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#BlogchatterA2Z- “G” Group activities to promote intellectual development in kids!

Yay! It’s beginning of second week of #BlogchatterA2Z, and I am all set to share some easy and interesting activities for kids during this week too!

Today’s post will be little different and in this post, I will share some group activities for kids. These activities can be plan among family members or in group of kids.

Group activities have various advantages for kids, such as

  • Kids develop leadership quality and learn importance of team work
  • It will help kids to understand to learn the different ways of doing same task or project
  • Kids develop critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  • Mutual agreements and team spirit
  • And when we done this as a family, we can teach kids importance of all these great qualities
  • Can spend great quality time together
  • And at the end, can have loads of fun with creativity.

 Group activities to promote intellectual development in kids

 Here I am sharing some simple activities and projects that will encourage the intellectual development in kids. Hoping you would like it.

A- Organize a family interview

organize a family interview event is a wonderful idea for developing communication skill and confidence building. By this way, kids will remove the fear of public speaking.
Method: Explain to your child that he will be the anchor of this event. And he needs to prepare some interview questions about any family member. (Father or grandfather). After proper preparation organizes a family night and conducts the whole event with good mood and positivity.
I am sure your kid and all family members will be excited about that event. You may shoot a video of this family night for extra fun. This activity can be a plan among a group of kids with little variations. Kids will enjoy this for sure and learn new things in fun (and interesting) way.

B- Complete the story game

It is another interesting activity to enhance imagination power in kids. It may be done among family members or in group of kids. I often play this game with my girls before sleep time and we always had so much fun. This activity is a great boredom buster and kids loved it so much.
Method- One person will start a narration of a story, but only one line. Than second person will say second line and so on—- by this way with the help of all members a new and interesting story will form. This activity will explore imagination and thinking process in kids.

C- Organize a family seminar

organize a family seminar with a specific theme is a wonderful way to develop confidence and stage presence in kids.
Method- selects a theme like my favourite animal or fruit for smaller kids and my favourite leader or sport for an older kid. Ask your child to prepare a speech on that topic. They may use flash cards to make this activity interesting. On event evening one person will be an anchor, another one will be a judge. Encourage your child to speak confidently on their subject. Help them if they forgot and reward them for good performance.

D- Extempore

It is a classic competition that usually organized in schools and college; why not try this at home? Put slips on different subject in a bowl. Ask kids to pick slips one by one and tell them to speak spontaneously on that subject. It is an amazing activity for decision making and thought process.

E. One minute competition

The basic concept of this classic show can be used as a great group family or kids activity. You can plan different exciting challenges that can be performed between two or more participants. With this activity kids will loads of fun and enjoy their time so much.

F- Plan a talent show (music, dance, art, craft or any other talent)

This activity could be organized during vacation time. Kids can prepare ahead and show their different talent or skills. I am sure with this event all family (or kids) will have great time together. You can plan some exciting gifts and food options too, to make the evening more fun.

G- Festival celebration in creative style

India is land of festivals. And we had so many auspicious festivals to celebrate and embrace our Indian culture. Festival celebration is a great opportunity to spend some quality time together. With some creative touch, we can teach our kids importance of festival celebration. We can plan some festival theme crafts, festival foods or home décor with kids as a family activity. I am sure with these activities kids will get closer to our roots and learn a lot too.

So these are some examples of some group family activities. Which one you like most? Please share!

This post is a part of #BlogchatterA2Z hosted by blog chatter. My theme of challenge is “Creative kids”; stay tuned to learn more exciting and creative activities during the month of April!

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