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#BlogchatterA2Z, “X”- X-mas Crafts for kids!

#BlogchatterA2Z journey has come to an end and yes! We had reached to alphabet “X”.

Though it is summer time but when I had thought to create, write and share something that starts with letter “X”, the first thing that came in mind was “X-Mas Crafts”. I felt that X-mas crafts would be the best activity to share with this alphabet and I am sure kids will love it.

Why we had selected this theme?

Christmas is one of the most favourite festivals of my girls. Especially when we moved to USA, we had seen such a vibrant and awesome celebration of this festival. It is the time when native people plan their holidays and celebration so perfectly. It is the time when you see lots of preparation that rolling around from home décor to gift shopping, home baking and Christmas crafting. Even in school kids had great time with celebration spirit with fun and enjoyment.

Additionally, it is the time when season’s first or second snow happens. And nature looks so beautiful this time. With all these magical things, we can have some great family time while enjoying this awesome and grand festival.

So to keep the spirit of celebration vibrant we had made some simple Christmas crafts, which I am sharing here. Hoping you will like it.

Popsicle snow flakes

Snowflakes are one of the most easiest and popular Christmas crafts that kids enjoy so much. And luckily you can do lots of variations with this craft. Such as,

  • Paper snowflakes
  • Beaded snowflakes
  • Popsicle snowflakes

We had selected Popsicle snowflakes. The method is very simple. Arrange the Popsicle sticks in shape of a snowflake and glue the cotton balls at the end. An attractive snowflake is ready.

Christmas theme photo frame

This one is another simple activity that could be done in few minutes. Take out readymade felt Christmas ornaments (you can make this at home too with little effort). Cut out the felt in photo frame shape and glue the ornaments on border in stylish way. Your attractive Christmas theme photo frame is ready.


Christmas cards

You can make pretty Christmas cards by using drawing sheet, colours and decorative materials. This card could be used as an excellent gift option and kids can use it for their friends too.

Few other ideas for Christmas theme crafts:

I had shared two more crafts previously that can be used as a “Christmas Crafts”. These are:

  • Cotton ball Santa
  • And snowman bookmark.

Here I am listing few more ideas that is commonly use as “Christmas crafts”

  • Snow globe from mason jar
  • Snowman from old socks

So these are some ideas to celebrate Christmas with crafty fun. Which one is your favourite? Please share!

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