#MyFriendAlexa- 7 Effective tips to write a good sponsored post that doesn’t suck!

Tips to write a good sponsored post
Tips to write a good sponsored post

Hi everyone! 

Welcome back to #Bloggingforbeginners series.  

This is 7th post for #MyFriendAlexa and I am super excited to talk about another interesting topic related to blogging. 

This post is an extension of previous blog post . In last post, I had talked about different ways how bloggers make money? And in this post, I will share more information on one of the important aspects of “Money making through blogging”.  

Yes, I am talking about “sponsored posts”. Sponsored posts are one of the best ways to earn regular and decent income through blogging, but writing a good sponsored post that does not suck your readers, is an art. There are some guidelines and tactics that you should keep in the mind, while writing and sharing sponsored content through your blog.  

Specially for new bloggers, it may feel over whelming and little confusing, when they get their first paid (sponsored assignment). They may have lots of questions regarding presenting their paid partnership with their readers.  

So, in this post I am sharing few important pointers (based on my personal experience and research) for writing a good sponsored post. Hoping it will help to give some insight. 

Seven tips to write a good sponsored post that doesn’t suck! 

tips to write a good sponsored post
Tip to write a good sponsored post

Choose wisely  

I remember, it was 5 years ago, when I had received a mail from India’s reputed lifestyle brand for making a collaboration for promoting their products. And it was an overwhelming experience for me. I was feeling super excited to get my first paid project, but at the same time, I also had a sense of apprehension and anxiousness too, because It was my first opportunity to write something like this. I had done lots of research and read many posts from experienced bloggers. With that experience, I had learnt that: 

It is very important to choose your sponsored projects very wisely. As a beginner blogger, it is very tempting to pick and accept your first paid project without knowing much insight. But selection and acceptance of sponsored project is one of the most important aspect that set a tone for your all upcoming projects. Try to select only those projects that suitable to your niche and resonates with your audience. It is equally important to do a little research about brand (that has sent you the proposal) before saying yes to it.  when you feel completely comfortable with the norms of brand and sponsored project, then move ahead.  

As a beginner, if you did not get enough idea about brand’s reputation and their past history, you may take help of senior bloggers to get some feedback about the same.  

Understand the project requirements and details properly 

Yes, this one is second most important aspect of finishing a sponsored post with perfection and satisfaction. Each sponsored project has their own requirements and guidelines that typically includes: 

  • Blog post writing guidelines that includes (word count, format etc.) 
  • Details about their project/product (main feature and USP of their product/service) 
  • Main message that they want to convey with sponsored post 
  • Social media sharing guidelines that includes use of specific hashtags (mostly each brand have their specific one related to campaign) while sharing post on your social media accounts.  
  • End date to submit/publish post (some brands first approve your content and then allow it to get posted, while some other allow direct publishing) 

Usually brands sent all this information in mail with a proper detailing. But for beginners, it may feel little overwhelming.  as a simple piece of advice, I will say try to digest all this information in chunk. Categorized your responsibilities in different section and write down it separately. Such as blog work and social media posting and then plan your work accordingly. If you feel confused with any step, you may ask with brand or other mediator person by shooting a mail with your questions.  

Mostly, all brands co-operate so well and answered your quarries patiently.  

Learn the art of story telling  

Now, this is third most important aspect of writing a relatable sponsored post. Gone that days when people accept the direct selling and marketing ideas. Nowadays, people want to hear your real story. What and why you had used particular product/services? What was your personal experience? What were your real struggles?  

These are the things that people want to know before picking and selecting any product or services.  

If you are a beginner in this field, then it is very important to understand this amazing art of storytelling. Your sponsored post should not have a feel of advertisement. It should have a real-life story that includes your personal experience.  

Include your honest experience (pros and cons) 

This one is next most important step. Blogging is all about building trust and making meaningful relationship with your readers. It is very important to include your honest experience with product/services in your sponsored content.  

Of course, it does not mean to be rude or add hateful remark or feedback about brands (which you do not like), but it should be more about including your honest experience in graceful way. You may add your positive criticism in your post (in a polite way). This thing will keep your brand and reader(both) happy. Usually brands also appreciate honest feedback and readers also get a feeling that you are honest about sharing your thoughts and experiences (even when you are getting paid for doing the same).  

Maintain your unique voice and personal style 

This one is another important thing that new bloggers should keep in mind. Your personal style and voice are one main reason why people visit your blog. And you have to keep that intact while writing for brands too. You should try to include sponsored content effortlessly in your blog post. Maintaining your existing style and unique voice is very important to maintain trustworthy relationship with readers.  

Include personal visual elements (photos, videos etc.) 

We lived in high tech, fast pace world where audience/readers have less time to consume information. Visual elements are most important part of any blog post. Videos and step by step photos of using any product always create a better impression rather than plain text. So, be creative and use power of visual medium for making your sponsored post more appealing and relatable.  

Add a disclaimer too 

This one is another important step that you should include in your post. Add a disclaimer clearly in your post and let your readers know that this is a sponsored post.  

So, these were some handy tips for writing a good sponsored post. What are your thoughts? Please share! 

The next post will be the last post for #MyFriendAlexa, this will be “An Expert round up” on the same theme. Stay tuned.  

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