The Real health talk

#TheRealHealthTalk: A quick wrap-up with a feeling of happiness & contentment!

#TheRealhealthTallk: A quick wrap-up
#TheRealHealthTalk: A quick wrap-up

Hi everyone,  

Last week, I had published the last post of series “The Real health Talk” and felt a sense of happiness and contentment. And got busy with planning in “New blog content” for upcoming months.  

As this is the last week of this month, so instead of sharing fresh content, I had thought to write a quick wrap-up post for “The Real Health Talk”. In this post, I am sharing a quick recap of all interview posts and as well as link to all the posts in one place for a quick reference in future.  

Read the post to know more! 

The Real Health Talk: A quick wrap-up  

Dr. Amrita basu’s interview 

#TheRealhealthTalk: Dr. Amrita Basu's interview
#TheRealhealthTalk: Dr. Amrita Basu’s interview

I had started this series with the interview of Dr. Amrita Basu. She is ENT surgeon by profession and one of the finest blogger, author, podcaster by passion. Dr. Amrita Dr. Amrita is sharing awareness about preventive healthcare, wellness, creativity, and entrepreneurship through her blog, books, and social media since 2014. Personally, I am a big fan of her multi-tasking capabilities. She managed many things all together with uttermost passion and constant dedication. In this interview post, she has shared some amazing time management tips that will help boost your productivity as a writer. 

Read the full interview post here to know more about her journey and inspiring health and blogging related advice.  

Vasundhara Agrawal’s interview 

#Therealhealthtalk: Vasundhara Agrawal's interview
#TheRealhealthtalk: Vasundhara Agrawal’s interview

Nutrition and healthy eating are one of my personal favorite topics to read, write and explore. So, in this series, I have interviewed some of the renowned nutritionist and food consultants as well.  

Second week, I have interviewed Vasundhara Agrawal. Vasundhara Agrawal is a Bangalore-based diet & active lifestyle expert and an independent food consultant who strives to take the confusion out of healthy eating. Having closely worked as a dietitian / nutritionist with top hospitals like Fortis and Max healthcare, she believes in a philosophy that diets, just like clothes, should be tailor-made because every individual is different and there is no one-size-fits-all here.  

Personally, I am a big fan of her “healthy and nutritious recipes”. In this post, she has shared some amazing advice to do a quick healthy makeover of some routine recipes. She has also busted various myths about fancy diets and their long-term effects on our health.  

Read the full interview post here to know more about her thoughtful advice on food and nutrition.  

Vasantha Vivek’s interview 

#TheRealhealthtalk: Vasantha vivek's interview
#TheRealhealthTalk: Vasantha Vivek’s interview

Mental and emotional health is an integral aspect of our overall health and well-being. So, in this series, I have interviewed some renowned mindfulness coach and experts to get their advice for improve our mental and emotional health.  

Third week, I have interviewed Vasantha Vivek. Vasantha Vivek is an Ex. Professor, Blogger, Published Author, Podcaster and Mindfulness Practitioner for the last five years living in Southern Tamil Nādu, India. She is sharing her mindfulness, parenting, and blogging journey @ “My Sweet Nothings” blog from 2014.  

Currently, she’s a passionate mindfulness coach and meditation teacher. She shares her knowledge and wide experience with the mid aged women through her mindfulness coaching services. She helps in incorporating the mindfulness practice in your everyday life. She guides you to start and sustain your mindfulness journey through her self-tested and proven mindfulness practices. She has built a reputation as one of the leading experts in self-care, self-love and solving peri menopause issues. She’s helping in transforming stressful women to blissful women.  

Personally, I really admire Vasantha’s work in raising awareness about mindfulness practice in day-to-day life. She is doing a fabulous job by helping people to deal with various mental health issues.  in this interview post, she has talked about various important aspects of mindfulness precisely. She has also shared some amazing tips for fitting mindfulness in our routine lifestyle with a hectic and busy schedule.  

Read the full interview post here to know more about cultivating mindfulness in our routine lifestyle.  

Rakhi Jayashankar’s interview 

#TheRealhealthtalk: Rakhi Jayashankar's interview
#TheRealhealthtalk: Rakhi Jayashankar’s interview

Holistic health trends are coming in light in since last few years. Hositic wellness is the practice of treating whole body, mind and spirit. Despite being an amazing concept, not many people aware about this concept and did not know the benefits of adopting this route to treat their health elements. So, this is series I have interviewed one the inspiring “Holistic wellness expert” to know more about the “Holistic wellness and its importance for our overall health and well-being.  

Third week, I have interviewed Rakhi Jayashankar. Rakhi Jayashankar is a mother of three, a holistic wellness coach, yoga instructor, author, mobile jockey and a blogger. She believes in learning as you go and sharing the knowledge. Her Book Review blog was selected as the Top 15 Book Review Blogs in India as well as Top 22 literature blogs. Whereas her Holistic Wellness blog was selected as the Top 100 health blogs and Top 50 Lifestyle blogs. 

In this interviewed post, Rakhi has talked about “Holistic wellness” concept in depth. She has shared its important component and some amazing tips to practice holistic wellness in our day-to-day life.  

Read the full interview post here to know more about “Holistic wellness” and its importance for our overall health and well-being.  

Vandana Sharma’s interview 

#Therealhealthtalk: Vandana Sharma's interview
#TheRealhealthTalk: Vandana Sharma’s interview

Achieving health and fitness goals and following a healthy lifestyle consistently is not as easy it seems. It requires a constant set of motivation and determination to achieve your personal goals and inspire others to do the same. There are some inspiring people who are doing this task amazingly. In this series, I had thought to share their journey as well with you all.  

In fourth week, I have interviewed Vandana Sharma. Vadana has been into health and fitness industry for almost 8 years. She is a business analyst by profession and a health and wellness blogger by passion. She has started her fitness journey in the year 2014 and lost 15 kgs with a normal Indian diet plan. That’s why she has decided to help other people in their journey. She has also done a course on health and nutrition and worked as a fitness trainer for quite some time where she helped many people in achieving their fitness goals. 

In this interview post, she has shared her personal journey of losing weight and adopting healthy lifestyle practices as a part of lifestyle change. She has also shared some amazing tips to for busy individuals who want to adopt healthy lifestyle habits but did not have much time due to hectic routine.  

Read the full interview post here to know more about her inspiring journey of helping others to achieve their health and fitness goals.  

Dt. Richa Nimeshwari’s interview 

#TheRealhealthtalk: Interview with Richa nimeshwari
#TheRealHealthTalk: interview with Dt. Richa Nimeshwari

In next week, I have interviewed another amazing clinical dietician and nutritionist Richa Nimeshwari. Dt. Richa Nimeshwari is practicing as a Clinical Dietician and Nutritionist. She is working independently and also creates awareness related to food, health and fitness on social media. She worked on the concept of Ayurveda and food science. She believes in gradually modifying the diet, ensuring your high sacrifice foods and bringing about permanent lifestyle changes to promote better health. She has received Gold medal from President of Indian for scoring highest marks in masters in 2017. 

In this interview post, she has shared some amazing tips to make healthy food choices on a budget. She has suggested some easy ways to prepare a healthy meal with hectic lifestyle and also give some easily available healthy meal options in limited budget.  

Read the full interview post here to know more about this.  

Swarnali Nath’s interview 

#Therealhealthtalk: interview with Swarnali nath
#TheRealhealthtalk: Interview with Swarnali nath

In next week, I have interviewed Swarnali Nath. Swarnali Nath is a Content Professional, an author of two books, an award-winning Wellness Writer, and a Podcast Host. She is the founder of ‘The Peace Stories’ – an initiative to spread the message of hope, love, and peace.  

Her first book ‘You Are Blooming’ received wide appreciation from the readers and became a bestseller in the Spiritual Healing category books on Amazon.  

Her blog, The Saffron Storyteller has been featured among the top 100 Mindfulness and Storytelling blogs on the web and one of the top blogs from India and across the globe.   

Swarnali is a recipient of the prestigious award The Orange Flower Award by Women’s Web for writing in Wellness and Fitness category.  Her blog is a potpourri of her researched articles on the small acts of transformation that help in taking care of your mental and emotional wellbeing and finding peace in everyday moments. 

In this interview post, she has shared her personal journey of spiritual healing and finding a new path with her various creative endeavors (writing, podcasting and authoring books). She has also given some valuable advice for cultivating mindfulness in our routine life.  

Read the full interview post here to know more about her inspiring journey.  

Priyanka Joshi’s interview 

#Therealhealthtalk: interview with priyanka joshi
#TheRealhealthtalk: interview with Priyanka Joshi

The last interview was with Priyanka Joshi. Priyanka is An NLP practitioner, content Creator, published Author, Translator, podcaster, Vlogger and Poetess. She is Advocating Mental health since 2016. She is Among the top 15 Mental Health Bloggers, read in 60 Countries.  

She strongly believes in live a life with passion and purpose. In her own words,” I live with the purpose to work on myself every day. Through my pen and my voice, I share the best ways we can help ourselves by owing what we already have within us. I am just a reminder to help you forge your path and unlock your full potential.”  

Presently, she is pursuing a second master’s degree in Digital Marketing from the University of Dundee, United Kingdom.   

She is Founder of Sanity Daily, a mental health portal – Listed as one of the top mental health blogs by Feedspot. She is Author of “26 days 26 ways for a happier you” is available for free download at Sanity Daily homepage. Her books “Ardhaviram” and “Broken & Beautiful” are available for sale at Amazon India and Kindle edition.  

She is Featured among the top bloggers on multiple platforms and at esteemed platforms like SHEROES, YourStory, Women’s Web, Different truths, Eat My News, Sharing Stories, Humans of Community, People of India, Desh Ka Gourav, Humans of Community, Health Heroes of Bombay and Youth ki Awaaz. 

In this interview post, she has talked about her various mental health awareness initiatives in detail. She has also shared some amazing tips to keep ourselves mentally healthy despite adverse outer situations.  

Read the full interview post here to know more about her inspiring journey of stay strong and raising “mental health awareness”.  

So, this is all for now. Did you like the series? What are your thoughts? Please share with me! 


  • Preeti Chauhan

    You interviewed some really well known bloggers, podcasters and nutritionists in this series #TheRealHealthTalk , I believe medicines can only take care of disease but mindfulness and nutrition are the real health heroes. Thanks for the summary !

  • The Champa Tree

    Rightly mentioned, the diets should be tailor made as each individual body has different needs. The interviews through light on healthy lifestyle which is always a pleasure to read.

    • Cindy Dsilva

      Wow this is so cool. I love that you promote other bloggers and women entrepreneurs too. It’s always lovely to know what they are up to and how they got to where they are now! All the best to them!

  • jhilmildsaha

    I have read a few of the interviews and found those so helpful. It is very necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle for all of us.

  • Harjeet Kaur

    Hats off to you Surbhi. You come out with awesome series showcasing all the bloggers. I still remember your wobbly steps when you first started blogging. But you have come a long way since then and i admire you for that

  • nooranandchawla

    It was a pleasure to read your wrap-up post. You really went to a lot of trouble to interview some truly impressive personalities in this series, including some of my personal favourites!

  • Alpana Deo

    I have read most of these interviews and all were equally wonderful. It is always good to know about the thought and news of people who we know and don’t know.

  • Sandy N Vyjay

    This was a truly amazing series that you have done. All the different persons featured here threw light on diverse aspects of health and wellness, which was of tremendous benefit to all.

  • Anjali

    I am grateful to meet all of the other bloggers and health supporters through your blog. I’ve read most of these interviews on your blog and am grateful that you’ve shared these incredible people with us.

  • Neha Tambe

    I did read many of the posts in this series and they were educative, refreshing and very useful. It is interesting to see how every aspect can make a difference in our lives.

  • Varsh

    This is such an interesting series of interviews. There’s something to learn from every one of them. This round-up post sums it all perfectly!

  • Indiacafe24

    Wonderful is a word which will be less to express my happiness after reading this post. Yes, its true you presented some brilliant women on your Health talk sessions…. But I want to congratulate you for thinking different and to come up with such content

  • Rakhi Parsai

    Wow Surbhi that is such a powerful list of interviews with someone of the strong women from the community and otherwise. Will surely read the full interviews of each one of them.

  • rakshanagaraj

    Wow this is amazing Surbhi. Absolutely loved the interviews and showcasing the inspiring and strong women. And the topics you chose such as health are also very good and thought provoking.

  • freemindtree

    It seems to be a great theme of content that I shouldnt miss. I have read a few posts from this series and would like to read the other few. The interviews are actually interesting and informative.

  • Jeannine

    Amazing interviews! This is truly inspiring and a learning experience. Hearing from them their journey gives every viewer/reader that kind of motivation needed for everyday!

    • energeticreads

      You have done an amazing job. I really liked your interview series. Thank you for sharing their perspectives.

    • Neha Sharma

      These are some of my favorite people who are doing such amazing work in their respective fields. It is always a pleasure to visit your blog, Surbhi. You never fail to surprise with your well thought and well curated posts.

  • Shilpa Garg

    Wow! So many inspiring health and wellness experts on your blog. A fabulous series and a topic that needs so much awareness and exposure. Would love to check out their insights, experiences and thoughts on various health topics.

  • Roma

    It is such a pleasure to read such worthy opinions on my most favourite topic Health and fitness, there is so much to learn from everyone love

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