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#TheRealHealthTalk: Meet Dt. Richa Nimeshwari: An Inspiring Clinical dietician & Nutritionist!

#TheRealHealthTalk: An Exclusive interview with Dt. Richa Nimeshwari
#TheRealHealthTalk: An Exclusive interview with Dt. Richa Nimeshwari

Hi everyone,   

Excited to share another interview post for series, “The Real health Talk”. The series is an exclusive interview series with some renowned and leading health bloggers/nutritionist/ youtubers of the digital health and wellness industry.       

Read Vandana Sharma’s interview for the series here. 

In Today’s post, I am excited to welcome Dt. Richa Nimeshwari to my blog.  

Dt. Richa Nimeshwari is practicing as a Clinical Dietician and Nutritionist. She is working independently and also creates awareness related to food, health and fitness on social media. She worked on the concept of Ayurveda and food science. She believes in gradually modifying the diet, ensuring your high sacrifice foods and bringing about permanent lifestyle changes to promote better health. She has received Gold medal from President of Indian for scoring highest marks in masters in 2017, 

She is a Certified Clinical Dietician from All India Institute of Medical Science, New Delhi in 2018. Her Research Paper on Diabetes published in Journal of Agriculture and Allied Sciences on 2021. She is also a Certified Lifestyle & Health Coach (certified in year 2022) 

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Personally, I love watching Dt. Richa’s informative YouTube videos. . She always shares useful and practical information on health, diet and nutrition topics.   

I am so thrilled to have her on my blog. Read the post to know about this “The Real Health Talk” conversation. 

Interview with Dt. Richa Nimeshwari: An inspiring Clinical dietician & Nutritionist!

#TheRealHealthTalk: An Exclusive interview with Dt. Richa Nimeshwari
#TheRealHealthTalk: An Exclusive interview with Dt. Richa Nimeshwari

Q. 1 Tell us something about yourself? What is your personal and professional background? How and why did you decide to pursue career in the nutrition field? So far, how are you experience as a Clinical dietician and nutrition expert?  

 A1. Myself Dt. Richa Nimeshwari, I’m a Clinical Dietician and Nutritionist. I am a big-time foodie. Food really attracts me, so I picked this as my major subject to learn more about food and nutrition in my Master’s. I received a Gold Medal from the President of India in 2017 for scoring the highest marks but I was not sure about becoming a Nutritionist at that time. During my internship days in AIIMS, New Delhi- where I have to handle OPD’s and counselling sessions with patients, at that time, I realized people have so many misconceptions & myths in their mind about food (Like- good food & bad food concept). Then I decided to become a nutritionist. I have 5 years of working experience with different wellness companies and celebrity dieticians. Currently, I am working as a freelance Nutritionist and Nutri Blogger- I create content on social media to spread awareness about foods and Nutrition. 

 Q. 2 Nowadays diet culture (Keto, paleo etc.) are in demand. Being a qualified nutritionist, what are your thoughts on it? Do you think it should be promoted or not?  

 A2- Keto Diet, Paleo Diet, GM Diet and Liquid diet all these are diet trends or you named it as YO-YO Dieting. They are impractical; deficient in nutrients and will not help you in the long run. When you start following these diet trends without consulting the experts then you will mess up with your health and put yourself at risk of becoming ill. 

I have so many clients who tell me about their bad experiences with these diet trends. They started following their favorite celebrity’s diet routine with half information and zero monitoring. Initially they get good results but later on they experience digestive issues, lethargy, dull skin, bad hair fall and weight bounce back. 

I always tell this to my clients that the best diet is not a diet at all, but a way of life that includes food you enjoy, exercise, and healthy habits. All this helps in improving health and sustainable weight loss for the long run. 

 Q. 3 This is the beginning of the new year and everyone is committed to making “new fitness and wellness goals” for the new year. What is one strong piece of advice you will offer as a nutrition expert that will help my readers to stay on track and achieve their “health and fitness goals” in the year 2022?    

 A3. First thing- Fitness is not a one-day goal; it’s a part of your everyday life. So, make Realistic Goals for yourself and stick to them but if you fail don’t feel demotivated. 

 As a Nutrition expert, I advise all the readers to focus on few things to achieve your health and fitness goals- 

Eat a healthy and balanced diet, hydrate yourself, sleep for a good 8 hrs., meditate for 10 minutes and workout every day. 

 Q. 4 Please share some tips on making healthy food choices on a budget?  

A4. Mostly people think that eating healthy is very costly because you have to add all the fancy food items in diet. But it’s a myth. 

All you need is a little smartness and three P’s for making healthy choices on budget. 

  1. Plan– Pre plan your weekly meals, so you don’t have to stress yourself every day. Check your refrigerator and pantry to see what you have in stock before making a plan, it’s a good way to utilized everything. 
  1. Purchase– Make a shopping list and stick to it, avoid buying unnecessary products. 
  • Buy nonperishables foods in bulk like- Pulses, flour, oils and spices. So, you will save money while buying a large package. 
  • Buy local and seasonal fruits and vegetables. They are rich in nutrients and less expensive than exotic items. 
  1. Prepare– Method and Mode of preparation also affect the cost and nutritive value of food. So, use healthy cooking methods to prepare food, like- Steaming, boiling, grilling, roasting and shallow frying. 

Here are some examples of healthy meals under Rs 100 for 1 person- 

  •  Dal, any seasonal vegetable and 2-3 Chapati. 
  •  Paneer / 2 Egg Burji with 2 Paratha. 
  •  2 Vegetable Stuffed Paratha with curd.
  • 1 Plate Biryani (Veg/Non veg) with Raita and Chutney. 

 Q. 5 Please share some advice for busy individuals who want to adopt healthy lifestyle habits in their routine life, but did not have a lot of time due to a hectic schedule?  

A5. In the present situation, No one have time to cook and focus on health so, here are some quick tips for them to maintain a healthy routine- 

  •   Make a simple breakfast a priority. Avoid skipping breakfast. It will energize you to start your day. 
  •   Focus on healthy snacks and pre portion your snacks to avoid overeating. 
  •   Drink a lot of water in a day. 
  •  Fix your meal timings and stick to it. 
  •  Walk and talk- if you don’t have extra time to work out then add some easy exercises in your routine.  

Q.6 Nowadays our life is highly influenced by social media and digital technology. By following the trend, people admire and follow their “online wellness gurus” religiously and take their advice seriously.  As a trained dietician, what are your thoughts on it? How do you feel this trend (following wellness gurus online) affecting or improving wellbeing of normal people?   

A6. Social media is creating illusion these days, everyone is happy, successful, fit and have six packs abs there. This affects our mind in negative ways. People feel bad about themselves, hate their bodies and life. So, don’t blindly fall for anything. Not everyone is bad on social media but not everyone is good too. 

There is lots of information and so many Fitness influencers on social media these days but before taking advice from random influencers, please use your brain and check their qualification first. Is he/she eligible to advise certain things, what’s his educational background?? How is his life different from yours?? 

 You have to understand this – you’ve different body type, your issues, goals and challenges are different from them. So, don’t compare yourself with their pictures. It’s all an illusion, don’t fall for that. Always take health related advice from experts and professionals. 

 Q.7 What is your favorite mantra or quote that inspires you every day for working hard with firm dedication and constant motivation?   

 A7. The graph of success is not linear for anyone. Some days are good, you feel productive and happy but some days are not that good. You feel demotivated and that’s absolutely okay!!   

Those dark days I take a break and remind myself this quote- 

“You don’t have to go fast; you just have to go. Life is not a race; you will achieve your targets at your own pace.” 

I had a great learning experience with this interview. Thank you so much to Richa for taking out time and being a part of this initiative.    

What are your thoughts? Please share with me!      

If you are a health/wellness blogger/Youtuber/ Nutritionists /health book author/ digital content creator in health and wellness industry with some inspiring works to share on, then I would love to feature you in this series.       

Drop a mail at ritu, with your details (blog/book/YouTube channel link with recognized work details)    

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  • Alpana Deo

    Your are bringing wonderful guests through this series. I agree to what Richa said about food choices and weight control Sometimes, we end up following a particular diet just because we have seen it somewhere or someone else is following that. But our body requires something else. And instead of weight loss, we experience weight gain or no change or sometimes fatigue.

  • MeenalSonal

    Richa is right that social media has all sorts of profiles, it is upto us to follow the right ones and practice the tips after the detailed verification. When it comes to health it is always good to have the right advice from the professionals.

  • Harjeet Kaur

    Dr.Richa is very right. Each one of us has a different body type and should have a customised diet to suit on one’s needs.
    All these fancy diets are just fads. I have seen people trying them out and then giving it all up.

  • Archana

    Wonderful informative series you are coming with Surbhi. Dr.Richa’s thoughts on following the trending diets blindly is absolutely right, also I liked where doctor strongly mentioned about the myth that adapting the fit lifestyle is not only about eating fancy and exotic food items. People can happily live a fit and healthy life merely by following the disciplined life, eating simple nutritious seasonal food of course by doing a regular physical activity

  • Roma

    I so loved this post buddy. I personally feel the same as well after having tried the fad diets myself. What stays with you is within on your body the right way

  • Ruchie

    Healthy life is everyone’s dream and I agree that there are so many myths and misconceptions are involved with food. Glad to know about Dr. Richa, and her positivity.

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