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#Bookreview: Learn the art of image management with Swati Mathur’s “A2Z of Image management : guide to create your own brand”!

A2Z of Image management: eBook by Swati Mathur
A2Z of image management: eBook by Swati Mathur

We lived in an incredibly busy world that is highly influenced by power of digital media. During last decade, digital media and internet have changed our lives a lot. From gathering information to learning new skills, everything has become easier than before. This technological advancement has put a strong impact on our day-to-day life.  

In previous years, look, appearance and image management were considered as the element of life of celebrity or high-profile people only. And “Aam janta”, did not understand the importance of creating attractive or appropriate appreace and other elements of image management that much. All these stuffs, were recognized mostly as “Page three” element only.  

But in past few years, the evolution of digital media and internet has made a drastic change to this age-old perception. Now, a normal and ordinary person understand the importance of image management so well.  Everyone is conscious to his/her look, clothing, overall appearance and even fashion sense.  

“Image management” has become a trendy and appealing topic during last few years. now, more & more people want to learn the skills which are required to create a positive, appropriate, authentic and powerful appreance.  

Personally, I have a keen interest in this topic and I always wish to learn and explore this subject more with in depth guidance.  

Luckily, during this year’s #BlogchatterEbook carnival, I have gotten a chance to read and review my dear friend, Swati Mathur’s debut eBook “A2Z of Image management- guide to create your own brand”.  

I really liked this book and found it extremely helpful to learn the different important element of image management.  

What is book’s unique feature? And what is my reader experience with it? Read the post to know more! 

Book review: A2Z of Image management- Guide to create your own brand!

Here are some details about book:    

Book name– A2Z of Image management- guide to create your own brand”. 

Genera– self-help, non-fiction  

Author– Swati Mathur 

Format– eBook   

Pages- 76 

Available on- blogchatter website for free download (for a limited time period)   

Rating- 4.5/5 

Book summary 

A2Z of Image Management is a guide, which will enable people to create authentic, affordable, appropriate and attractive appearance. Image management is all about creating a positive first impression which will lead to professional and personal success. This guide will aid you with all the skills which are required to create a powerful appearance. 

Image Management is the ongoing process of evaluating and controlling the impact of your appearance and the resulting response on you and others. The concept of image management applies to anyone who has ever needed to improve self-image, self-worth, self-confidence, capability and credibility. It applies to anyone who has ever wanted to get an idea across to someone else, to influence opinion or action be it in the home, the school, community or workplace. 

This book contains the most powerful tools, strategies and techniques of creating the right Image. 

Author bio 

Swati is a certified Image consultant, a trainer, employability and job coach, EQ coach and a Life coach. she believes in lifelong learning and empowering our future generation with soft skills which are the most critical in improving the probability of their success. Let’s unlearn-learn and relearn to be abreast with today’s dynamic world. Her blog focuses on critical life skills and how to upgrade and enrich personal appearance, communication skills and behavior to ensure that your image is consistent with your roles and goals in life. 

My take on book 

I had a great learning experience while reading this book. Here are some unique features of this book that makes it an informative and impressive read.  

The Book covers various important elements of “Image management” wonderfully! 

The book has a perfect blend of all elements of image management as per its name. It covers various important element of image management wonderfully. 

 The book has 26 chapters and each one explained different important elements of image management beautifully with great details and proper explanation. There are many interesting and informative topics in book like art in everyday dressing, fit and fashion strategies, body shape evaluation for better understanding of garment shapes, accessorize as per your face shape, wardrobe strategies, smart shopping skills and many more. All these topics are so informative and help you understand the art and science of “Image management” better and with ease.  

Being an expert in field, Swati has selected these topics precisely and maintain a great level of balance in teaching us required details and offering easy to adopt (and practical) advices.  

All and all book done a complete justice to its name and help us learn the “A2Z of image management”.  

Use of appropriate graphics, images and charts 

This one is second impressive feature of this book. Personally, I feel this subject (image management) has many important topics (like understanding of body shapes, different type of face shape, element of designing) that cannot be understand only by narrations. These kinds of topics need some help of visual elements (images, graphics etc.)  to get a better perspective for readers.  

Author has understood this pre-requisite so well and did an excellent addition of images, graphics and charts in book, at appropriate places. The addition of these elements makes this book more informative and visually appealing. These graphics and images offer great help in understanding complex topics like design element, body shapes or face shapes.  

The book has a great collection of practical tips for image management!

This is another USP of this informative book. Book offers many useful and practical tips that can prove extremely beneficial in improving your apprence and overall personality. The tone of book is highly inspirational.  

Each topic is not just only a detailing or theory of image management but it also covers practical aspects so well. In the end of each topic, author has concluded it with useful and easy to adopt practical tips. With her write-up, she inspires you to work on your own “X- factor” and motivate you to pay attention on tiny details that we usually missed during routine hectic life.  

Along with tips, Swati has also included various real-life examples of different age group people (from student to housewife) to make this journey of “Image management” interesting and exciting.  

While reading, she has inspired me a lot with her expertise and I had learnt a lot about different important aspects of “Image management”.  

Here are some excerpts from book to get an idea about these useful tips.  

Chapter 2 is about “different body shape evaluation for better understanding of garment shapes”, in this topic author has talked about different body shapes and share some excellent tips to dress better as per your individual body type. She also reminds us one of the important aspects of smart dressing by saying that “you do not have figure problems, rather than you have fitting problem”. 

The end of topic has been concluded so well by adding a great practical advice as, 

“You can use different degree of close or loose fit to present your figure attractively, to accommodate and camouflage a figure variation and to reduce or eliminate the need for alteration. No matter what the fashion trend, you are smart to select and wear only those degree of fit that flatter your body and its variations and that focus attention where you want it- closeness only in those areas you want the world to see and looseness everywhere you want.” 

Chapter 7 is about “Go to guide for patterns in clothing”. In this chapter, Swati has explained beautifully the message each pattern conveys with different characteristics.  

The end of topic has been concluded well by this practical advice, as: 

While selecting the patterns you need to understand your needs and purposes appropriate for your lifestyle, personal style and for the fabric. Chose pattern with characteristics appropriate for the mood, occasion or activity, values, compatibility with your age and personality. Choose patterns that flatter your face and figure, something that look, feel and hang appropriately for the fabric and style of the garment. And the most importantly choose a pattern that will fit in well and coordinate with the existing wardrobe”. 

The addition of these practical tips and advice makes this book an informative read and work as a handy guide to understand the different element of image management properly.  

My Favorite topics from book 

Though I liked all the topics from book and found them useful in understanding the art of “Image management”. But here I would like to mentioned to some of the topics that are my personal favorite from book.  

Chapter 6 is “Fit and fashion”: this topic is really informative and cover different strategies of fitting as per different body type. Author has explained it with great details and useful tips. I found this topic really useful and informative.  

Chapter 10 is “Judicious use of clothing through clustering”- this one was another topic that has helped me a lot to understand the concept of clustering and simplified the process of dress smartly.  

Along with these, wardrobe strategies, utilize face shape evaluation to accessorize, visual communication are also some of the topics that deserve special mention and make this book a worthy read.  

What can be improved? 

Though book has an easy-to-understand language but at some places (in few topics), I have found the language bit technical and little hard to understand for non-technical people. Also, at some places, paragraphs are lengthy (more than 4-5 lines), and create little confusing appreance.  

Other than that book is a delightful read since beginning to end.  


As a conclusion, I would say “The book A2Z of image management done a complete justice to its name and theme. The book is a boon in recent era of modernizations. The book offers great help in understanding different complex aspect of image management and can work as an amazing tool to teach you tips, tricks and important strategies for creating an attractive, affordable, authentic and powerful image. If you are keen to improve your self-image and want to work on your image management factors diligently, then you should must check out this book. I am sure you will not be disappointed. I had a great learning experience with this book and I will highly recommended this to others”.  

The book is available for free download on blogchatter website for a limited period of time.  

Here is link to download it for free.

Do not forget to download my third e book, “A2Z of common diseases and their homeopathic treatment”. Here is link to download it for free.

My heartiest congrats to Swati for achieving this mile stone of first eBook publication and wishing her all the best for great success in future.  

This is all for now.  

Stay safe! 


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