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#BlogchatterA2Z- “X”, X-clusive roundup- 10 Amazing Bloggers share their #1 tip for healthy eating!

Hi everyone. Welcome back to “Healthy eating for busy moms series” 

This is alphabet “X”, and as “X”, I am excited to share something “Xclusive” with you all. (I know it is “Exclusive. But for A2Z itna adjustment to banata hai..hehe) 

So far, with this series, I had shared healthy and quick recipes, Handy tips for healthy eating, meal prep ideas and nutritional benefits of different healthy ingredients and some other important aspects of healthy eating. 

And now, this is the time to share an exclusive round post for this series. 

Xclusive round-up for “Healthy eating for busy moms series”


We lived in the high-tech era and nowadays technology and gadgets are an integral part of our lives. It has been said that “Sharing is caring”, so why not used this quote for increasing our knowledge for “adopting healthy eating habits”, in our day to day lives. 

To keep this factor in mind, I had asked 10 amazing and renowned bloggers to share their number one tip for eating healthy with hectic and busy lifestyle, and they had shared their secrets happily. 

 And now, I am super excited to share their knowledge of wisdom though this blog post. 

Hoping you would like it and these tips will help you in stay healthy and adopting healthy eating habits despite busy schedule. 

X-Clusive roundup post for healthy eating tips

Nooranand chawla from Nooranandchawla.com

Noor is one of the finest and most amazing bloggers who share her different life experience through her blog. She usually writes about food, travel, parenting, books, fitness, makeup and lifestyle. She is also an honest and unbiased reviewer and share her honest opinion about different aspects of life through her blog. 

When I had asked her about her number one tip for eating healthy and maintaining a healthy eating pattern despite having hectic schedule, she has said, 

I am a complete foodie and as a food reviewer I often have to eat out, which results in unhealthy eating! To balance this out and to keep my weight in check, I avoid eating carbohydrates at dinner time. In addition, I have two salt-free dinners in a week, where I eat only fruits with muesli and almond milk. I also try and eat dinner relatively early, preferably around 7:30p.m. when I am at home. This doesn’t always happen, but I try to follow this routine as regularly as possible!” 

Arushi Seth from beingathinkaholic.com 

Arushi Seth is a content writer by profession and a blogger by passion. She is a MBA by qualification and a mommy of one cute doll. She shares her parenting journey, lifestyle experiences though her blog beingathinkaholic.com. And when I had asked her to share her secret for maintaining a healthy eating pattern despite being busy with so many duties and responsibilities, she has said, 

Though, I am not much of a person who likes to cook but my one tip for eating healthy in a hectic life is PLAN. Planning your meals takes away a lot of stress. When you plan ahead, you ensure all ingredients are there in place and you can prepare well in advance so that at the last minute there is not too much happening. This holds true for moms who cook themselves or for those who have cooks. Planning also prepares you to eat healthy and you do not end up eating unhealthy as an excuse or in panic.

Alpana Deo from Mothergurukul.com 

Alpana is founder-writer-editor of Mothergurukul.com. She is also an author of two amazing books (A girl in the new town and culinary tales). she writes on variety of topics ranging from parenting to lifestyle and share her different life experiences through her blog. When I had asked her, how she maintains a healthy eating pattern while maintaining her different responsibilities. She has said, 

For me, healthy eating means eating fresh, eating homemade as much as possible. For creating such recipes, we don’t have to change our grocery list entirely, but adding a few healthy options and changing the recipe little bit can give us the results that we want. For example, if you like Oats in cereal form, then try making Oats Upma or Oats pancake. The same thing goes for lentils, try to make lentil soup or lentil dosa once a week for getting the nutrients.

Vartika Mehrotra Gakhar from Vartikasdiary.com 

Vartika is an amazing parenting and lifestyle blogger and author (travel my way) and mommy of two adorable twins. She shares her unique blog posts about different aspects of life (relationship, parenting, recipes and much more) though her blog Vartikasdiary.com.   

When I had asked her to share her tips and tricks for maintain healthy eating habits with hectic lifestyle, she has said, 

Though I’m not a fitness freak, a few things that I try to follow on a daily basis are:  

  • Drinking enough water and keeping myself hydrated. Working long hours in office tempts me to grab multiple coffees but I limit my caffeine intake to morning tea and a coffee.  
  • I munch on healthy snacks like nuts, foxnuts, peanuts, baked samosa and kachoris instead of junk. However, once a week, I don’t mind indulging in fried bhaturas or cutlets. After fried food, I drink hot beverages which keeps my digestive system happy. Raisins or dates or dark chocolate sometimes satiate my sweet cravings. Lastly, I say a big NO to tetra packs, canned and frozen foods. 
    I feel no matter how busy your schedule is, three meals a day are important and not to be skipped. These tips help me stay healthy. 

Pragun from Praguntatwa.com 

Pragun is one of the amazing and talented bloggers of our blogging industry. her blog revolves arounds the five elements of nature (water, air, fire, earth and sky).  and she always shares something unique information through her informative blog posts. 

When I had asked her to share her #1 tip for maintaining healthy eating habits with busy schedule, she has given an easy to implement and interesting advice. She has said, 

I prefer adding lots and loads of veggies of all colors to my meals. Like making veg pulao, or khichri, mixed veg idli or uttapam, homemade pizza or even veg cutlet that contains greens, carrots, beans, yellows and lot more. My main aim is to use maximum veggies in meals and take smaller portions instead of one big pot full of one. Even I ensure use of variety and of course colors too in meals. Carry or keep small boxes of flax seeds, chana, nuts, almonds, assorted seeds for munching on your workstation for those hunger pangs.

Shilpa Garg from Shilpaagarg.com 

Shilpa Garg is MBA by qualification and has a long working experience in management team of leading pharmaceutical companies. She has started blogging in year 2009. She is a passionate and multi talented blogger and she shares her life experiences related to different aspects of life (parenting, book, travel and lifestyle) through her amazing blog posts.  when I had asked her about one secret tip for maintaining healthy lifestyle. she has said,

Skipping meals and erratic meal timings were the order of the day due to my work travel till it started affecting my health. Frequent migraine attacks compelled me to adopt healthy eating habits. So now breakfast is a priority for me and it is non-negotiable. I drink a lot of water during the day and stay away from carbonated drinks. I carry fruits, nuts and snacks with me, always. I make healthier food choices in restaurants. And walk wherever possible. “

Dipika Singh from Gleefulblogger.com 

Dipika Singh is the person behind one of the most amazing lifestyle blog gleelfulblogger.com. She likes to write on varieties of topics like fashion, glamour, social issues, fiction, parenting and food.  

When I had asked her to share her #1 tip for maintaining a healthy eating, she has given an amazing advice. She said, 

Eating healthy is a lifestyle and shouldn’t be a choice, I have always believed in this mantra. Now that doesn’t mean, I don’t enjoy the samosas or pizza, fried chicken or weekend sundaes. But I make sure to balance out the intake.

  • Eat only when you hungry, and not out of boredom. Instead of munching on snacks or farsaan, eat granola or murmura etc.
  • Have your dinner early, I make sure to eat my dinner by 8 pm. Don’t skip meals. I had this very bad habit if skipping breakfast which resulted in bloating & acidic conditions. Sometimes I follow, no sweet days or no bread month. This helps body adjust to minute change. Most importantly, love yourself and be positive.  

Roma from trulyyoursroma.com 

Roma is an acclaimed writer, blogger and founder of one of the most amazing and versatile blog “trulyyoursroma.com”. She has won the “Women of the year award in 2015” for her writing on women equality, rights and liberation. And also won “Planet pride award 2018”. She is also the founder of Roma’s communication academy (RCA) which ardently endeavors to aid 6-60-year-old bridge the gap between their intellect and expression 

When I had asked her #1 tip to maintain a healthy eating pattern despite being busy with multiple responsibilities. She has said, 

 My secret dose for healthy living is extremely liberal use of vegetables and fruits as raw as possible in my diet. Chop them together whatever you have (choose from onion, tomatoes, capsicum, carrots, bell peppers, broccoli, lettuce, cucumber, cabbage, apple, papaya, banana, water melon or orange or anything else you love) , boil two medium sized potatoes(or use paneer), add them to the mix, top with  a bowl of hung curd,  flax seeds powder, lemon juice, pink salt and black pepper and mix thoroughly. Adding some mint chutney to enhance the flavor is optional. Trust me it makes a delightful meal so full of nutrition and energy and so easy to make with whatever we have in our refrigerator. Also, take a handful of nuts every morn without fail.

Monika Suri from meralifestyle.com 

Monika Suri is a teacher by profession and a writer and blogger by passion. She wishes to spread motivation and happiness to all women out there through her blog. She writes on varieties of topics and share informative content through her blog posts. 

When I had asked her to share her secret tip to maintain a healthy eating pattern with busy lifestyle. She has said, 

I keep myself conscious of my eating patterns. Morning nuts are important and they make me happy too. Curd in afternoon satisfies me. I prefer a heavy lunch and then I can easily skip carbs in dinner. Fruits/salad always fill my tummy with joy provided someone else cuts it for me. Weekend parathas are a must as occasional cheating is fair in love, war and healthy eating.

Shilpa from Shilpagupte.com 

Shilpa Gupte is person behind the “metanoia” (the wellness blogzine). She writes about food, nutrition, mental stress and other lifestyle related issues. She always shares informative and useful tips to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle through her unique blog posts.  

When I had asked her to share her #1 tip for maintain a healthy eating pattern with hectic schedule. She has said, 

Being busy in work all day leaves very little time for us women. Make sure you store healthy meals or easy-to-make healthy snacks to eat between meals so that you have enough energy for the day. Here’s one foodstuff I always have at home. It gives me a healthy breakfast option as well as a healthy evening-snack/dinner option, whichever I choose. Would love to share this easy recipe with you all. The name of recipe is: Ragi malt, It’s easy to prepare at home and can be used in different ways to suit your taste. 

  • All you need is ragi. 1. Wash it, and leave it overnight for the water to drain.2. Sprout it and then dry it in the sun. Roast it in a pan, and finally grind it to a powder – coarse or fine – and use it to make 
  • Ragi porridge – sweet (with jaggery) or savory (with green chillies) 
  • Ragi thalipeeth (flat bread) – with grated veggies of your choice, ghee, and garlic.

It is filling as well as nutritious and contains high amounts of calcium, potassium and proteins. 

So, these are some amazing healthy eating tips from some of the best bloggers of our bloogsphere. But before ending this post, I have one more surprise element for you.  

Youy know, being a part of  this amazing blogsphere, I feel myself so lucky. We have so many talented doctor bloggers who always share their areas of expertise through their amazing blog posts. Among them, Dr. Amrita Basu is one of the most knowledgeable doctor blogger and when I had requested her to share #1 secret for heathy eating, she has shared an amzing advice.  

Here is her expert advice for maniatining a healthy eating pattern with busy lifestyle. 

Expert advice 

Dr. Amrita Basu from healthwealthbridge.com 

“I am an ENT surgeon and a busy mom, so my air fryer is my secret weapon in cooking healthy. Bengali vegetable dishes need the veggies to be lightly fried for locking in the taste. To lower the calorie content, I boil most veggies, and then air fry them with a dash of oil to give them a light crunch. This helps to lower the total oil content. It’s great for frying fish, chicken, and making many tasty snacks with a fraction of the oil. I also insist on salads with each of our meals, drinking 4 liters of water every day and exercising together. This is what keeps us happy”.

So this is all for now. I had a great time while writing and sharing this round up post for you all. hoping you would like it.



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