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#Bookreview- Bloggers Unplugged: A beautiful pictorial eBook by Ruchi Verma to learn the 26 amazing lessons from bloggers life!

Bloggers unplugged- eBook
Bloggers unplugged-eBook

During last decade, blogging has been immersed as a one of the most promising career options, all across the world. More and more people are exploring this filed to either as a help to grow their existing business or sharing their talent or expertise with world. Now, there are more than 6 million blogs are present all across the web and this number is increasing every day.  

But despite gaining much popularity, blogging and bloggers life still have many pre conceived notion among general population. In many developing countries, people still think and have many misconceptions about this creative field, such as “Blogging is just a time pass activity” and “Blogging is just an easy way to earn some extra bucks or get free stuffs”.  

Not all people understand or want to understand the amount of hard work bloggers put to grow their blogs. 

In true sense, blogging is not just a time pass activity. It is a kind of any other professional work or responsibility that involve continuous creation of useful, informative content for their readers and make a difference in their life by doing this thing religiously.  

Personally, I have a mixed experience during my last 5 years of blogging career. One side, there are people who appreciate your passion and hard work for blogging, another side you may receive nasty comments (like wastage of time) that may kill your morale.  

Anything related to blogging and bloggers life always make me feel excited and curious. This year, when during A2Z challenge, one of my dear friends Ruchi has shared her theme for challenge as “Bloggers unplugged”, I found it really exciting. I loved her posts during challenge and now, with #Blogchatterebook carnival, she has also launched her eBook on same theme.  

Recently, I had read this good and had a good reader experience.  

 Why this book is special? And what are some unique features of this amazing e book? Read the post to know more! 


Blogging is one of the known professions, but the hard work, dedication, and planning go behind a successful blog that is always underestimated. There are myths about bloggers that they work only for free, to get free stuff, or just to kill the time.   

But there are many challenges every blogger face in their day-to-day life and excel in that to stay in this blogging world.   

This e-book is a sneak peek into bloggers’ life called Bloggers Unplugged to know more about their life. It will be helpful for new bloggers who are starting their blog with different blogging terminology but in a little fun way.  

Author bio 

Ruchi Verma, well known and multiple award-winning Blogger listed among the 50 top most influential content marketing professionals and Certified Teen parenting practitioners. She started her blogging journey as she wanted to share and learn with everyone. 7 years in this blogging journey she learned a lot, and this book is her dream to share back the knowledge with others that she gained. 

 She has won many prestigious blogging awards such as Digital Award winner Rising Lady 2020, Winner of Influencer women of the year 2020, Listed in BEST INDIAN BLOG 2019-2020 by Top Indian Blogs. Winner of Perfect Achievers Award 2019 by Perfect Woman Magazine, listed among TOP 50 MOST INFLUENTIAL CONTENT MARKETING PROFESSIONAL by WMC, Winner of Shinning Big Blogger Award July 2019, Winner of most POPULAR FASHION BLOGGER by the Orange Flower 2018, Winner of most Stylish blogger by the Orange Flower 2017, Felicitated as Shakti Nari Samman by Sajjaavismaya and Mentor and Mascot on 8th March 2019, Winner of Vibrant Women 2019 by Falcon|  

Unique features of this book 

The theme of this book is really unique and relatable 

Apart from being a heath care professional, blogging is my second professional identity. Anything related to blogging always make me excited. I really liked the theme of this book. It is so relatable and close to my heart. 

 As author said in preface of this book, “hard work, dedication, and planning go behind a successful blog that is always underestimated. There are myths about bloggers that they work only for free, to get free stuff, or just to kill the time”.  

 Being a blogger, I could co related with these kinds of incidences and honestly, it hurts a lot. Not many people really know that amount of hard work, bloggers put in creating useful content for their readers and put lots of effort to reach a stage where they are.  

There are many important areas of bloggers life that always remain #Unplugged. There are many important but hidden aspects of bloggers life that need to be told and revealed to general audience.  

With this book, author Ruchi Verma has taken that step and create this beautiful pictorial e book to tell us more about the blogger’s life and behind the scene action of this creative field. With this book, she has done bloggers life unplugged in most creative and wonderful way.  

I felt the theme of this eBook is so unique, relatable and close to my heart.  

The book has a unique combo of fun and informative element 

Usually most of the books follow a single genus or theme and provide us some kind of value as a reader either being informative (self-help, skill based) or entertaining (comic, romantic, thriller etc.).  But this e book has an amazing combo of fun and informative element.  

Along with written content, book also has an amazing collection of fun graphics. These graphics told the various important and interesting aspect of bloggers life in a fun way. These graphics will make you laugh while telling elements of behind the scene action of bloggers life.  

Along with this fun graphics, the book has excellent informative content. Author has pot lots of efforts and hard work to share some useful information for bloggers.  

unique combo of fun and informative element is another USP of this eBook.

Graphics are USP of this book and made up with excellent creative and technical skills 

This one is another impressive feature of this book. Look at these examples:  

Image source: 

Image source: 

Each one of these tell an amazing story in few words. One side they are funny but another side, they convey a strong behind the scene action from bloggers life. I felt that these graphics have been made with an excellent creative and technical skills. I just loved them and would love to learn the skill to make this kind of graphics. Thanks a lot, to author for introducing this unique element to us through this eBook.  

Book also has great information especially useful for new bloggers 

Though many people assume that blogging is just for fun, they may not know the various important aspect of blogging filed and associated technicalities.   

This eBook has a great collection of topics that can be used by new bloggers as a handy guide to understand and learn the various important aspects of blogging technicalities. Starting from A to “about me” section to Z “Zipping the spam comments”, author has covered many important blogging topics that can be extremely beneficial for new bloggers. They can learn various important aspects of blogging with this e book. The language of this e book is simple and easy to understand. author has explained everything properly with needed details.  

Here some highlights from few chapters to get an idea, how this book can help you to understand the integrity and technicality of blogging field.  

  • Use of right keywords are one of the most important aspect of blog writing that help you get high rank in search. But it may feel confusing and overwhelming to new bloggers. In chapter 11 of this eBook as “Keyword”, author has explained this important topic so well with proper details.  
  • In same way, chapter 19 is “SEO” that is another important but challenging subject for new bloggers. Ruchi has explained this topic in simple yet efficient language in this chapter.  

Indeed, this information is useful for bloggers and they can learn a lot about different important aspects of blogging with the help of this e book.  

What is missed?  

Though book has a great blend of fun and informative element but at some places, it looks little mis matched. Author could add more fun element (in written content) to make it more cohesive and comprehensive. 


As a conclusion, I would say the book is a perfect read for both bloggers and general readers. Bloggers will get a chance to learn so much about blogging with this e book and general readers will get an idea about how bloggers put so much efforts for their field.  

All and all a great book. Many congratulations to Ruchi for this amazing achievement and I wish her lots of good luck for great success of this book.  

The book is available on blogchatter website for free download for a limited time period.  

Here is a link to download it for free.

So, this is all for now.  

Stay tuned for more amazing book reviews from #Blogchatterebook carnival.  


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