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5 Amazing Book recommendations from #BlogchattereBook carnival 2022 ( part 1)!

5 amazing book recommendations from #Blogchatterebook carnival 2022
5 amazing book recommendations from #Blogchatterebook carnival 2022

Blogchatter is one of my favorite blogging community. In last few years, I had participated in various blogchatter campaigns and had a great experience. In fact, blogchatter has helped me a lot to grow as a blogger and expand my supporting network.  

#BlogchatterA2Z and #Blogchatterebook carnival are two of my most favorite blogchatter  blogging campaigns. I had participated in last 3 seasons of these campaigns and published my eBooks too. However, this year, I was not be able to participated due to hectic schedule.  

This year, blogchatter team has given me a new responsibility as a mentor and I am excited with this new role. This week, I got a chance to explore the #Blogchatterebook library. Just like past years, the carnival has some amazing collection of unique theme books. I had downloaded and read few of these books and now, I am excited to share about them with this post. 

Sharing 5 amazing eBooks recommendations from #Blogchatterebook carnival 2022. Read the post to know more! 

5 amazing eBooks recommendations from #Blogchatterebook carnival 2022 ( part 1)

5 amazing book recommendations from #Blogchatterebook carnival 2022
5 amazing book recommendations from #Blogchatterebook carnival 2022

Soft Strings of My Heart by Roma Gupta Sinha 

Soft string of my heart by Roma Gupta Sinha
Soft string of my heart by Roma Gupta Sinha

Book details  

Book name– Soft Strings of My Heart by Roma Gupta Sinha 

Genera– Poetry  

Author– Roma Gupta Sinha 

Format– eBook      

Pages- 183 

Available on- blogchatter website for free download (for a limited time period)      

Rating- 4.5/5 

Book summary 

From the time I was about six, poetry has been my way of expressing my heart’s sincere yearning. I literally weave my heart in words because it knows no other medium to vent its deep emotions. This book is thus a piece of my heart shared with you all as poetic florets. Most of the poems here are standalone pieces written over a decade when I was experiencing a deep emotion and had no other means to communicate. 

My poetic compositions give me solace, give me power and they give me peace. I write to empower myself, to proudly take every adverse situation in my stride. I wish they do the same for you. 

This poetry book has 5 sections all of which have both happy and sad weaves in a random order basically portraying how I have lived my life so far and how I wish it progresses. I really hope you like these pearls I have strung together for you. 

Author bio 

Roma Gupta Sinha is a versatile blogger and author of 7 books has been felicitated with numerous awards and recognition for her candid thought-provoking writings and her quantum of work including the coveted ‘Woman of the Year 2015’ and ‘Planet’s Pride Award 2018’. She is also the founder of Roma’s Communication Academy (RCA) which ardently endeavors to aid 6-60-year-olds bridge the gap between their intellect and expression. 

My take on book 

Roma is one of my favorite blogger-author from blogging world. I had read and reviewed her past 3 books and loved them all. So, as a first pick, I had decided to download and read her eBook “Soft string of my heart”. The book is a collection of poetries.

Though I am not much into poetry reading and till now, I had not read or reviewed any poetry book. With this eBook, I had decided to give this a try and I am glad that I took that decision.  

The book has different sections named the call of woman in me, love in its infinite form, Maa & motherhood, my unending battle with chronic endometriosis, and my beloved teacher, life’s gift to me (in random order). Each section has 10-25 collections of amazing poems dedicated to theme.  

All above mentioned sections (and theme) are so impressive and shows author’s journey in different areas and stages of life. Like the poems in first section “The woman in me”, shows Roma’s impressive personality as a strong woman. She has depicted various emotions like acceptance and enjoying and exploring life up to fullest, so beautifully in these poems.  

The next two sections, Roma introduce herself as a loving spouse and a caring mom. All the poems in these two sections are purely magical and express her eternal love for her loving husband and son. Poems are in these sections shares Roma’s personal journey as a wife and mom amazingly.  

Next section’s poems are all about her unending battle with chronic endometriosis. Though reading these poems make you feel sad but at the same time, you also observed an optimistic and “Never give up attitude” of Roma. She inspires you with her positive attitude and bring a smile on your face with her infectious vibrant energy.  

Last section has another amazing collection of poems (in random order) that express her various emotions and life events (like visiting from a memorable trip, celebrating blogging journey etc.). wonderfully.  

All poems had been written with power packed emotions and it touches your heart directly. As usual, the selection of words, narrating style and emotional quotient are par excellence. With this book, Roma has proved herself again as a magnificent writer. This book is a must read for all poetry readers and I am sure they will have an incredible experience after reading this book. Many congratulation to Roma for 7th book publication. I wish her all the best for all upcoming projects. If you are interested in downloading this book. Here is the link:

Parenting tween by Jyoti Kaur 

Parenting tween by Jyoti kaur
Parenting tween by Jyoti kaur

Book details  

Book name– Parenting Tweens  

Genera– Parenting 

Author– Jyoti Kaur 

Format– eBook      

Pages- 59 

Available on- blogchatter website for free download (for a limited time period)      

Rating- 4/5 

Book summary 

The book is an attempt to make parents aware of the pre–teen issues and give them solutions based on my experiences. There is so much literature on parenting babies, toddlers and teens but nothing specific to the tweens. A tween has many different and unique issues than a toddler or a teen. As we all know the pre-teen years are the foundational years for a person that prepares him /her for his /her life. A healthy, stable and disciplined foundation sets a child to take on life, studies and society in rightful manner. This is the age when the child starts to become independent. S/he wants to take independent decisions and wants to make choices, whether it is dress to wear or the food to eat. This is the age when a strong bond is required between a child and the parents and age-appropriate freedom should be encouraged. 

Author bio 

Jyoti is a full-time working mom and a blogger. Her blog is a creative space to share her experiences and lessons learnt with each passing phase of being a mom. Being a travel enthusiast, she loves to share her experiences as a traveler and as a mother travelling with kids.  

My take on book 

The next book that has caught my attention from eBook carnival was parenting tweens by Jyoti Kaur. Being a mom of tween, I felt the subject of book close to my heart and became curious to know Jyoti’s take and her parenting experience of raising a tween.  

The book has chapters. She has started with the basics and talked about common tween age issues and tween age parenting struggles in initial chapters. In first few chapters, she has shared art of connecting to tweens and discipline strategies for tween age kids.   going further, in each chapter she has tackled different tween age issues and their solutions one by one. She has shared some easy to adopt and practical parenting tips to deal with common tween age issues. The book covers wide range of topics such as tips for tackling phone addiction in tween, hygiene maintenance tips for tween and nutrition improvement in tweens and many more.  

Along with simple topics like homework help, Jyoti has also covered complex topics like peer pressure and cyber bulling in this book. Each chapter is well-organized. At the end of each chapter, she has given important pointers as conclusion. Book also has some fun topics like watching TV with tweens and 20 questions to ask a tween.  

The book has a good mix of content and she has tried to covered all possible tween age parenting topics in this book. The language of book is simple and easy to understand. The book shows that she is a such a loving and caring parent who gently take care each and every aspect of her tween girl.  

All and all, this eBook is a handy guide to get some practical parenting tips that will help you deal with common tween age problems and will show you a path to enjoy this parenting journey with more peace and less stress. Many congratulations to Jyoti for her second book publication. Wishing her all the best for future.  

If you are interested in downloading this book, click here

Hola summer by Sindhu Narayan 

Hola summer by Sindhu Vinod narayan
Hola summer by Sindhu Vinod narayan

Book details  

Book name– Hola summer 

Genera– health, skin care 

Author– Sindhu 

Format– eBook      

Pages- 30 

Available on- blogchatter website for free download (for a limited time period)      

Rating- 4/5 

Book summary 

Summers mean mangoes, beaches, vacations, and lots of fun. But it also comes with a lot of skincare woes. In a tropical country like India where we have extremely high temperatures, your skin needs that extra care to sail through. Join me as I let you know what are the common skincare problems, how to tackle them and ways to deal with skincare problems. I also give you detox recipes, list of summer drinks, summer foods to keep your skin glowing and a couple of DIY face masks. So, get ready to say Hola Summer. 

Author bio 

Sindhu was an ex- IT professional. Quit from IT career to take up her passion for content writing. Currently she is a multitasker being an Influencer, book reviewer, freelance content writer and most importantly mom of two kids under three. She also does product reviews for kid’s toys, homeschooling kits, Skincare products. 

My take on book 

As next pick, I had decided to read Sindhu’s “Hola summer” eBook. Here, in Pleasanton, it is time of hot summer days. So, I had thought to learn some practical summer skin care tips with her book.   

This eBook is a smart guide to learn some easy and practical skin care tips during summer. In initial chapters, she has started with some common summer skin problems like acne (or breakout), prickly heat, dry skin, and body odor and shared some easy and practical solutions to deal with it.  

In next chapter, she has also talked about another summer related important topic “Body heat”. This chapter is quite informative and she has shared great ways to reduce body heat. The book also has incredible list of summer food, summer drinks and summer face packs. She has also covered some summer special super food like chia seeds and cucumber in this books and shared easy DIY ways to get impressive benefits.  

 The language of book is simple and easy to understand. And suggested remedies are easy to follow and made up of easily available natural ingredients.  

If you want improve your skin care routine during summer and looking for a complete guide to get some practical guidance, then you should must check out this book. This book will enhance your knowledge regarding skin care during summer and will help you keep your skin healthier, if you follow suggested options. All and all a good handy guide to learn some amazing summer skin care tips. 

Many congratulations to Sindhu for another book publication. Wising her all the best for future.  

Here is the link to download book for free

This is all for part 1 of book recommendations from #Blogchatterebook carnival 2022.  

I will share two another amazing books recommendations from #Blogchatterebook carnival 2022 in next post. Stay tuned! 

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  • Ruchie

    I must say, I am fan of how Roma play with words that touches our string and really want to read the Amrita’s and Jyoti books. Thanks for sharing.

    • Imagemakeover

      Roma. Sindhu and Jyoti are great bloggers and authors too. Looking forward to grab my copy. Blogchatter e-book carnival is always a hit with awesome varieties of books. Thanks for reviewing dear.

  • Archana

    Thanks for sharing your honest reviews on amazing ebooks from Blogchatter’s library. it will definitely going to help me in picking my read. Yesterday only I have downloaded many books from there now all set to enjoy reading them.

  • Varsh

    I’m always impressed with the amazing variety of ebooks that come out of Blogchatter Ebook carnival every year. Would love to read Roma’s poetry as well as Sindhu’s tips on summer skincare.

    • Paresh Godhwani

      I didn’t participate in this year’s ebook carnival but I miss being among those writers. It is good to see Roma writing one more book and Doc coming up with another book to push aspirants to take that step further. I will definitely check these books out.

  • MeenalSonal

    Thanks Surbhi for adding our book in your reading collection. We are also reading books and must say poetry by Roma and parenting lessons from Jyoti are delight to read besides Sindhu tips are always helpful.

  • Shilpa Garg

    Some cool book themes by our fellow blog buddies. I’d like to check them all, especially Hola Summer, because the hot summers of Rajasthan creates havoc on my skin. So would like to check out the practical tips for skin care during summers. Thanks for recommending, Surbhi!

  • Anjali Tripathi

    Wonderful choice of books, Surbhi. All are unique, with their own genre and style created by our fellow blog buddies. I will indeed check them out.

    • Hansa Kajaria

      I’ve been following blogs of most of these authors and I can vouch that they are amazing writers. And what varied topics have each one chosen to write their book on. Splendid.

  • jhilmildsaha

    I so wanted to participate in the eBook festival this year. However, could not. Nice to know about these books by the bloggers.

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