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#Bookreview- “The Pandora’s box was left open, part 1”- An Impressive Mystery book with Interesting twists and turns!

The Pandora's box was left open, part 1- eBook
The Pandora’s box was left open part 1- eBook

Hi everyone,

I am back with another book review and this time I had read and reviewed a book that is out of my comfort zone.  

This week, when I got a chance to review recent release mystery triller e book “The Pandora’s box was left open part 1”, I felt a sense of hesitation initially. but later one, decided to give this a try to read and reviewed something different and out of my comfort zone.  

I am so glad that I took that decision. Reading and reviewing this book was a unique experience and I had a great time while doing this.  

What is the book all about? What can you expect from this book as a reader? Read the post to know more! 

Book details 

Book Name: The Pandora’s box was left open, Part 1st’  

Author: Dyumani Maheshwari 

Genre: Thriller, Mystery 

Format: eBook, Kindle  

Pages: 99 

Availability: Amazon & All leading sites 

Rating: 4/5 

Book blurb 

This novel will tell the story of Inspector Om and his newly appointed assistant. 
How they solve complicated murder cases together. 
How their bonding and respect for each other gets stronger with time. 
In addition to professional life of Om, this novel also highlights his relationship with his family and his friends. 

My review 

Here are some unique impressive features of this book.  

Well-designed cover-page and interesting title 

First start with the cover page and title of book. The cover page and title of this book, both are unique and good enough to raise a sense of curiosity among readers. The title of this book is from an ancient Greek myth and it is completely apt and goes well with the theme of this book.  

Impressive story set-up 

The book is a fast-paced thriller consisting of 10 chapters. its story revolves around the two main characters Om and his new appointed assistant Shiv. After putting lots of efforts and solving a fake crime case, Shiv got an opportunity to become an assistant of Om. After getting this opportunity, he worked very hard to solve each and every crime case by putting his best possible efforts.  

With his hard work and amazing detective skills, he impresses inspector Om and make a unique place in not only in the department but in the heart of all team members as well. The story moves forward with different angle unique crime cases and how they get resolved by Inspector Om, Shiv and their team members.  

Apart from Om and Shiv story has some amazing supporting characters like inspector Om’s daughter Tanya, Makhan, Sohan and senior inspector Harish. Each character plays an important role in story progression and add their personal contribution to make overall set-up impressive.  

Author has done an excellent job in creating this impressive story-up. The story set-up is perfectly apt as per book’s theme and raised your curiosity level even after reading first few chapters.  

Amazing characterization 

Characters and their perfect characterization are two most important elements of any story. The characters should be defined in way that they create a connection with readers and also, have an individual personality trait to make story interesting.  

In this book, author has put a great effort for doing a crisp characterization of each character. Each character has been defined with a needed precision and you get a perfect visualization of each of lead character just by reading the narration.   

Interesting twist and turns (each case is unique and raised reader’s curiosity level) 

This one is another USP of this book. The book involves plenty of interesting crime cases with compelling twists and turns. Author has narrated each case in professional style. While reading, you get a feel that you are watching a high-voltage crime or suspense series.  

As the Inspector Om and Shiv get determined to solve each one. You as a reader also become nervously excited to find out the person who committed the crime. Though, it is not easy task to create a crime case and its proper progression just by using the power of words and narrations, but author has done this thing wonderfully. These interesting twists and turns show author’s admiration for these genera.  it seems Author is truly passionate and committed to write an impressive fast-paced thriller mystery book.  

Ending is incredible

The last three chapters of book has a focus on three un-resolved cases from years.  Inspector Om has a deep unsatisfaction regarding these un-resolved cases in his otherwise supremely rewarding carrier. He wants Shiv to solve these cases by applying his amazing detective skills.  

And as usual, Shiv did not disappoint Inspector Om and found out some clues that Inspector Om has missed while investing these cases years ago. He resolved these cases but ending of last case brings some unexpected twist and turns and give you an adrenalin rush by creating a link between all the happenings that occur since beginning of the book.  

As this is a review post, so I am not giving you any spoiler here. Who was Shiv? What was his real identity? Why last case was different and had an unexpected twist and turn? For knowing all these, you have to grab a copy of book and read it soon! 

What can be improved?  

Definitely book need one more around of editing to give a better reading experience to readers.  Also, there are many routine Hindi words (Are, Na) has been used in various conversations. These words might give an unpleasant experience to those readers who are not familiar with Hindi language.  


As a conclusion, I would say “The Pandora box was left open part 1 “by Dyumani Maheshwari is a fast-paced crime thriller eBook with gripping story plot and mind-blowing twists and turns. If you are someone who enjoys to read these genera (suspense, crime, thriller) books, then this is the book, you would not want to miss. All and all a quick, entertaining and interesting book by Debut Author Dyumani Maheshwari”. 

My heartiest congratulations to Dyumani Maheshwari for debut novel publication.  

Did you get a chance to read this book? What are your thoughts? Please share with me! 

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