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#BlogchatterA2Z- “C”- Cotton ball Crafts for kids!

Its day 3 of #BlogchatterA2Z and I am so excited to share different art, craft activities each day with this series.

And when I had thought, what can we do with alphabet “C”. The first crafting material that came in my mind that begins with “C” is “Cotton ball”.

Personally cotton ball is one of my favourite crafting supplies. And here are few reasons why I liked it so much.

  • It is easily available and I am sure every household have it already.
  • Inexpensive
  • You can do wide range of variations and can create lots of fun crafts with this.
  • Along with pre-schooler older kids also can enjoyed cotton ball crafts.

So here I am sharing few easy cotton ball crafts for kids. We had loads of fun while doing it. Hoping you would also like it.

Cotton ball crafts for kids

 Cotton ball ice-cream

Kids love ice-cream and kids love colours and cotton ball. It will be a great idea to incorporate their all favourite things together. They will have a kind of delicious fun, that wouldn’t ruin their dinner. So for making a cotton ball ice-cream,

  • First take a plain paper and colour it with crayon or paint and make a cut out of ice cream cone
  • Glue cotton for scoop of ice cream
  • Put the drop of colours on cotton ball for natural look
  • You may use pom-pom for decoration. Yummy delicious ice-cream is ready to enjoy.

Cotton ball sheep

My little D is very excited and loves to do a large part of crafting “by her selves”. So for her, we had selected “cotton ball sheep craft”. It is a perfect fun craft for young children, because they will enjoy combining cotton balls with glue and adding googly eyes will be an extra fun. So for making this,

  • Make a sheep cut out from a thick white sheet.
  • Glue cotton balls on the body of sheep.
  • Glue the head, legs and tail separately.
  • Add googly eyes and draw nose and mouth. A beautiful sheep craft is ready.

Cotton ball Santa

Santa is a favourite of all kids. Kids love to wait for Santa and his kids. Making an easy Santa craft with cotton ball is really fun and when they will see the end result, they will have hours of fun with this simplest craft. For making this,

  • First make a cut out of Santa from construction. Do not forget to use red construction paper for hat.
  • Glue cotton balls on face. Add googly eyes and draw nose and mouth.
  • An amazing Santa craft is ready.

Cotton ball flower

Cotton balls are absolutely awesome and make some pretty flowers with them is a wonderful idea. For making it,

  • Draw some pretty flowers on drawing sheet.
  • Roll the cotton between palms, so that they look like a thread.
  • Place and glue them spirally on the petal of flowers.
  • Apply colours and glitter for decoration.
  • Pretty cotton flowers are ready.

We had lots of fun and creativity while doing “cotton ball crafts”. What is your favourite craft theme? Which craft do you like most? Please share with us. Until then happy crafting!

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