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#BlogchatterA2Z, “T” Try these activities to develop leadership qualities in kids!

Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others””- John Maxwell

Leadership is a great quality that promotes intellectual development in kids and endows them with a confidence and positive attitude. Some people believe that great leaders are born and some people believe that they are made.

Personally, I believe some kids are good leaders by nature while some kids needs to be encouraged. By being a leader kids will develop great qualities such as honesty, positive attitude, good communication skill and team spirit.

This is the last week of #BlogchatterA2Z and as “T” I am sharing, “Try these activities to develop leadership qualities in kids!”

These activities are so simple and based on my personal experience. Hoping you will like it.

 Three c- cooperation, collaboration and communication are very important to develop leadership quality in kids. So to make it simple, I had divided these in to two categories:

  • Activities or their own growth and mental development.
  • Activities for improving communication skill, team work and managing other people.

So some simple activities for first categories are-

1 .Make a poster with a theme called “who am I”? – It is a simple activity that can be done in a fun manner to promote great intellectual and leadership qualities in kids. First start with some basic questions and asked your child, who am I? Then asked all other simple questions to them regarding their personality like what is your favourite dish?  What is your favourite sport, dress, friend, pet, ambition of your life? Where do you stay? Then collect the pictures of all answers from old magazine and glue them on a chart and stick a photo of your kid in middle. Your “who am I?” chart is ready. It is a very simple activity that kids enjoy so much and learn a lot about their personal personality traits and strengths.

2. Make I can….I cannot chart– it is another activity to motivate kids for intellectual development. Prepare a chart with a theme called what can I do and what I cannot and tell them to write down the things which they can do and cannot (according to their age) and then encourage them to learn all those skills which they had in I cannot category.

3. Writing skills– encourage them to write on small projects like weekend writing (what they done this weekend) or write a letter to close relative (grandparents). Writing is a great skill that promotes intellectual development, thinking process and organised thinking skills. And ultimately helps in raising a leader too.

4. Speaking ability– Motivate them to participate in all school events (like debate, extempore) to increase confidence of public speaking. Family events like role play, drama or interview of family member can also be helpful in developing their vocabulary and knowledge.

So these are some simple activities that help in creating a sense of self awareness in kids.

Now move on the second category.

Activities to develop good team spirit and communication skills

Though participating in extracurricular activities helps a lot in developing good team spirit and positive attitude in kids. But as a small step, we can do these things at home.

  1. Inspire them to participate in household discussion (according to their age and for common issues only) – family is basic unit of society and if a person can understand his/her family members well. He -would be able to understand other people also. This thing can be start at home by parents with simple involvement of kids in ordinary household issues like:
  • What to make in dinner?
  • Make a shopping list of household items.
  • Plan a holiday or birthday party.
  • Discuss a common problem like how to keep house properly clean? Or how can we avoid wastage of food or other things?

Discuss these kinds of small family issues with kids on weekly or monthly basis and tell them to share their opinion and at the end add your thoughts as a conclusion to improve their mistakes and complete the thought process.

2. Scavenger hunt- it is a wonderful game to fasten the thought process and decision making. Although it is usually played among group of kids, but why not try this at home also? Select a leader for each group of family member and enjoy this game with hints from other team. Try to find the hidden object. Kids would love it.

3.  Frequent visit- to senior citizen home, orphanage and other social organisation to make them understand need and situation of other people.

4.  Volunteering– in different social and community activity is also a good idea to motivate them.

So these are my ideas to raise a leader What is yours? Do not forget to share. Until then Happy parenting!

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  • Pr@Gun

    Nice post for all kids specially when vacations are around. weekend writing, visit to old age or orphanage, household discussion brings in the responsible behavior too.

  • Abhijit

    All the activities you listed are very good to understand independent thinking ability of a person. A leader must be able to decide and take a decision that may be risky. Question is are all people born leaders? Or can we make a leader out of anyone? I think one should see the spark in a person, groom him, train him and then see how good a leader he is. Not all people may like to take or got what a leadership demands. At the same time, while a political leader may be extrovert, outgoing and a dream merchant. a thought leader may weave beautiful stories, essays and novels. A sports leader may do things in his field. Point is ability to stand above the herd and show them the direction at the time of crisis.

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