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#BlogchatterA2Z “Z”- Z theme activities for kids and Zeal of completing first A2Z challenge.

Finally we reach at the end of #BlogchatterA2Z and I am so happy that I did it.

It is the last post and as Z, I am sharing two things.

Two easy Z theme activities that kids will love it.

And secondly will share the “Zeal of completing first #Blogchattera2Z”

Z theme activity for kids

Zoo visit

I am sure we all have done this awesome family activity as a child and as a parent too. And we all have loads of fun with it. Here I am sharing some easy tips to make this activity more fun.

  • Pre pan your trip properly and give an idea to kids about your trip by showing different videos or reading books
  • Raise child’s curiosity and get an idea about his/her interest by mutual discussion.
  • Prepare a list of questions which kids want to know.
  • For smaller kids it is great opportunity to learn about different animals and explore the animal world.
  • You can play fun games too.
  • Prepare the project or journal about your filed trip experience.
  • Along with great fun zoo visit could be an awesome learning experience for kids, if we plan our tip properly.

Zebra puppet

Puppet making is one of my favourite activities that we enjoy so much. And we can lots of variations in puppet making by using different kind of material or craft supplies. Last summer we had made cute paper puppet and now, we want to try making this by using fabric and felt.


  • Fabric pieces or felt
  • Googly eyes
  • Basic sewing material
  • Fabric glue


  • First draw the zebra on white paper ( you can draw one of your favourite animal or other favourite design)
  • Now, use this as stencil and cut the fabric or felt in same shape.
  • Now take out the two sides of same design and sew them by turning them opposite side.
  • After sewing properly turn it, and your beautiful zebra puppet will be ready.

So these 2 are easy activity for Z theme. I hope you will like it.

As this one is the last post, I want to take an opportunity to say thanks a lot to my family, friends, and most importantly my blogging friends and readers, who had supported me so well in this journey. I was so apprehensive in the beginning and did not have enough confidence that I will survive till the end, but luckily it happens. With the positive comments and appreciation, I had pulled it off up to end, and tried to share something useful and informative with each post.

The series is also special for me, because I had written it with the help of my little girls. There are so many ideas (and especially videos) are hard work of elder one. So I am so glad that they had contributed this in journey. With this series, they had learnt a lot and we had spent a great quality time together.

Now I am super nervous and excited for next step, and that is publishing my first E book

I want to do it but not sure at this stage, would I be able to do it or not?

Had few doubts and questions..?

Lastly I have a humble request to you all, and want a favour from you. Please give me your honest feedback about my “Creative kid’s series”. Please let me know,

  • What did you like most? I mean, which kind of posts you find more good and informative?
  • What did you not like in the series?
  • What can I add to series to make it more valuable?

Please answer these questions in comment box? I will be so thankful to you. Your feedback will help me a lot to plan my first e book properly and more efficiently.

Thanks again and happy parenting!

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