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#BlogchatterA2Z, “U”- Unique handmade gift for papa “Missing Diary”

The journey of #BlogchatterA2Z is coming towards an end and I am so happy that I had managed this time to write a post and read regularly.

Now it is time to share today’s post, and today I am talking about “Handmade gifts”.

I am sure you all would be agreeing that handmade gifts are so unique and special.

 And when it comes to perfect gift selection, I think that express your feeling with the handmade gift is the best choice. It will be a most precious thing that anyone can receive at a special moment or in generally too.

So, in this post I am sharing an idea about handmade gift that will be truly special and unique to your dear one.

The topic is “Unique handmade gift for dear papa, “Missing diary”.

How this project starts?

It was 4 years ago when my husband moved to the USA from India to complete a software project. And I was in the India with kids for their exam sessions. It was a difficult time for us and kids were missing their papa so much. They had been missing each moment of happiness and togetherness with him.

So, I had thought why not make a handmade gift to share your feelings and love for your papa. It will be a precious gift filled with all tiny moments that you want to share with him. So we had decided to make a unique gift, with the following method.


  • Empty old folder
  • Washi tape
  • Some pictures (cut from old magazines or newspaper)
  • Glue and scissor
  • Decorative lace
  • Lots of emotion and imagination.


 First, I had inspired them to narrate their all moments and feelings for their papa which they were missing. Then they had written these messages in an attractive manner on white paper.

These were the messages:

  1. Some days are good, some days are bad but some days are “difficult” especially those days when we are far away from those, whom we love so much. So we had (angel and pranjal) thought to share some memories of the days without you.
  2. Dear papa, the day when you went, we were feeling so alone and crying also. We were missing playing with you, doing household with you, your help and guidance.
  3. Going park with you, visiting the zoo with you.
  4. Then we went to Pune. Nana-Nani were there. We had played with them. The rain is falling; we had sailed our paper boat in the water. But still, we were missing you.
  5. Then again we came to Nagpur, going back to school. And waiting for coming to the USA.
  6. Finally, the day came when we are ready to fly and having so many dreams about our new house and a new place.
  7. Papa, we love you so much. We cannot live with you. You are the most wonderful dad in the world.

After completing all messages, we had collected some beautiful pictures from the old magazine to narrate the story in a thoughtful way.

  • Then glue all the pictures with the message and punch it in an empty folder.
  • Finally, decorate the cover page with washi tape and decorative lace.
  • “Missing diary” a unique gift was ready.

After 3 months, when we moved to the USA. My daughters had given the prettiest gift to their papa. And he had the tear of happiness in his eyes. It was really a unique gift that he had ever received.

Did you have made a missing diary for your dear one? Do share with us

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