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#TheRealHealthTalk: Meet Dr. Amrita Basu- An exclusive interview with an incredible multi-tasker ( ENT Expert, Blogger, author, podcaster & Youtuber)

The Real health talk: An interview with Dr. Amrita Basu
The Real health Talk: Interview with Dr. Amrita Basu

Hi everyone. 

Excited to start a new series on blog since this week named “The Real health talk”.  

 The series will be an exclusive interview series with some renowned and leading health bloggers/nutritionist/ youtubers of the digital health and wellness industry.   
 Here are more details about the series.   

Name of series: The Real health talk  

Format- Short interview (written form)   

Purpose of series: I believe, adopting and following a healthy lifestyle consistently is a big challenge for many of us. We all need genuine support and an inspiring source of motivation to stay on track.  

There are few people in the digital health and wellness industry who are performing this job so wonderfully. They are the inspiration of millions of people who want to adopt and follow healthy lifestyle practices in their routine life. (Including me)  

I really appreciate their honest efforts in raising “health awareness” in our society. 

With this interview series, I would love to share their inspiring journey with you all. I am sure their thoughts and input will help us in stay motivated in this wellness journey. 

So, stay tuned for this inspiring interview series. I am sure, it will inspire to stay motivated and help in achieving your “wellness goals”. 


As a first guest, I am excited to invite Dr. Amrita Basu from on my blog. 

 Dr. Amrita Basu is an ENT surgeon with over fifteen years of clinical experience. Previously working as a teacher in a Government Medical College, she now has her own private practice. Dr. Amrita is sharing awareness about preventive healthcare, wellness, creativity, and entrepreneurship through her blog, books, and social media since 2014. Subscribe to her newsletter for information about health, wellness and creative entrepreneurship. 

Personally, I am following Dr. Amrita’s work since last 5 years. And she always impressed me with her authentic content in various forms (blogs, books, podcasts and videos). She is an amazing multi-tasker and keen in sharing informative content. One side, she shares research-based health-lifestyle content for audience that helps in spreading “health awareness”. Another side, her blog is an excellent resource for newbie bloggers and women entrepreneurs.  

I am so thrilled to have her on my blog. Read the post to know more about this “The Real health talk” conversation.  

Interview with Dr. Amrita Basu from  

The Real health Talk: an interview with Dr. Amrita Basu
The Real health Talk: An interview with Dr. Amrita Basu

Q.1 Tell us something about your personal and professional background? How and why did you decide to pursue a Career in ENT medicine? So far, how is your experience as an ENT expert?  

A.1 I am an ENT surgeon with more than 15 years of clinical experience. I chose ENT as a specialty because it gave me scope to practice microsurgery in a niche area that also involves essential sense organs. It allows for personalized patient care flexible hours, helping me take care of family and professional life with comfort. Quality of life in personal and professional space is crucial for me. I love being an ENT surgeon., it’s an opportunity to help people every day. 

Q.2 Please share the real reason & inspiration behind first starting a blog and later on a podcast & YouTube channel?  

A.2 The real reason I started writing and later a podcast and channel was I wanted to help moms live healthy with my medical knowledge, professional experience and also share what I learned online making money. That is always the reason I create: to help. 

Q.3 Personally, I am a big fan of your multitasking capabilities. Apart from being an ENT specialist, you also handled a blog, podcast channel and YouTube channel successfully. In a timely manner, you also published amazing and informative eBooks. Tell us something about behind the scene action about this multitasking and please share some time-management tips for my readers to be better at multitasking.  

A.3 I write a lot on my phone on the Evernote app, whenever inspiration strikes. I don’t like negativity and actively avoid situations and people who create unpleasantness. That helps me learn, grow and have a group of friends around me who like doing the same. I create daily as a part of my schedule to feel better. I still need to get better with scheduling things, but creation needs to be stress-free for me. This is a simple guide for productivity as a writer

Q.4 This is the beginning of the new year, and everyone is committed to making “new fitness and wellness goals” for the new year. What is one strong piece of advice you will offer as a health expert that will help my readers to stay on track and achieve their “health and fitness goals” in the year 2022?  

A.4 One strong piece of advice is -Health is wealth. Take good care of your health, if you want a happy life. Listen to this podcast for my 21 Healthy Habits Which Help Me Daily, or read it here.  

Q. 5 Nowadays our life is highly influenced by social media and digital technology. By following the trend, people admire and follow their “online wellness gurus” religiously and take their advice seriously. As an ENT surgeon & a leading lifestyle blogger, what are your thoughts on it? How do you feel this trend (following wellness gurus online) affecting or improving the wellbeing of normal people?  

A.5 If you are taking health or money advice online that affects you directly, it’s always best to check the source’s credentials. Trends come and go; people will like one channel more than the other. But always consult a professional before applying the advice, because it’s your health and your life. Too many experiments will cause irreparable harm. 

Q.6 Please share some tips/ or advice for all aspiring health bloggers/Youtuber/podcasters who want to succeed in this ever-competitive field?  

A.6 It’s a critical category in terms of making a difference in life. The legal side of giving health advice in your country needs to be carefully followed. Having academic knowledge as well as professional experience helps. Sharing “this is what I did is great” but requires a disclaimer. 

Q.7 What is your favorite mantra or quote that inspires you every day for working hard with firm dedication and constant motivation?  

A.7 My favorite quote is “I can”. Being grateful for everything I have helps me feel blessed and is a constant motivation for doing more. 


I had a great learning experience with this interview. Thank you so much to Dr. Amrita for taking out time and being a part of this initiative.

What are your thoughts? Please share with me! 

If you are a health/wellness blogger/Youtuber/ nutritionist/health book author/ digital content creator in health and wellness industry with some inspiring works to share on, then I would love to feature you in this series.  

Drop a mail at ritu, with your details (blog/book/YouTube channel link with recognized work details) 

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