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#BlogchatterA2Z, “M”- Magic with Empty boxes- A Cool Craft activity for kids!

A Sign of relief..

We had reach in week 3 of #BlogchatterA2Z and I am feeling so relaxed that half of journey is done. With this new week, I am again all set to share some exciting creative activities for kids, and I am sure they will love it.

Here is the basic thought,

How we had selected this theme?

It was a routine weekend and we had done lots of shopping. And as a result we had a whooping pile of boxes. Instead of throwing them in trash, I had thought why not use these boxes to create some wonderful crafts.  With a little imagination boxes wouldn’t hover around your garage waiting to be trashed. So we had decided to keep “box craft theme” for this week.

There are several advantages to use different boxes (such as shoe box, cereal box, salt box) as a main craft material.

  • These boxes have different colour, size, shape and texture. So with a little creativity and imagination we can make some amazing crafts. That can be range from simple table or make-up organizer to fun kid toy, puppet theatre, diorama, wall art, photo frame, shadow box and so on options are endless.
  • Second advantage is that there is no need to buy expensive decorative craft material to make crafts with them. You just need decorative paper or fabric, glue, scissor or craft knife and some other decorative material (optional and available at home). By using them we can make elegant crafts and fun toys. All you need is a sense of dedication, imagination and clear eagerness.
  • Recycling is third major advantage of selecting a box theme. We are saving money, energy and environment. So instead of buying expensive toys, use these boxes to create cute toys. You  kids will get lots of fun. And these cute box creations will entertain them for many hours.

So we had started our craft series with “Box craft theme”-

Shoe box toy display unit

personally, I loved shoe boxes as a basic craft material. They come in different size and colour. With minimum decoration, we can get an amazing result.

Craft supplies

  • shoe boxes (different colour but same shape)
  • Decorative paper and other decorating material (optional)
  • Glue
  • Soft toys  
  • Hanging pin


Select a proper place (living room or bed room) to make a toy display unit. Then gathered shoe boxes (without lid), you can decorate inside space with a decorating paper or colour it. Otherwise it can be used as it is. Hang them on a wall in an interesting pattern with the help of essential tools. Now placed some beautiful soft toys in it. Your super easy toy display unit is ready.

Shoe box doll house

making different fun toys for kids with shoe boxes is another brilliant idea. We had made a super cool doll house with a shoe box.

Craft supplies

  1. shoe box
  2. Mini toys (mirror, furniture, bed, dolls)
  3. Decorative paper or fabric


Set a doll house with a shoe box at a perfect place. Use bright colour fabric or paper for flooring. Then add all mini toys in doll house according to your choice. Your elegant doll house is ready to play. The kids will think that you are a super magician after you conquer this pretty doll house for them.

My daughters were so happy with the end result. They had hours of fun with this unique doll house.

Saltbox bird feeder

I had some empty salt boxes. And this time we had used it as a base to make a bird feeder.

Craft supplies

  • Salt box
  • Decorative paper
  • Craft knife
  • Hanging lace or yarn
  • Bird seed


  • Cut the empty salt boxes with a knife or scissor at a lower end to make an appropriate opening.
  • Decorate in with decorative paper.
  • Put seeds at lower end and hang it with a lace.
  • Your easy bird feeder is ready.

Cardboard box toy T.V.  

milk carton or any hard cardboard box can be used to make a fun toy T.V. for kids. They will absolutely adore it. It wouldn’t actually show any real T.V. show but pretend is just as fun when you are little.

Craft supplies

  • Cardboard box
  • Craft knife
  • Card board pieces cut in different shapes (for making antenna and T.V. switches)
  • Colour paint and other decorative material

Method– cut the cardboard box with a craft knife in a T.V. shape, and then adds minor elements according to your choice and imagination. A fun toy T.V. is ready to play. You can take it for kid’s picnic for extra fun.

So these were our crafts with the “box theme” and we had lots of fun with creativity and imagination. Which craft theme you enjoyed most? Do not forget to share. Until then, happy crafting!

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