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4 Amazing book recommendations from #Blogchatterebook library ( part 1)!

4 amazing book recommendations from blogchatterebook library!
4 amazing boom recommendations from blogchatterebook library!

Excited to share another book review post for book review series in association with #Blogchatterebook carnival. This week, instead of single book review, I am sharing 4 amazing book recommendations from #Blogchatterebook carnival. 

 All these 4 books are unique in their own way and have some USP factors. I had a great reader experience while reading these 4 books and now I am excited to share my honest input about the books. Read the post to know more! (This post will be in 2 parts, so make sure to read both posts to know more about this!) 

First book: A2Z tips for effective parenting: parenting tips and tricks for handling newborns and toddlers 

A2z tips for effective parenting: e book by Jyoti Kaur

 Book details 

Book name– A2Z tips for effective parenting: parenting tips and tricks for handling new Borns and toddlers! 

Genera– Parenting 

Author– Jyoti Kaur 

Format– eBook    

Pages- 77 

Available on- blogchatter website for free download (for a limited time period)    

Rating- 4.5/5 

Book summary 

The book is a collection of all the parenting related issues, queries and solutions that the author experienced till her child was a toddler. She has addressed the issues in the form of tips, tricks and strategies. The book gives new parents easy tips and confidence to get over the problems at hand, whether it is child related, their own physical transition or emotional trauma. The book insists on Effective Parenting by thinking differently about every situation, taking things calmly, and preparing new moms for the life ahead. 

Author bio 

Jyoti Kaur, is an architect, who is also following her passion for writing and blogging. She is a proud daughter, and strives to be a supermom.  

 From working actively in a design firm full-time, to now getting the privilege to work parttime from home, Jyoti never missed the experience of each little phase of parenting. She has enjoyed every moment of being a mother and her parenting journey has been incredible as she’s now more like a friend to her daughter, than a mother.  

 She loves to share her parenting journey on her blog Mom Captures Life with all the new moms out there, and her experiences as a mother is something which every new mother can relate to! She also captures snippets of her life related to Parenting, Travel and Lifestyle in her blogs. She shares useful tips, product reviews, her travelling experiences and expresses her views on health, education and lifestyle.   

My take on book 

Motherhood is most beautiful journey of any woman’s life. It is incredibly magical but equally challenging too. New moms (and new parents) go through various challenging phases while raising their little ones. They usually have plenty of doubts and concerns regarding different parenting issues.  

Though experts, neighbors, relatives and doctor google are always ready to help new parents by sharing (and sometimes throwing) plenty of parenting advices and this create an overwhelming state for new parents. The author of this book, Jyoti has gone through similar phase and with time, she has learnt a proper and structured way of dealing with various parenting issues. In this book, she has shared her own parenting journey and the way she has tackled her parenting issues and struggles.  

The book has 26 chapters and each chapter talks about various important parenting issues. She has started from the very basic as “Adjusting to motherhood” and later on covered various important parenting issues and challenges like ways to deal with toddler tantrum, tips of manage toddler’s sleep routine, dangers of baby walker, food jags in toddlers and many other, one by one.  

In each chapter, she has started from basic and root cause of particular parenting issue and later on share effective tips, tricks and strategies to deal with it. The detailing in each chapter is really impressive and truly helpful for new parents who faces these common parenting challenges during initial years of their parenting journey.  

Along with parenting challenges, Jyoti has also shared effective tips for parents in various chapters. Such as, in chapter 24 she has shared various ways and effective tips to deal with parental exhaustion and in chapter 26, she has also shared “learn to live with zero mom guilt”.  

The language of book is simple and easy to understand. The tone is friendly and encouraging for new parents.  

The book has made me nostalgic and I re-called many beautiful memories (and challenges) of my initial years of motherhood. I had a great experience while reading this book and I truly appreciate Jyoti’s efforts for helping other new moms with her parenting experience through this book.  

This book is a must read for all new parents and parents to be. And I am sure this will help them a lot to deal with various parenting issues with more calm and peaceful approach.  

My Heartiest congrats to Jyoti for publishing her first e book and I wish her loads of good luck for great success of book, in future.  

The book is available for free download on blog chatter website for limited period of time.  

Here is link to download it for free.

Second book: Cinco of Shrav Vs Sana by Suhasini

Cinco of Shrav Vs Sana

Book details 

Book name– Cinco of Shrav Vs Sana 

Genera– children’s book, kids’ fiction 

Author– Suhasini  

Format– eBook    

Pages- 27 

Available on- blogchatter website for free download (for a limited time period)    

Rating- 4.5/5 

Book summary 

Shrav vs Sana is a series of stories between two kids – Shrav and Sana. Both of them are different in nature but are good friends. Both of them keep fighting with each other, learning from each other, and can’t stay without each other. 

Welcome to the world of Shrav and Sana to understand how they spend time with each other and what pranks both of them are upto.This book contains five short stories about Shrav and Sana and their small fights. Check out the book to see who will be winning these fights. 

Author bio 

Shravmusings is the pen name of the mother and Son duo. Suhasini (the mother) has teamed up with her son (Shravanth) to capture the amazing journey of Shravanth through his childhood on their blog Shravmusings.  Mommy, Suhasini, is a trained Kids Life Coach and a Mental Health blogger. She blogs about her Parenting approach, her discoveries on Kids Mental Health, and the books she reads at MommyShravmusings. 

My take on book 

Being a creative person and a mommy of two young girls, I loved art of storytelling. I believe story telling is an amazing way to teach good things to kids and make them learn important life lesson in a fun and creative way.  

In this book, author has utilized the “art of storytelling” in a beautiful and an elegant manner. The book is collection of 5 amazing stories and each story has a meaningful approach and talk about various common problems that many kids and parents face during day-to-day life.  

Shrav and Sana are the lead characters of these stories and both have their individual personalities. One side, Shrav is a cool, sporty and talkative kid, and another side, Sana is a fun loving and bubbly girl.  

Each story starts with a nice set up of family happenings and friendly conversation between lead characters Shrav and Sana. Later on, it moves further in direction of various common issues and problems that many kids face during routine life.  For example: story one, “Dam dam: Tus tus”, is all about facing the fear. Shrav has a fear of balloons and did not like the loud noises that balloon makes. As the story progresses, Sana helps him and give an idea of “Anxiety box”. With the help of this box, Shrav reduces her anxiety and overcome the fear of loud noise that balloon makes.  

This one is just an example. All five stories have same brilliant approach and talk not only about various important issues related to childhood life but also show a creative way to deal with them.  

Here is a list of life lesson that these stories offer to our kids: 

  • How to deal with fear and overcome it by keeping a creative approach (anxiety box) 
  • Why it is not ok to be overconfident about your skills and talent?  
  • Life is short and unpredictable. It is important to live in the moment, to enjoy it up to fullest.  
  • Why it is not ok to quit any activity, if you failed at once? 
  • Why procrastination is not a good habit and how can kids overcome this?  

These life lessons are biggest USP of this book and author has done an excellent job in making these stories meaningful and worthy for kids. The language of book is simple and easy to understand and the lead charterers are so cute and seems like a part of our family.  

I had read this book with my girls and we three had an amazing experience while reading it. I highly recommended this book to all parents and kids who want to have some amazing story telling fun with great learning.  

My heartiest congratulation to mommy and son duo (Suhasini and Shravanth) for this amazing book publication and I wish them both lots of success and happiness for future.  

The book is available on blog chatter website for free download for a limited period of time.  

Click here to download it for free.

Do not forget to download my third e book, “A2Z of common diseases and their homeopathic treatment”. Here is link to download it for free.

In next post, I will share two more amazing book recommendation( Cindy’s book inner feelings and dr. Bushra’s book “Unborn angel”) from #Blogchatterebook, stay tuned to know more! 


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