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#BlogchatterA2Z- “Handvo”- An Amazing Gujrati Recipe for Busy Weekdays!

Hi, all 

It is week 2 of #BlogchatterA2Z and As “H”, I am excited to share another healthy and tasty recipe. 

As I had mentioned before that you will learn so many Gujrati dishes with this series, so here I am back with another Gujrati dish.  

The name of recipe is handvo or handva that is healthy, tasty and highly nutritious.  

What is Handvo? 

Handvo- An Authentic Gujrati Dish

Handvo is basically a traditional Gujrati dish that can also be called as “rice and lentil savory cake”. It is made by mixing rice, mixed pulses and grated vegetables ( like bottle gourd, carrot or potato) 

It is a perfect one pot meal and you can enjoy this even as a left-over recipe too. In fact, hanvo taste better next day. Additionally, it is also a great option for kids lunch box.  


  • Rice 1 cup 
  • Toor or Arhar dal ½ cup 
  • Chana dal 1 tablespoon 
  • Urad dal 1 tablespoon 
  • Moong dal 1 tablespoon 
  • Bottle guard ½ grated 
  • Curd ½ cup 
  • Green chilly ginger paste 1-2 teaspoon 
  • Soda bia carb ½ teaspoon 
  • Oil and mustard seeds, hing, curry leaves, sesame seeds for tempering 
  • Dry spices (red chili powder. Turmeric powder) as per taste 
  • Salt, sugar as per taste 


  • First let’s begin with preparing hando flour. Either you can use readymade hando flour or you can make it at home from scratch. Here is the post to know more about how to make handvo flour at home.  
  • First take rice and pulses in a large vessel, wash them properly and soak them for few hours by pouring clean water. 
  • Now, grind this mixture in a grinder by adding little water. You can add I teaspoon of fenugreek seed while grinding. Fenugreek seed helps in making a smooth mixture. 
  • When your mixture gets grinded properly, cover this with lid and put on a dry cool place for fermentation. Usually overnight fermentation is good enough but time duration may change as per weather conditions. (it takes a long time in winter and less time in summer) 
  • After proper fermentation, remove the lid and start adding other things to handvo batter. 
  • First add grated bottle guard. You can add other vegetables of your choice too, like carrot, peas but bottle guard is most important among them. It gives a proper softness to your handvo, so never skip this ingredient.  
  • Next step, add curd (avoid using sour curd, otherwise your handvo will taste sour), and green chilly ginger paste. Also, add other dry spices like red chili powder, turmeric powder. 
  • Now, prepare tempering. Heat the oil in small kadhai and add dry red chilies, mustard seeds, and hing. 
  • Pour this tadka on hando better. 
  • With this step your handvo batter is ready to bake. Now, you can use different ways to bake it. Like use of handvo cooker, large pan, or oven. 

Here I am sharing two ways to make it.  

First handa making by using a large pan 

This one is the simplest way to make handvo. 

  •  First grease the pan with little oil and heat it. After heating, add sesame seed, now add handvo batter. And cover this with a lid. 
  • The turning time is depending upon the thickness of handvo. If you had poured large amount of hanvo batter, then it will take more time and vice versa. 
  • When it turns into golden brown and crispy in consistency, flip it, add little oil on other side if needed. And again, cover the lid. And allow this to roast from the other side. 
  • When it gets roasted from other side as golden brown, turn off the gas and take out your handvo in a plate. 
  • Your tasty and healthy handvo is ready to eat. Serve this with green chutney, or tomato catch up. You can serve any healthy soup along with this, to make a perfect and filling meal. 

Second method handvo making by using handvo cooker 

Handva cooker is a special cooker that is used for making only handva. The lower part of cooker filled with sand and the upper part has a tray that is used for baking handvo. 

  • First, you need to pre heat the handvo cooker for 5 minutes. Now, grease the upper tray of cooker with little oil, and pour the hanvo batter evenly on this. After pouring batter, spread tempering (sesame seeds, oil, hing and curry leaves) evenly on the batter. Next, close the lids. As another method, you can add temering directly to batter. And after pouring batter, you just need to sprinkle sesame seeds on it. 
  • It usually takes 25-30 minutes to bake handvo. You can check it by inserting a knife to handvo. If nothing sticks to knife, it indicates handvo is cooked properly. 


  • When you prepare hando batter at home by mixing pulses and rice, you can change the proportion of pulses ( little bit) as per your taste and availability.  
  • You can add other veggies of your choice ( like carrot, peas or potato) to handvo batter. But as per my experience, it taste best with bottle gourd. 
  • You can bake handvo by in oven too. Read this post to know more, how to bake handvo in oven

Hope you had liked this recipe. So, this is all for now. 

Will share another healthy and exciting recipe in the next post. 

Stay tuned! 

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