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What is Guest-Posting & 4 Amazing Benefits of Guest-Posting?

What is Guest posting and 4 amazing benefits of Guest posting
Guest-posting benefits

HI all! 

Welcome back to #Bloggingtip&tricks that actually works series.  

I am excited to share another important topic with this post. In this post, I am talking about “Guest blogging”. Guest blogging is one of the common strategies that has been used by both (new and established) bloggers for various purposes, such as getting exposure or backlinks from another high domain website or making meaningful connections with peers.  

What is guest blogging? What are benefits? What things should be kept in the mind before pitching for guest posting? Read the post to know more! 

What is Guest posting? 

Guest posting is an act of writing article for other website or for other blogs. Guest posting is a kind of mutual collaboration that benefits both host website or blogger and guest blogger.  One side, guest posting help guest bloggers to get an exposure to fresh and wide range of audience. another side, for host bloggers, it creates an opportunity to share something different and unique content with their settled audience in the form of guest post.  

In short, guest posting is a win-win collaboration for both host and guest bloggers.  

Though it is useful for both, newbies and established bloggers but in this post, I will talk about advantages of guest posting specifically for new bloggers.  

Here are some amazing benefits of guest posting for new bloggers.  

Benefits of Guest posting 

What is Guest posting and 4 amazing benefits of Guest posting!
Guest posting

Helps in establishing yourself as an authority in your niche in competitive market 

During last few years, blogging had been emerged as a great carrier option and people all across the globe giving it a try to either sharing their areas of expertise or establishing themselves as reputed brand or business. With this over competitive atmosphere, being recognized or establish yourself become a daunting task. Especially when you started off, you may find it hard to make a name or get recognized despite having top-notch content.  

Here the “Guest posting” plays a major role. “Guest posting” offers an excellent opportunity for new bloggers to establish themselves as an authority in their respective niche. With this, they get a chance to interact with wide range of audience and by sharing unique and trustworthy content (through guest post), they can position themselves as an authority figure in over competitive market.  

Build relationships with peers  

For beginners, blogging may seem only a creative field that offers a chance to share your talent or skills with world, but on practical aspect, it is much more than just creating content. You have to work in multi-directions for established yourself as an authority.  

Building relationships with peers and other established bloggers (or website) is one of the most important factors that proves extremely beneficial for your brand or business, in long term. By building meaningful relationship, you create a foundation for brighter future that will help you in growing just not as a brand but it also helps in getting other collaboration opportunities as well.  

Get traffic to your blog 

For new bloggers, getting consistent traffic is one of the biggest challenges. Most of newbie struggle with this aspect and find it hard to maintain a constant flow of traffic to their blog despite being regular in posting.  here, guest posting proves beneficial. With guest posting, you will get an opportunity to add “Author bio” in your post, where you can share your blog and social media profile links. With this option, you can get a good range of traffic for your blog.  

Helps in raising “brand awareness” and “Social media following” 

“Guest posting” offers an amazing opportunity to raising “Brand awareness”. With guest posting, you get a chance to interact directly with a wider range of audience. If your content (Guest post) has some unique angle and trustworthy information, then people will visit your blog and follow you on social media channels. All these exposure works great for your brand, and will help in creating “brand awareness” too.  

How to find “Guest post” opportunities

Now, this is the next big question. Though there are various sites all across the web that offers “Guest posting” opportunities. But, finding right one requires some set of pre-planning and proper research. Here are few tips that will help you for sure. 

  • Do an in-depth research and explore the options (related to your niche) for guest posting opportunities. Usually it has been mentioned as “Write for us” section, where blog owner mentioned the detailed guidelines about guest posting. With a proper google search, you can filter the suitable options as per your niche and preferences.  
  • You can also take help from “Senior bloggers” who already had enough experience of “Guest posting” and the things need to follow. They can guide you with their knowledge and you will get an insight about important aspects of guest posting. 
  • Keep a watch on social media channels of reputed websites (that accept guest post), where they announce specific details (time, duration etc.) for upcoming guest posting opportunities.  

How to pitch for “Guest posting”?

Though this one is a topic that cannot be explained in few lines (comment in section, if you want me to write a separate post on this topic), but here I am sharing few things that need to kept in mind.  

First go through all the guidelines in “Write for us” or “Guest posting opportunity” section. They usually give pitching guidelines too. It includes: 

  • Topic of your post with approximate word counts 
  • Structure (that involves explaining the main idea of your post with other important detail) 
  • Explain why you are the right or best person to write on this topic (share something unique about your personality and your content that makes you perfect fit for the proposed content) 

Along with these details, your pitch should have a kind of “Relationship building approach”, rather than “taking advantage” from host website. You should try to avoid sounding “Too salesy”. Your approach is one of the most important things that could make your pitch a big hit or miss.  

Try to include some details like reference of their previous work in your pitch. This small step will help in making a meaningful connection and host will feel connected with you through your pitch.  With this individualized approach, you can stand out yourself from others, and this thing will also increase your chances of accepting pitch.  

My personal experience with Guest posting

When I had started blogging in year 2015, I had done “Guest posting” for various reputed parenting and health websites all across the web. In fact, along with guest posting, I had written as a ‘’Regular contributor” for various websites. After a thorough research, I had shortlisted few platforms (suitable to my niche) and then I had approached them with a proper pitch.  

Luckily, I got selected on most of these amazing platforms, and got an excellent exposure by writing and contributing regularly. Here are some of them.  

(Note: I had written on these platforms in year 2015-16, so I am not sure about their current status of accepting “Gust post”. Please check these websites for knowing the current status before sending the pitch for guest posting} 

By writing on these amazing platforms either as a guest blogger or a regular contributing writer, I had learnt a lot. By being a contributor, you get a separate page (check out screen shots) on their website and this thing helps a lot in establishing yourself as an authority in your field.  

I had an amazing experience with guest blogging. And I will highly recommended this to other bloggers as well. What are your thoughts or experience with guest blogging? Please share with me. 

Before ending this post, I want to share two important updates with you all. 

  • First, I am accepting guest post on my blog. If you are interested in being a guest blogger, please mail me at Also, I am ready to write a guest post for other blogs too (of course, related with my niche), if you want me to write for your blog, please contact me on same id or DM me on Instagram (@surbhiprapanna) 
  • Second important update is actually a big good news that I would love to share with you all. The beginning of this week has bought me a great news “My blog has been selected by panelist and ranked 12 in the list of top 100 mom lifestyle blogs” on the web, by This is a huge achievement for me.  I am feeling overwhelmed with this response and not getting enough words to express my happiness and gratitude with you all.” 

I want to say a big thanks to all my readers and friends for always appreciating my work. Your support means a lot to me. I expect and appreciate your continued support for the future as well.

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Another side, it helps marketers to improve their outreach by connecting with thousands of authority bloggers, youtubers and Instagram influencers.  

If you are new to this, visit their website to know more about it and submit your blog. 

Here is list of top 100 mom-lifestyle blogs , don’t forget to check this out! 

So, this is all for now. 

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