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#BlogchatterA2Z, “J”- Joy of Creating family art activities

 Its week 2 of #BlogchahterA2Z, and I am so excited to moving forward this amazing. But this week has been hard for me so far. With extensive travelling and moving plan to another city in this week, I am having a hard time to write and read regularly.

But it has been said that “Show must go on…”

So I am here to bring another set of exciting activities in latest post.

I am trying to making this post more relevent and suitable for summer vacation.

Do you know, crafting and other creative activities offers various benefits for kids. in fact, it helps in your child’s personality development.

Read here to know, 6 incredible ways in which summer crafts help your childs personality development 

Creating art is a great family activity that can be enjoyed during vacation. Apart from routine crayon and colours, drawing and painting….this time I had decided to do something different and unique to keep my kids busy and active during vacation. Sharing two amazing creative activities that could be used a great family activities to enjoy your vacation with fun and creativity.

Patchwork- patchwork is an art that involves sewing together the small pieces of fabric into a large design. The larger design and end result is usually based on repeat patterns built up with the different fabric shapes. Usually, all kids love to collect different items and arranged them in box lids and the fabric is a part of everyday life. Spending happy times by playing with swatches of fabric samples could be a great variation and make the super easy kid’s patchwork project (like the pillow cover, quilt) is an extra fun for them.

Even though there are various patchwork sewing kits (especially for kids) are available in stores, but it is totally optional. In fact, a small collection of fabrics, basic sewing material and a desire to create your own masterpiece is enough for getting started.

The book– “patchwork folk art” is a great book, written by Janet Bolton to get started. This is a great book for beginners. Janet has explained each step of this traditional folk art in detail. She has started with the basic step of inspiration and fabric selection and then include the composition to exciting techniques for free-hand cutting and stitching, different shape formation, adding an object and finally framing the picture, she makes the entire process seem easy. The book is filled with the great pictures, illustrations and eye-catching examples of Janet’s extraordinary work.  Full-size templates are provided for those who want to reproduce her wonderful work and for those who prefer to create completely original pictures with their imagination; she has offered all the guidance, inspiration and helpful tips. So pull out your fabric, button and ribbon collection and get ready to have fun in the folk art tradition.

Scrapbooking– scrapbooking is the second option for a good family art activity. Kids would love it. We all had special moments in our life. And photographs provide happy reminders of those special moments, places, peoples or occasion. By displaying photographs creatively we can create lasting mementoes that will be a constant source of pleasure and joy for a family. Scrapbooking is the exact art to do that. In essence, the elements of scrapbook tell us a story. What is the event? Where and when did it take place? All explained beautifully through the art of displaying pictures.

The book-” complete guide to scrapbooking” is a beautifully presented practical book (by- Alison Lindsay) to understand the art of scrapbooking. The first few sections teach us the art of creative image making by using different appropriate techniques such as photographic mosaic and transferring photographs onto fabric. Then there is guidance in choosing or creating colour co-ordinated backgrounds that complement the pictures. The best part of the book is that there is the wide collection of different themes according to season, celebrations, festivals, travel with great pictures and detailed instructions. You can learn how to use patterns effectively, in making colleges, work with paint, stamps, chalk, stencils, embossing, powders and even fabrics and stitch with the help of this book. This is the ultimate sourcebook for all scrap bookers. And when you create a fabulous end result as a scrap book with your family it will boost your happiness with fun.

So these were my ideas to spend the quality time with kids. Plan a “family art activity” is the just beginning, we can plan “family art exhibition” among friends and other family members for extra fun and creativity. Will share more exciting art and crafts activity in upcoming posts, to keep your kids active during vacation. So stay tuned!

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