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4 Amazing book recommendations from #Blogchatterebook library ( part 2)!

4 amazing book recommendations from blogchatterebook library ( part 2)
4 amazing book recommendations from blogchatterebook library ( part 2)

Hi everyone, 

I am back with second part of post 4 amazing book recommendations from #Blogchatterebook library. If you have missed first part, read here.  

In this post, I am sharing two more amazing book recommendations from two completely different genera.  both books have their own USP and I had a great time while reading both of these. Read the post to know more! 

Third book: Dr. Bushra Nausheen’s the Unborn Angel 

The Unborn Angel by Dr. Bushra Nausheen
The Unborn Angel by Dr. Bushra Nausheen

Book details 

Book name– The Unborn Angel 

Genera– medical 

Author– Dr. Bushra Nausheen 

Format– eBook     

Pages- 16 

Available on- blogchatter website for free download (for a limited time period)     

Rating- 4.5/5 

Book summary 

The Unborn Angel is a pain that many women have to go through during abortion. Not all abortions are normal. Some are different and give a new perspective to individual life.   

This book covers abortion complications, treatment, and what the consequences are for you and your baby. My motto behind writing this book is to provide knowledge in an entertaining, light way.  

The topics are accurate, to the point, and added interesting facts that will increase your interest and enthusiasm as your reading progress.  

I’ve tried my best to explain abortion law in India and its related questions. I hope this book will solve all your queries, myths, confusion, and nervousness about abortion.   

The book The Unborn Angel is divided into 2 sections. This book is written from my experience that I’ve learned from my patients. Read now to know more about this book.  

  Author bio 

Dr. Bushra Nausheen is a registered medical practitioner. She is the Founder and Chief Editor of All About The Woman Blog. Her first eBook A to Z of Pregnancy was published in 2017. Her article about the treatment of Diabetes, awarded by the Ministry of Ayush, Government of India. What began as a hobby is now a popular health blog, with thousands of readers coming to her site for health-related content. She wants to offer a modern and mindful approach towards a healthy lifestyle. Visit her at 

My take on book 

Honestly, Dr. Bushara has pleasantly surprised me with the style of content presentation and overall packaging of this book. Though, book is all about sharing and teaching us different important aspect of abortion, but not in format of medical or typical educational guide.  

Dr. Bushra has narrated this complicated and sensitive aspect of women’s reproductive health in a lighter way, by using the amazing art of storytelling. The book starts with a heartfelt conversation between mother-daughter duo Mahi and Mishi.  

Mahi is the lead character of this story and the beginning of story share her daughter Mishi’s struggle regarding continuing her pregnancy and save her girl child. Despite being an educated person, her husband has a strong desire of “having only a male child” as an offspring and he forced (and beat) Mishi to go for abortion for aborting her girl child.  

In next chapters, story go in flash back and tell us the exact same happening with Mahi ( mishi’s moms) in past. Mahi who was a bright student, get forced to married early due to family pressure. And later on, suffer from repeated abortions due to carry female child in her subsequent pregnancies.  

Her husband has a typical orthodox mentality and want only a “male child” as an offspring. He forcibly performs Mahi’s abortions and harass her for not giving him a “male child”. 

  The lack of support from family did not allow, Mahi to speak for herself initially but later on, she decided to take a stand for herself. With the help of her family doctor, she re-starts her studies, get job and give birth to her girl child and end her toxic relationship with her husband.  

The story of Mahi is mirror of our so-called modern society, where many women like Mahi go through difficult phase of repeated abortions due to husband (and other family Members’s) desire and pressure of having only a “Male child” as an offspring.  

Dr. Bushra has expressed the pain, agony and struggle of a pregnant woman (who go through repeated abortions), so well in this book. As I reader, I got so attached with Mahi’s story and felt her pain and helplessness throughout, while reading the book. I had also felt a sense of sadness and helplessness, as this is just not a story set up, it is a reality of our society where women are still considered as a machine to “Produce a male child”. 

Hats off to Dr. Bushra bringing this important subject in light with her book. I am sure, this book will help in some way to raise awareness regarding “illegal and repeated abortions” and “Killing of female feticide”.  

Along with the story, the book has a second section that is entirely dedicated to “Laws of abortion in India”. Being an expert in field, the author has explained all rules and regulation regarding abortion practice in India so well in the book.  the laws have been explained in simple and easy to understand language. Indeed, this section make this book more informative and useful read.  

All and all, “Unborn Angel” is a great book with a unique combo of “A heartfelt story of mother-daughter duo and laws of abortion practice in India”.  

Th ending of book is really inspiring where author asked us to think on this crucial aspect of women’s life and inspire us to share our contribution (even tiny one) in any possible manner to raise awareness regarding this important aspect of women’s reproductive health.  

I have a great reader experience while reading this book and I would highly recommend this book to others to know and feel this harsh reality of our social system called, “abortions and killing of female feticides, in desire of male child” in a lighter way.  

My heartiest congrats to Dr. Bushra for this amazing eBook publication.  

Here is link to download the book for free.

Fourth book: Cindy Ann Dsilva’s Inner feelings 

Cindy Ann DSilva's inner feelings
Cindy Ann D’Sillva’s inner feelings

Book details 

Book name– Inner feelings 

Genera– self-help, non-fiction 

Author– Cindy Ann Dsilva  

Format– eBook     

Pages- 40 

Available on- blogchatter website for free download (for a limited time period)     

Rating- 4.5/5 

Book summary 

Inner feelings are something some of us don’t recognize, or probably are afraid to address, or think it’s wrong if we feel a certain way. 

Inner feelings come, inner feelings go, some we need to talk about and some we need to conquer. But, once we accept them and understand them, only then can we decide how to handle them. 

If we are shown how to understand and accept our inner feelings, right from a young age, we could probably get through life more easily, especially when people and things around us change ever so quickly. 

This is apt for those who wanted to understand their inner thoughts through short and crisp passages. 

Author bio 

Cindy Ann D’Silva is a blogger, influencer, content writer and a belly dance instructor. Prior to this, she had a full-time job and sang with a band & choir in Kuwait, where she was born and bred. Currently, she resides in Bangalore with her husband and two kids. You can find more of her writings on her Lifestyle blog 

My take on book 

Before sharing more thoughts about the book, I would love to say that Cindy is one of my favorite blogger (and now author) from blogsphere. I am a regular reader of her blog and always loved and admire her straight from heart posts. I always find her write-up is so crisp, honest and precise. I am so glad that she has started her author journey with this beautiful book named “Inner feelings” that encourage you to “Understand and accept your inner feelings to embrace life wholeheartedly”.

As the name suggested, the book is all about understanding, accepting and acknowledging various important aspects of “Inner feelings”. As she said in preface of book, that “If we are shown how to understand and accept our inner feelings, right from a young age, we could probably get through life more easily, especially when people and things around us change ever so quickly.” 

She has maintained and executed this initial thought, so wonderfully throughout the book and share some wonderful ways to understand and tackle various feelings.  

Book has 27 chapters and, in each chapter, author has talked about various common inner feelings and emotions that we all faced in our day-to-day life. Author has covered wide range of topics (aka inner feelings) such as appreciation, bravery, confidence, determination, hope, jealously, happiness and gut feeling in this book, and talked about these wonderfully in an easy-to-understand way.  

In each chapter, she has added many of her personal experiences and shared personalized tips on “how to deal with the various powerful inner feelings”. Many chapters shared her personal journey, like in chapter 4 “Determination”, she has talked about ups and downs of her weight loss journey and then share the way how being firm and determined helped her to achieve her desired goal of losing weight and being fit.  

While reading you get a feeling that “Oh, yes, I had also faced that kind of situation in my life” and then Cindy’s solutions and practical advice give you a way, how to handle it with more maturity.  

The language of book is impressive and narrations are short and crisp. Addition of personal experiences are biggest USP of this book and this thing make it a unique informative read.  

I had a great time while reading this book and also learnt various positive and powerful ways to handle inner feelings and emotions.  

During this recent pandemic era, when we are struggling with various negative emotions (fear, uncertainty and hopelessness), this book could be used as a helpful guide to learn the art of accepting, understanding and tackling our inner feelings, in a more meaningful way by keeping a positive approach. 

 My heartiest congratulations to Cindy to this book publication and I wish her lots of good luck for bright future.  

The book is available for free download on blog chatter website for a limited period of time.  

Here is link to download for it free.

With this post, I am ending my book review series for #Blogchatterebook carnival.  

I hope you liked my book reviews and book recommendations from blogchatterebook library.  

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Very soon, I am bringing a summer special series on blog, so stay tuned, I am sure you will like it.  


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