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#BlogchatterA2Z “F”- 5 Five Minutes Crafts for Kids!

It is day 6 of BlogchatterA2Z, and I am excited to share another post that most of the kids will enjoy a lot and will have loads of fun with spark of creativity.

In this post, I am sharing 5 super easy crafts that can be done within 5 minutes. Personally, I loved quick and easy (5 Minutes) crafts because of various reasons:

  • First during routine hectic life schedule, we all have lesser amount of time. So quick crafts can fit smoothly in our otherwise over busy schedule.
  • Second kids have shorter duration of attention span, so it is better to plan quick craft activities that they enjoy with fun and creativity.

Before sharing some easy and quick 5 minute crafts, I want to summarise benefits of crafting.

There are various benefits of crafting for kids:

Develop higher thinking ability– childhood is fundamental phase of life. Crafting is a wonderful and easy process to develop thinking ability at higher level.

Fine motor skills– crafting accelerate the development of muscles in hands and fingers (in colouring, paint brushing) and thus improve fine motor skills esp. in pre-schooler. They can learn colour, number and shape recognition also.

Boredom buster– crafting is a great boredom buster. It is an amazing tool to keep them engage and entertain. Rainy, snowy or hot way crafting is a unique solution to spend time.

Stress reliever– nowadays anxiety disorder, depression and other psychosomatic disorders are common in kids. Crafting works as a great stress reliever for kids. Some scientific study suggested that sick peoples who engage themselves in creative activities require less medication for pain.

Foundation for future– a child who enjoys clay moulding may become a successful potter or a girl who loves make costume for her doll may become a renowned fashion designer in future.

Here are some tips to encourage crafting in kids:

  •  Do not wait for summer– to do crafting or other hobby activities. Plan a “weekend or monthly project” to introduce simple methods of crafting. Recycling is best tool for that.
  • Play date with friend– organise a crafting competition or group crafting with other friend to encourage them for good work.
  • Reward and praise – when they take interest and complete a project praise them for motivation.

Here are 5 easy 5 minute crafts for kids, I am sure they will love it.

Doraemon photo frame

Kids love cartoons. It is good idea to incorporate kid’s favourite stuffs in creative activities. So I had thought why not make a Doraemon photo frame?

Material needed– plain paper, piece of card board, pencil, crayons, glue, Popsicle sticks, colours and photo graph of your child.

  • Method- First Draw all Doraemon characters on paper and colour it, then cut it with scissor and make a cut out. (We had selected Doraemon; you can choose any other cartoon character too)
  • Then make a simple photo frame with card board and Popsicle sticks (colour or decorate Popsicle stick for better presentation) then stick your child’s photographs and attach all cut outs on four side of frame. A super easy and elegant photo frame is ready.

Variation– you may use foam sheet for base. Shells, stones and stickers are other option for decoration.

2. Bulletin and message board

Bulletin boards are a good source to put all important messages. It is also helpful in developing organisational skills in kids at early age.

Material needed

  • cardboard,
  • piece of cloth
  •  Decorative material.


  • cut the require piece of cardboard with craft knife.-
  • Cover it with a piece of cloth (we had used a red colour muslin cloth for bright look) cover it properly with tape or pins.
  • Decorate it with stones, lace etc. an easy message board is ready for your all important message.

3. Time capsule

 It is a Chinese craft. They collect their all good memories in decorated Mason jar whole year and then read it on New Year eve to feel the goodness and positivity of past year.  I had thought to use this basic concept in next craft.

Material needed

  • Mason jar,
  • Decorative material and slip of paper.


 Decorates the jar according to your choice with available at home craft supplies.  Explain all family members that whenever they had a good experience (get good marks in exam, a promotion in job) they need to write it on a piece of paper and then put this slips in jar. Read it on New Year celebration and have lots of fun.

4. Paper collages

 This is simplest way to recycle old magazines, clothes and different card.

Material needed

  • cardboard or drawing sheet,
  • Old magazine, clothes, cards…options are endless. Just explore your imagination.


 First selects a theme. We had selected “Food” theme. Then collect pictures of all kinds of food from old magazines. Even you can draw and colour it on a piece of paper and cut it to make a cut out. Then glue the all pictures on piece of card board to make a paper collage. Kids will have lots of fun and creativity. While making this craft, you can talk with your kids about importance of eating a healthy and nutritious diet.

Variation– it is the art were we can use tons of theme and materials. Like:

  • Fabric collage
  • Vegetable collage
  • Old cards collage
  • Cotton boll collage
  • Shape collage
  • Animal collage

5. Personalized photo frame gift

Material needed

  • Old tile
  • Family photographs
  • Decorative material (stone, decorative paper)
  • Glue


We had done this activity without any seriuos planning and had loads of fun while making this personalized photo frame. The method is very simple and end result is so fantastic.

  • I had an old tile available at home, so we had used this as a base. You can use cardboard or any other things too, as a base.
  • Now stick some decorative lace at corners to make it beautiful.
  • Now arrange family photos in an attractive manner.
  • Decorate with stones, stickers or with other available at home decorative supplies.
  • Your personalized photo frame is ready and you can use it as a great gift option too.

So these are some creative ideas for creating easy 5 minute crafts.

Did you like it? How you keep your kids creatively engaged, please let me know!

 Until then happy crafting!

This post is a part of #BlogchatterA2Z challenge hosted by Blogchatter.

My theme for challenge is “Creative kids” and I am sharing 26 easy art, craft, DIY activities during this month, so stay tuned!

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