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#BlogchatterA2Z, “A”- Aquarium in a bottle- A Cool Craft activity for kids!

Finally, the wait is over and it’s time to get start with Blog chatter A2 Z challenge.

As I had revealed in previous post, we are so excited to starting our journey with the selected theme,

Creative kids”

Arts, crafts, activities and much more…

An Awesome kids activity series by Angel, Pranjal and mamma

I am hoping kids and their mammas (and papa too) will learn lots of fun-creative activities with this series and will have loads to fun too.

We are starting

 A as “Aquarium in a bottle”

Why we had selected this activity?

My girls loved everything about the ocean, sea, sea animals. They had a great sense of curiosity about knowing all important facts about sea life. Another side, they always want to keep fish as a pet. (Sorry but I cannot do it with real fish and it’s hard to maintain a real aquarium)

So with their love for sea animals and fulfilling the desire of having a fish a pet, I had decided to make an aquarium in a bottle craft.


“Aquarium in a bottle” is simple sensory, filled with fun, activity that is suitable for pre-schooler (3-4 years of age) to older (7-8 years) of old kids. Kids will have lots of fun with this.


  • Empty bottle
  • Stones (of various sizes, small and medium)
  • Tiny branches of trees
  • Blue or green colour
  • Glitter (optional)
  • Plastic figurine (fish, octopus, you can use any sea animals as per your choice and availability)

How to do it?

  • First wash the bottle and clear labels.
  • Now, add the stone of various sizes in the bottom
  • Then Arrange tiny green branches of trees creatively
  • Add water
  • Also, add green or blue colour
  • Add glitter to make water more sparkly
  • Now, add plastic figurines of  your choice
  • Shake it well
  • Your beautiful bottle aquarium is ready to play

Additional tips

You may add some LED connections to make your aquarium more beautiful.

What will kids learn for this activity?

This super cool activity has lots of benefits

  • For pre-schooler it is a great activity to learn about sea animals
  • It is a great example of sensory activity
  • With this activity kids will develop a sense of creativity as there could be different ways to do this awesome DIY. Even, you can make an aquarium with a card box.

How to do it?


  • Cardboard box
  • Sand
  • Stones
  • Plastic sea animals
  • Paint
  • Knife to cut the cardboard box


  • First cut the card board box in a rectangle
  • Paint it with blue colour
  • Now, place the stone and sand
  • Arrange plastic figurine creativity
  • Your beautiful cardboard box aquarium is ready


  • This one is a great recycling crafts and kids will learn importance of recycling
  • Converting trash into the treasure is one of the most beautiful feeling and all kids and even grown up enjoyed it so much.

My girls have great fun while doing it. Please do it at your home with your kids, and let me know your experience about it. watch the video for full tutorial.

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