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What is Influencer Marketing?- Let’s learn the basics!

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Excited to share second post for series, “Blogging tips and tricks that actually works”. 

In this post, I will talk about one of the most commonly used jargon “Influencer marketing”. This is one of the most common term that is used frequently in blogging and social media world.  

For new bloggers, it might be somewhat confusing. So, in this post, I am sharing different aspects of influencer marketing. What is influencer marketing? How it works for brands and influencers? Read the post to know more! 

What is Influencer marketing? 

As per Wikipedia, “Influencers marketing is a form of social medial marketing that involving endorsements and product placements from influencers, people and organizations who have a purported expert level of knowledge or social media influence in their field”. 

In simple words, influencer marketing is a form of collaboration between a brand and an influencer for promoting their products, services or campaigns. A person who have a large number of dedicated following on different social media platforms is called an influencer. Influencers have a capability to influence buying choices or service selection of their followers or audience because of a higher level of trust and in-built relationship. Brands used this power to promote their business with the help of influencer marketing.  

What is difference between bloggers and Influencers? 

This one is another common question or confusion that most new bloggers have. Though bloggers and influencers both have so many similarities but there are some differences too. A blogger is a person who have his own website. He/she creates quality content as per their niche and share this through blog. Most of the bloggers uses different social media platforms to promote their content. But it is not necessary that they have a huge following on social media platforms.  

While influencers are people who have large media following on different social media platforms. They may have or may not have a blog. Their stong social media presence is their big assets and they use this power to promote different services or products through their platforms. Many influencers have their website too, for building trust and increasing credibility among their audience.   

In short, a blogger is not necessarily an influencer but can become an influencer. In same way, an influencer does not necessarily to have a blog or website but he can have too.  

Why Influencer marketing is latest trend? 

In last few years, influencer marketing has grown from strength to strength. According to a recent survey, 34% of daily Instagram users buy something because they got this recommendation from their favorite influencers.  

With the increasing power of digital medium, people more trust on real life people, instead of direct marketing. Businesses understand this mentality so well and spend a good amount of money on influencer marketing for promoting their products or services.  

Do you know, in USA and UK, almost half of marketer spend at least 10% of their marketing budget on influencer marketing. With the changing time, influencer marketing industry has grown significantly and had become an integral part of marketers and businesses.  

How it work for brands? 

As I had mentioned before, influencer marketing offers various benefits to brands such as they get a chance to share their product or services to wider audience, and can drive sales or increase lead for their businesses. As a process, brands often create campaigns, either individually or with the help of influencer agencies and select suitable influencers as per their niche and requirements. The promotion campaigns have different strategies for influencers like creating a sponsored post, or make a review video or being a part of a launch event. All these activities have a sole aim to promote the brand and influencers get paid or get free products by doing that. 

How it work for Influencers? 

Influencer marketing is one of the best ways to monetize influencer power for influencer. By using this, influencers can earn a decent amount of money and can get established themselves as a recognized name in their related niche.  

But getting sponsored opportunities is not as easy as seems. And influencers need to work hard on for creating content and building a large number of following that trust their recommendation.  

Luckily, blogging and social media platforms offers huge opportunity for different kind of niche. Art, craft, music, all types of artists can use power of digital medium to sell their art or craft work, or showcase their talent in front of world.  Check out this post to get inspiration about how 48 genius artists use their blogs to promote their art work.  

What channels can be used for Influencer marketing? 

Though most of the social media channels and blog get used for influencer marketing. While some are more popular than others. According to 2019 marketing survey, Instagram is considered as number one platform for influencer marketing which is used by 89% of marketers. With a massive growth of 1 billion users, Instagram has become top most priority of marketers to promote their products or services. Instagram is an amazing visually appealing platform that offers so many great features such as (Instagram feed post and Instagram stories) that influencers can used to create high quality, visually appealing content for their audience. 

Next to Instagram, YouTube comes second in list and used by 70% of marketers. YouTube is more, about long videos that involves different kind of how-to and tutorial videos. Video reviews and demonstration video posts are two most common form of content that work best for influencer marketing. 

Apart from these two, blogs are next important medium that used for more detailed and long form content. Creators can create detailed review or explanation post for promoting or reviewing different products and services. 

Additionally, Facebook, twitter and snap chat also have their scope and can be used as effective social medial channels for influencer marketing.  

I know, influencer marketing is a vast topic and it cannot be explained in one blog post. still, I had tried to explained some aspect of this topic, in this post. Hoping it will help you in getting an insight about influencer marketing. 

What are your thoughts? Please share.  


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