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5 Effective tips to complete MyFriendAlexa challenge successfully!

Tips for MyFriendAlexa challenge
Tips to complete MyFriendAlexa challenge

MyFriendalexa blogging challenge is talk of the town in blogging industry nowadays. It is hottest buzz all across the web. bloggers are busy in keeping themselves prepared for this one-month long awesome blogging campaign.  

This is my third participation for MyfriendAlexa blogging challenge and I am nervously excited to being a part of this once again.  

Though MyFriendAlexa brings lots of excitement and enthusiasm for all bloggers (seasoned and new), but for new bloggers, it may feel little overwhelming.  

So, in this post I am sharing some easy tips that will help you in successful participation in your first ever Alexa campaign. Hoping you will find this helpful. 

Five effective tips to complete #MyFriendalexa campaign successfully 

Tips for MyFriendAlexa challenge
MyFriendAlexa challenge

Check and update your website if needed 

Yes, first and most important thing. This one month is really special for your website. During this one month, you will get lots of traffic through MyFriendAlexa reading list. And many new readers will visit your blog. It is very important to have a smooth functioning website for good reader experience.  here are few things that you can check easily.  

  • Pay attention on unnecessary pop-ups or chat windows or plugins, or any other technical things that may affect your website’s speed or reader experience.  
  • Also, check your social media sharing buttons configuration. It should have easy accessibility and functionality.  
  • Embed your twitter handle, in your twitter sharing button (if you had not done already).  
  • Try to avoid new experiments in term of plugins or other technical things.  
  • Make sure your website has a fully responsive design, easily navigated menu, updated contact information.  

In short, once visit your website, as a reader or visitor perspective and analyze everything, how it is looking? And how it is working? Smooth functioning and visually appealing websites or blogs, always go ahead in the race and people remember them even after the Alexa challenge overs.  

Selecting a theme for MyFriendAlexa campaign 

For this campaign, you have to write 8 posts. And you can write it as a theme or without theme. Personally, I will highly recommended to have a theme for your 8 posts. Having a theme offers lots of benefits. It makes your content creation easier and also give a strong impact on readers too.  

But try to select only those topics as theme that you are enough confident to write or have a sort of expertise, otherwise it may go against too.  

Pre-plan your content for MyFriendAlexa

After deciding a theme (if you are having one), the next step is pre-plan your content. It is always advisable to write or at-least prepare rough draft of your posts, in advance. This pre-planning works great in avoiding end moment tension of writing and editing posts. With this pre-planning, you will get ample of time to read and explore other blogs. If you want, you can pre-plan your graphics and blog images too. Having everything ready and organized reduce your anxiety and you will have an overall enjoyable experience with it.  

Keep your reading and writing hashtag ready 

For this campaign, you need to use two hashtags. One for writing and other for reading, commenting and sharing. Blogchatter team use these hashtags for keeping a check on your proper participation. These hashtags also help in spreading words about your theme and you can use them to promote your content and getting more attention from readers.  

Choosing a hashtag is a creative process and you can have different approach for selecting one for yourselves. 

Such as You can try more creative options and use any that speak more about your theme or resonate with your brand.  

Or you can keep it as simple and easy too.  

Here is an example: for my last MyFriendAlexa campaign, my theme was incredible homeopathy, so I had used #homeopathywithSurbhi.  

If you are not sure much about it, then simply use as #yournamewrites, and #yournamereads for writing and reading, like Surbhireads and Surbhiwrites 

Be ready for reading and meaningful commenting  

Yes! MyFriendAlexa is not only about writing or sharing your content. It puts equal emphasis on writing and reading. Reading involves many more important steps. Being a new blogger or first-time participants, it may feel little overwhelming to read and leave meaningful comments on 10 or more blogs per day. But this is the way how things work in blogging. And MyFriendAlexa helps you in being a pro in it.  

Personally, I believe writing a meaningful comment and making a connection through commenting is an art (I am still in a learning process). Your meaningful comment shows that you had read the post and you are appreciating other people’s work wholeheartedly. Also, with meaningful comments, you increase the chances of making a future connection with respective bloggers. At the end, it is all about making meaningful connection and supporting each other in their respective blogging journey.  


I want to end this post with a lighter note. would love to say one last thing as a conclusion,  

Consider #MyFriendAlexa is a blogging festival, and prepare for it like we prepare for celebrating our big festivals. Like for Diwali, we all do lots of preparation such as cleaning, decorating, food preparation . and then welcome our guests with good mood and enthusiasm. these all preparation give us an awesome feel at the end when everything goes according to plan. in same way for Alexa, prepare your blog with great content and then welcome readers with good interaction. At the end of this month, you will get loads of traffic, improve DA/PA and new readers as a gift.  

“MyFriendAlexa” is starting from 1 October. I am feeling super excited for my third participation. Check out this link, if you are interested in participating this campaign.  

So, this is all for now. Hoping you found these tips useful  

All the best to all participants.  

Stay tuned for #Themereveal post. Coming next! 

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