#MyFriendAlexa- What is Media kit? & how to design it?

What is Media kit? and how to design it?
What is Media kit and how to design it?

Happy Navratri everyone.  

May ma Durga removes all obstacles from your life and give you lots of success and happiness.  

At my place, we had a wonderful weekend with Navratri celebration at home. We had done a small pooja, enjoyed some homemade delicious food, girls had watched movies based on Navratri celebration theme. All and all a great weekend with loads of fun and enjoyment.  

Now, it is time to get back to work and share another post for #Bloggingforbeginners series.  

This is fifth post for #MyFriendAlexa. And I am excited to share another useful post related to blogging. In this post, I am talking about “Media Kit”? What is media kit? What are some important components of media kit? What are the benefits of having a media kit? Read the post to know more! 

What is Media kit?  

what is Media kit and how to design it?

Media kit basically is a single document that contains all important information regarding your brand, business or blog. Traditionally, media kit or press kit had been used at events or new launches as a package of information for journalists and writers to help them write their story.  But later on, it had become an integral part of blogging and influencing world too.  

As per Wikipedia definition, “Media kit is a pre-packaged set of promotional materials that provide information about a person, company, organization or cause and which is distributed to members of the media for promotional use”.  

What are important components of Media kit?  

A well-designed media kit typically includes: 

  • A short bio 
  • Blog statistics 
  • About the blog/company information 
  • Images  
  • Social media reach/stats 
  • Services offered  
  • Contact details  
  • Past achievements/testimonials (optional) 

Now let’s get into it one by one.  

A short bio 

This is the first essential part of media kit. With the “Short bio” section, you can write a concise, crisp, and relevant bio about yourself. This is the first place to impress brands or other related associates by expressing about yourself efficiently. Writing a unique and impressive bio is an art and many people had mastered this. Look at this example.  

Media kit template
Media kit template

Read this post to know some great tips about how to write a short bio effectively? 

Blog statistics  

This is second important part of great media kit. Your main channel (blog or YouTube) is your main strength and brands want to know your reach (that includes traffic, page views, unique visitors per month etc.) before making a collaboration with you. It is very important to collect all these data properly and fill out these details in blog statistics section of your media kit.  

About blog 

This is a third important component of a media kit. This section is again a vital aspect that allows you to share more about your blog. Here you can share more about your niche and type of content that you share through your blog. You can also add USP of your blog along with posting frequency per week.  information in this section will give an idea to brands weather you are a fit or right choice for promoting their products or services or not?  

Social media reach and stats 

This one in next important aspect of media kit. Brands want to know your social media reach and stats before making any collaboration. They want to get an idea about how well your posts and content performed all across the different social media channels (twitter, Facebook, Instagram, snapchat etc.). In this section, you can mention detailing about your social media reach. You can add number of followers and engagement rate for different social media channels to create a professional impact on brands.  


This one is next important aspect of your media kit. You can create some incredible impact by using beautiful images wisely. Apart from using your own images (as headshot), you can use screenshots of your website’s key page or images of your products and services. Images add authenticity to your Media kit and at the same time helps in creating a personal connection too. Always try to use high resolution, clear images that add value to your blog resume.  

Services offered 

This section allows you to share your expertise/services with brands. You can list all different service options that you provide through your blog and social media channels. Here are some common examples: 

  • Product reviews 
  • Content creation  
  • Sponsored posts 
  • Advertising opportunities etc. 

With this listing brands get an idea about how they can work with you.  

Contact information 

This is last and most important aspect of good media kit. Here, you need to add contact information (email id) properly, so brands can contact you easily, if they think you are a great fit for their next campaign.  

How to design a great quality media kit?  

With the availability of awesome graphic design tools (like Canva), you can make your awesome media kit in less than 1 hour. Most of these graphic design tools are free to use. They offer a wide variety of ready-made templates. You can use anyone and by routine drag-drop method, you can design your own media kit.  

For new bloggers, here I am sharing step by step methods to make a beautiful media kit.  

  • Sign up/log in to your Canva account. 
  • Select “design a media kit” option 
  • Explore different ready-made templates (here you can get both free as well as paid options for templates. You can get access to premium templates after buying Canva pro version)  
  • After selecting template, start editing by drag and drop method. Add your own images, blog and social media details, service offered and contact information. After completing all editing, download your media kit like routine way.  
  • Your awesome media kit is ready to use .

Here is a good template from Canva to get some inspiration.

Media kit template from Canva
Media kit template from Canva

What are different ways to use media kit for your blog?  

Here are different ways to use Media kit for your blog.  

  • You can place this on your website as “advertising or PR or media page” on your blog. With this brands and visitors will get an idea about your more about your reach and services.  
  • As next option, you can create a downloaded PDF version and can send a link of it to brands when you pitch for collaboration or when they ask you about your media kit.  
  • Third, you can use this an attachment to share with brands along with your pitch.  

What are some awesome benefits of “Media kit”? 

Here are some amazing benefits of having a well-designed “Media kit”. 

  • Media kit is a kind of your CV or online portfolio to share all-important information (related to your blog) with brands. It helps in creating a professional impact for your blog and social media. If you are serious about your work and want to create a strong professional impact, then Media kit always helps in representing you and your brand efficiently.  
  • It helps in stand out among the over-competitive field of blogging and influencing. Whether a brand approaches you for a special project and ask for more details or you are pitching to different reputed brands for collaboration purpose, media kit always make you stand out in the competitive field of influencer marketing.  
  • Media kit also eases your tension and anxiety of presenting yourself with professionalism. With one-time effort, you all set to send your everyday pitches to various brands for collaboration and other purposes.  


As a conclusion, I would say, “We lived-in high-tech , fast pacing world, where no one have spare time to read and explore scattered information. Brands and businesses received hundreds of mails and pitches every day in their mail box for collaboration purpose. If we want to get their attention fast and in organized manner, then having a well-designed Media kit always work great. Media kit is a single form solution for adding an excellent professional touch to your pitches and collaboration quarries”.  

did you had designed your media kit before? What was your experience with it? Please share with me.  

Stay tuned for next post, will share another exciting and informative topic with next post.  

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