially when you have less time and still want eat healthy. You can make brown rice with any gravy of your choice (vegetable, green beans or Chana). It will make an easy and healthy option for lunch and dinner.


Yes, this one is again a single pot, easy, quick and healthy option for busy days. You can do different variations in combination. Like use a different combination of pulses or use different grains (millet khichdi is the latest trend). Add plenty of vegetables; your delicious healthy one-pot meal is ready to serve. Again you can use it for both lunch and dinner.

Wheat porridge

When we are talking about the healthy lunch and dinner options, how can we forget our own wheat daliya or porridge? Broken wheat is an amazing source of complex carbohydrate. It is easy to cook, and a single pot too. I always prefer to add curry leaves in tadka to add a good flavour to it. It tastes so awesome and you can make it in less than 30 minutes.

Mixed vegetable or dal paratha with curd

Yes, sometimes we all want some variations. Though paratha itself sounds like an oily option but with little care (and little compromise in taste) we can create lots of healthy options of this tempting dish.

  • Try different healthy flour as the base like multigrain, or ragi, instead of just wheat flour.
  • Add plenty of vegetables of your choice either in grated form or boiled form. For a change, you can use different pulses too as a stuffing.
  • Use sea salt instead of white salt.
  • Add little oil to cook it.
  • Do not forget to add curd as veggie curd raita (by adding cucumber, beet or cabbage) as dip or side dish.

With these little variations and precautions, you’re another perfect healthy lunch and dinner is ready to eat.

Gujarati delicacies with little variations

We Indians always want different varieties in our food. And fortunately, we had lots of options too. My in-laws belong to Gujrat, so I had gotten a perfect chance to learn and enjoy different Gujrati dishes after marriage.

Though not all Gujarati dishes are healthy and most of them contain extra added sugar and more oil.

But some of the options are really good and with little variations, we can use them as a part of our dinner or lunch menu.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Feeling lazy and do not want to cook much, just make a single pot Dal dhokli ( kneed the wheat flour with little oil, cut the pieces in small triangle shape, add these in arhal dal, you may add vegetables in too, and take 3-5 whistle), your perfect single pot healthy meal is ready to eat.
  • Handwa and dhokla
  • By adding more vegetables you can make these two dishes, perfectly healthy.
  • Undhiyu
  • Another great winter Gujarati delicacy that tastes so good and healthy too.

Click here  to learn more about the healthy Gujarati dishes.

South Indian options

My elder one loves south Indian dishes. And I also believe that among all different regional cuisine, south Indian food is one of the best healthy food. Again by adding different vegetables as a stuffing in dosa or by adding it in the batter of idly or uttapam, we can make a great healthy meal for the whole family.

After reading this post up to this point, you may have thought that I am so old fashioned and I had shared only traditional healthy dishes options. So here adding some fancy Morden recipes too.

Quinoa pasta with tomato soup

Avoid using white pasta, try healthier options. Add plenty of vegetables and serve it with hot tomato soup. A perfect light, healthy dinner or lunch is ready.

Vegetable noodles with soups

I love the chines cuisine and especially during winter and rainy season, vegetable noodles with Chinese seasoning and pair this with any healthy soup of your choice. A great tempting healthy meal is ready to serve. Try to use multigrain noodles instead of the regular one.

Pav bhaji

No one can say no to pav bhaji. Just use wheat bread and avoid extra butter in bhaji, your perfect tasty meal is ready to serve in less than 30 minutes.

Power packed the salad with soups

If you are in a mood of detoxification. Just prepare a bowl of power packed salads and pair it with the bowl of soup. Your healthy and low-calorie meal is ready to serve.

Healthy sandwiches with soup

On a lazy day, multigrain or wheat bread sandwiches with healthy filling and dressing could be used as a great healthy option for brunch or dinner. Do not forget to pair it with the bowl of soup for fulfilling the nutritional requirements.

Did you like these ideas? What are your healthy lunch and dinner recipes? Please share in the comment section.

Next post will be a last of this series, it will be a wrap of all 6 posts.

So stay tuned!

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