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#BlogchatterA2Z, “K”- Knock out Cardboard Crafts for kids with Recycling fun!

It is week 2 of #BlogchhaterA2Z, and in this post, I am talking about an important topic “Recycling”. Recycling is not only a subject of importance for kids, but possesses an uttermost importance for our environment as well. Unfortunately, the greatest threat to our environment is the belief that someone else will save it. We are living on this planet and it is our responsibility to save and protect it. No one can do everything but everyone can do something.

There is no such thing as “away”. When we throw anything away it must go somewhere. And recycling is perfect solution for that. Personally recycling crafts are my favourite. It is a good idea to convert a trash in to treasure. It is a great pleasuring moment when we made a beautiful art or craft piece from a waste can, bottle or cardboard. There are several benefits of recycling, such as:

  • Save the environment– when we recycle any waste product, we are saving our environment and help in making an eco-friendly and clean environment for future.
  • Save the money– it can be a great fun sometime when we purchase crafting material and make new things, but I think using a waste product and convert them in masterpiece will be more pleasuring and satisfying experience.
  • Save the energy– recycling is also a good way to save energy. When we recycle things, we are using them more than once. Glass jars, aluminium cans and newspaper are good example for that.
  • Raise creativity and imagination power– it is a great tool for increase creativity and imagination power in kids. They will learn an amazing technique for using waste products and at the same time they will save the environment also.

Here are some handy tips to encourage kids for recycling:

  1. Proper explanation– explain them importance of recycling. When they will understood that how recycling is useful for us and for our environment. They will definitely take interest in it.
  2. Select a theme or material each month– for ex. Cardboard, waste bottles, glass jars or old jeans. Then try to surf or collect all possible methods to recycle it. You can also make a journal for record keeping and then make each project (weekly or monthly basis). This habit will enhance their interest in recycling and they will get clue that how we can make a beautiful and creative piece from a waste product.
  3. Family trash selection method– whenever you throw trash, take the help of kids time to time and keep a container to put all those things, that can be recycled. This method will also promote adaptation of recycling in them.
  4. Shop smartly– shopping of eco- friendly items and other simple habits (like use of recyclable bags, purchase a big container of certain things instead of smaller) are also useful.

Although there are plenty of items that can be recycled in creative way, but this time we picked a cardboard theme. I think cardboard is most versatile product that can be convert in different beautiful piece. One more good thing is about cardboard is that there are various options in it like shoe box, cereal box or packaging cardboard. All have different shape and texture, so we get lots of variety and options while crafting.

Here I am sharing some simple and easy crafts from cardboard:

Cardboard portrait

kids love drawing and painting, but every time use a canvas for that is an expensive idea. So why not use aardboard as a canvas and create a masterpiece with elegance?

Material needed– piece of cardboard (in desired shape), cut stripes of cardboard for frame, colour pencils and scissor or craft knife.

Method– Draw and colour your portrait on cardboard on any theme. We had selected a nature scene. Put cardboard framing for better look and presentation. Your cardboard portrait is ready. Kids will have fun while doing that.

Cute cardboard cut outs

Material needed– as listed above.

Method- draw an object (animal, fruit, fairy, mermaid option are endless) colour it and cut it with craft knife to make a cute cut out. We had made a mermaid cut out. Choice is yours, explore your imagination and make different cut out for fun.

Cardboard display art

cardboard can be used as a great medium to display other art or photos.

Material needed– cardboard piece, construction paper, colours, family photos or pictures cut from old magazines.

Method– draws and colour anything on construction paper, cut it and glue it on cardboard for display. Even you can use family photo or photos from old magazine to make a photo collage. Simple and elegant cardboard display art is ready.

So these are my little step to recycle a waste product and teach the kids about recycling. Which one is your favourite? Do not forget to share. Until then happy recycling!

This post is a part of #BlogchatterA2Z hosted by Blogchatter. my theme for challenge is “Creative kids”, stay tuned to learn more exciting and creative activities for kids, during the month of april.



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