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# TheRealhealthTalk: Meet Priyanka Joshi- India’s leading Mental health awareness blogger, published author & podcaster!

#TheRealHealthTalk: An exclusive interview with Priyanka Joshi
#TheRealHealthTalk: An exclusive interview with Priyanka Joshi

Hi everyone,     

Excited to share last interview post for series, “The Real health Talk”. The series is an exclusive interview series with some renowned and leading health bloggers/nutritionist/ youtubers of the digital health and wellness industry.       

Thank you so much to all of you for appreciating my efforts. I am so glad you liked the series.    

In Today’s post, I am excited to welcome Priyanka Joshi to my blog.    

Priyanka is An NLP practitioner, content Creator, published Author, Translator, podcaster ,Vlogger and Poetess. She is Advocating Mental health since 2016. She is Among the top 15 Mental Health Bloggers, read in 60 Countries. 

She strongly believes in live a life with passion and purpose. In her own words,” I live with the purpose to work on myself every day. Through my pen and my voice, I share the best ways we can help ourselves by owing what we already have within us. I am just a reminder to help you forge your path and unlock your full potential.” 

Presently, she is pursuing a second master’s degree in Digital Marketing from the University of Dundee, United Kingdom.  

Here is her incredible achievements as a blogger and an author:  
She is Founder of Sanity Daily, a mental health portal – Listed as one of the top mental health blogs by Feedspot. 

Author of “26 days 26 ways for a happier you” is available for free download at Sanity Daily homepage. 

“Ardhaviram” and “Broken & Beautiful” are available for sale at Amazon India and Kindle edition. 

She is Featured among the top bloggers on multiple platforms and at esteemed platforms like SHEROES, YourStory, Women’s Web, Different truths, Eat My News, Sharing Stories, Humans of Community, People of India, Desh Ka Gourav, Humans of Community, Health Heroes of Bombay and Youth ki Awaaz. And  

Awarded with “Best Debut Author Award”, 2019 

Awarded with “Humanitarian Award” by I Can Foundation in 2020. 

Awarded with: Mental health blogger of the year award,2021. INMO 

Awarded as the “Bhartiya Youth Icon 2021” 

Awarded as “Mompreneur 2022”, by IMWA 

Awarded “Nari Samman 2022”, Literoma  

Visit her Blog and social media platforms to know more about her.  




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Personally, I am a big fan of Priyanka’s multi-tasking capabilities.  She always impressed me with her various mental health awareness initiatives.  Her journey is truly inspirational. I am so thrilled to have her on my blog.   

Read the post to know about this “The Real health Talk” conversation. 

Interview with Priyanka Joshi, India’s leading mental health awareness blogger, published author & podcaster!

#TheRealHealthTalk: An exclusive interview with Priyanka Joshi
#TheRealHealthTalk: An exclusive interview with Priyanka Joshi

Q. 1. Tell us something about your blogging journey? How does it get started? What was the real reason and inspiration behind starting blogging?  

A. 1 I started blogging in 2017, with my first open-diary blog “Virtual Siyahi” Writing was an escape for me. It helped me to deal with the treatment period of lymph node tubercular I had that time, and also, my marriage was taking the last breaths, I needed a getaway and writing became my therapy. That was the time, I faced depression and anxiety for the first time, everything came at once, and I needed to survive, for my daughter, writing helped me to calm down and now I am addicted to writing. In 2019, I launched “Sanity Daily“. A fully researched and professional setup. With my personal learnings and life experience, I try my best to be resourceful and helpful to my readers. I write mostly on self-help and self-improvement measures we can take to help ourselves and be life-ready. 

Q. 2 You are an NLP practitioner, mental health blogger, digital content creator, published author, translator, podcaster, vlogger & poetess. Tell us something about your working experience in these different fields?   

A. 2 One thing just leads to another. I started as an amateur open diary blogger, later learned SEO, launched a professional set-up, then got the courage to publish my poetries, and simultaneously kept putting audio and video content on my YouTube and podcast channel. NLP came very recently when I realized that I need to have some expertise to be able to help people, with the increasing number of readers and work I started getting, I wanted to be useful. It is a lot to handle but I try to keep things very simple so that I don’t feel pressured. So yes, it all happened at once, but it happened for good, everything looks in sync now and all my channels and social media handles, talk about self-improvement ways and how we can own ourselves to own our life as a wholesome package. 

Q. 3. Personally, I am a big fan of your multitasking capabilities. Apart from being a mental health awareness blogger, you also handled a podcast and a YouTube channel successfully. In a timely manner, you also conduct various mental health awareness sessions. Tell us something about behind the scenes action of this multi-tasking and please share some time-management tips for my readers to be better at multitasking.    

A.3 Thank you so much, yes, it is a challenging task to multi-task and keeps things running. I am a single mom with a lot of responsibilities and I am too passionate about my work. So, I maintain this with a “Daily Planner” and I also plan my blog content well in advance. It helps me to prioritize the work I have in my hands. I get to know the free time I have in my hands and do things as per my schedule. I write down all the tasks in my hands and then prioritize them, I focus on the most important task and then I continue ahead. 

For my blogs and other things, I prioritize on the basis of sponsored/paid work then I schedule my blog with the weekly posts. I don’t take a lot of pressure if things don’t fall in place, some days I don’t even work at all and spend the entire day with my daughter. It helps me to bounce back with more motivation. I have learned to say no to things that are not at all productive or useful. Besides, my readers have been my biggest motivation to carry on in spite of all the struggles I face at my personal end. I feel if you are passionate about something, and if can find a purpose attached to it, that gives you enough motivation to stay focused and get going with it, isn’t it? 

Q. 4 You host various mental health awareness sessions (like stress management webinars, life-skills sessions) and also offer one to one personal counselling for mental health problems. Please share some insight about these sessions and webinars. How does it work? And what was your experience with this venture?   

A. 4 For the mental health session, I conduct with universities and colleges, I never charge. This is something I do as a social contribution, yes sometimes the organizations want to pay, which I accept but I never quote prices for mental health awareness sessions which gives me a sense of contentment. Many of my blog subscribers and readers email me asking to speak once, sometimes if the person sounds too disturbed, I do connect with them over a call. 

I have also installed a chat option on my blog page, where any reader can connect with me directly, and I make sure that I respond to them. It is always a beautiful experience connecting with people, and being able to help them just by listening to their problems and life challenges. I thank God every single day for giving me this superpower of empathy. People leave reviews and ratings on my google page, sometimes even on my Facebook page, they message me personally sharing how my particular blog post helped them to deal with a situation, and I find it so rewarding, I sleep peacefully, that is all I can say. I want to continue doing it. 

Q. 5 The pace of the modern lifestyle is chaotic and stressful. It affects our mental health adversely. As a mental health advocate, what are your thoughts on it? Please share some tips that can help us stay mentally healthy even with adverse outer situations.   

A.5 In today’s life, it is very important that we stay mindful. I have seen this one thing lacking in the majority of the population around. People are MindFULL, overloaded, overwhelmed, overexcited, everything is just beyond the desired levels. Constant comparison, social media anxiety, stress, job, work-life balance and a lot to process.  

I strongly insist people be mindful and live in the moment, I am not saying that we must not plan for the future, but to be able to face the future in a more resilient way we must protect our peace by protecting ourselves from unwanted overloaded things/people/tasks. We must learn to declutter and prioritize what is important and get rid of the excess baggage we carry all the time. Please unburden yourself from the toxicities of life and learn to draw boundaries, it will help you to stay healthy and at peace with yourselves. 

Q. 6 Please share some tips/ or advice for all aspiring health bloggers/Youtuber/podcasters who want to succeed in this over-competitive field?    

A. 6 If you are an aspiring blogger or a content creator, I just have one piece of advice for you, be authentic. 

Yes, you do not need to follow anyone, copy anyone’s style, worry about the followers or subscribers, but be ready to work hard, stay consistent and be real in this virtual world. It is a competitive field, but at the same time, millions of people are searching for some information every second, if you can provide them with the right information then your job is done. 

If you’re starting new, then focus on what someone will want to read, try to understand the search intent, user behavior, why would someone want to read this or not read this? Criticize your own content, review it and be better every single day. Be consistent, have a content plan ready and follow it religiously, follow your instincts and trust your path, you will surely be able to see results soon. 

Q.7 Nowadays our life is highly influenced by social media and digital technology. By following the trend, people admire and follow their “online wellness gurus” religiously and take their advice seriously.  As a leading mental health blogger, what are your thoughts on it? How do you feel this trend (following wellness gurus online) affecting or improving the wellbeing of normal people?     

A. 7 We as human have this nature of following someone, we always want to have an ideal, a mentor or a guru. Now with the advent of online gurus, it is very important that we pick our guru wisely. As a social media influencers, they have this huge role to play in influencing people’s mindsets. Honestly, I am an avid reader, I read Sadhguru, Gaur Gopal Das but I don’t follow any of them on social media.  

It is ok to put some filters, it is ok to not know everything and let life teach you a few things on the way with the flow. Sometimes it is an unnecessary overload of thoughts and sometimes merely listening to a 15 motivational second reel makes your day. So, it is important that we learn to put a limit on the consumption here, how much wisdom do we really need and the right source. It has a huge role to play for our well-being. 

 Q. 8 What is your favorite mantra or quote that inspires you every day for working hard with firm dedication and constant motivation?    

A.8 My life mantra- “Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life; dream of it; think of it; live on that idea. Let the brain, the body, muscles, nerves, every part of your body be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success, and this is the way great spiritual giants are produced.” 

Quoted by Swami Vivekananda, I live by this quote every single day. 

I had a great experience with this interview. Thank you so much to Priyanka for taking out time and being a part of this initiative.    

I hope you liked this series. What are your thoughts? Please share with me.  

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