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#FindingMyselfblogtrain: 6 effective ways that help you finding your true-self!

6 Effective ways to finding your true-self

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Finding Myself: An incredible journey to discover your true self!

Finding myself (or finding yourself) may sounds like a philosophical or spiritual term but in true sense, it is a vital and important aspect of any one’s individual personality.  

As per expert definition, finding yourself means being more aware of the person who you are, and accepting of your feelings, thoughts, goals and dreams.  

In simple words, it is a process of cultivating a deeper understanding of knowing more about yourself that includes what is important in your life? What is your passion? And what are the things that motivates you and brings a sense of inner peace and satisfaction in your life. 

There are no fixed or universal ways that lead to a path of self-discovery (or finding yourself). It is a lifelong learning journey of self-exploration. It is a constant process that help you in being a better individual and also supports in other areas of life.  

Personally, I cannot say that I have found myself or explore the path of “Self-discovery” completely, but yes, I had tried and learnt few ways that has helped me in finding my true self and made the path of “self-discovery” little smoother.  

In this post, I am sharing 6 effective ways that has helped me finding my true self. Hoping these pointers will help you in some extent. Read the post to know more! 

6 effective ways that help you finding your true self!

6 effective ways that help you finding your true self
6 effective ways that help you finding your true-self

Write it down & follow a process of introspection in timely manner 

write down
write down

Since childhood, I strongly believe in therapeutic power of writing. As a child, I used to write my various learning experiences and day to day events in my diary. This writing habit always helped me in enhancing problem solving skills and also had shown me a path to finding my true self.  

And now, as a grown-up too, I believe “art of writing” has benefited me up to a great extent. This art has supported my “self-discovery” journey brilliantly and also encouraged me to achieved desired goals in life.  

Write down your achieved and desired goals creates a vision in your life. I believe, when we feel stuck in life and unable to take any decisions, writing can offer a great help in clearing out cluttered thought process and gives you a better idea about what is most important in your life? What are the things that motivates you or make you feel passionate?  

Along with writing, introspect your feelings, emotions and past experiences is another wonderful way to finding your true self. When you follow a process of analyzing your past mistakes, or recalled the best past experiences, then you get a proper insight of your actual personality. This introspection process is indeed a best way to start a journey of self-exploration and finding out your true self.  

Clear your mind and work on your thought process 

clear your mind
Clear your mind

This one is another important step that will help you in finding your true self. I am sure, you all would be agree that since childhood, we grew up in an atmosphere that enforce multiple types of pressure (social, parental etc.) in our day-to-day life and put a strong impact on our overall personality development and thought process.  

From dressing up to making a carrier choice and from getting married to having kids, our decisions are highly influenced (and pressurized) by people of surrounding community. Friends, family and even neighbors created a strong impact on our thought process. With this pressurizing system, we often forget what we actually want to do in our life? And what are our real expectations from life?  

This pressurizing thought process creates a major obstacle in “self-discovery” journey. If we want to find out our true self, it is very important to clear our mind. Having a clear thought process build a strong foundation that leads you on the path of finding yourself successfully.  

Cultivate a sense of self-worth & believe in yourself 

believe in yourself
Believe in yourself

In order to find ourselves, it is important that we cultivate a sense of self-worth & self-confidence in our personality. Believe in yourself and recognizing your personal power are one of the essential elements for finding ourselves. Learn from your past mistakes and start trusting on your own skills and judgments. Developing a sense of self-worth, aligned and connect you with your inner wisdom and you get a better control over your thought process and actions.  

Spend more quality time with yourself 

Do what you love?
do what you love?

This one is my personal favorite and often try to find more ways to spend some quality time with myself. We lived in an incredibly busy world where our life is always occupied with pressure of multiple duties and responsibilities. The hectic and over busy schedule never give us enough time and opportunity to connect with ourselves.  

Though being social is good for your emotional and mental health but spending some quality time with yourself is equally important and helpful in re-discovering yourself. 

 Expert suggested that “spending alone time give you the perfect opportunity to look within, listen to yourself and discover your real dreams “.  

Find your passion & follow it wholeheartedly 

follow your passion
Follow your passion

Following your passion is another great idea that led you towards the path of “self-discovery”. Passion also gives a purpose to life and add a meaningful approach to our mechanical life. Many people often co-relate the passion to only their professional interest but keep in mind, passions do not always have be a complex or professional one, it can be about enjoying any simple activity or helping others. Ideally, it should be more about finding the true joy and identify the things that really matters in your life.  

Embrace your individuality & stop paying too much attention on other people’s reaction  

embrace your individuality
embrace your individuality

Last but not the least, embrace your individuality. We all are unique in our own way. If we want to find our true self, we should try to embrace our individuality. This attitude brings a sense of self-awareness and you would be able to observe things from higher perspective.  

Along with this, it is also important to stop paying too much attention on other people’s reaction towards yourself. It is not possible that you will get liked by everyone from surrounding and you cannot please everyone. Try to keep a balanced approach in your personality and pay more attention on things that really matters in your life.  

So, these were some important ways that have helped me to finding my true self? What are your thoughts? Please share with me! 

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  • alpanadeo

    Wonderful post Surbhi. Cant agree more. While we try to find our true self, we learn so many things. There are a few areas in our personality which are new to us; which we have developed over the period of time. But we get so busy in fulfilling what others want from us that we forget our true self. To me, writing or journaling has always helped. Along with that I have been practicing graphology for many months now.

  • Imagemakeover

    Knowing yourself is very important if we are looking for happiness and success. Self awareness helps you to achieve what you desire and make you more content with your life. I love all the pointers mentioned my you especially the one where you talked about finding your passion as when you do what you love there is no stopping of you being cheerful.

    • Ambica Gulati

      You have listed many good points. The key to a happy and harmonious life is to find your purpose.And if you know yourself, you will find things easier and better to handle. You can breeze through life with clarity and joy.

      • energeticreads

        Spending time with myself helps me exploring more about me. And that’s how I get connected to myself. I love spending some time like this every morning. This made me believe more in myself. Nice post. Loved it.

  • Varsh

    Personally, I feel spending time with myself and following my passion have truly helped me find what works for me. Amazing post and some much-needed tips to help connect with your inner self.

  • Sadvika Kylash

    I absolutely in love and agree with your post. I am someone who pays less interests to “Log kya kahenge” and this changed my life. Never give up what you like and what you wabt to do. Answer to yourself. I loved it

  • Archana

    Brilliant pointers Surbhi! Got to know a lil more about you. That’s so true that there is no specific way to sink in the process of finding yourself. It is a continuous life long process, that could be solely initiate by listening your heart, glancing our own self from a bit closer lens.

  • Harjeet Kaur

    Your post is wonderful, Surbhi. It took me all my life and I still don’t know if I found myself. I lived for others and was bogged down with what people say. Found my passion only at 50. I will try to find myself in spite of the huge setbacks in my life

  • Ruchie

    This is so much motivating post, I advocate the point that we need to take out some self time and move ahead in life. Thanks for being a part of this blog train.

  • Preeti Chauhan

    well into my forties , I faced this question when I turned forty. What is my purpose and have I been able to fulfill that ? Do I feel I am moving in the right direction ? I was struggling with a lot and wish I had easy help then ! Thanks for sharing this wonderful post, it would help many in realizing their true self.

  • Noor Anand Chawla

    You have shared some great tips Surbhi but the best of all is undoubtedly when you say one must believe in themselves. Absolutely spot on!

  • Indiacafe24

    Self-analysis I believe is very important to me…. when I sit in cool find and disect the activities I did in a time frame I really find out what went wrong with me and where I need to improve.

  • Sandy N Vyjay

    This is a very interesting post that fuels self analysis. Not many would consciously analyze introspectively to find their true self or find theirtrue passion. It usually happens just like that. But finding enough me-time and introspection is really desirable, to get a better understanding of oneself.

  • Rahul Prabhakar

    Finding your true self is a lifelong process in my opinion. We human beings have so many layers and peeling each of those layers and seeing what’s below each layer is such a remarkable journey. I like the idea of spending quality time with yourself, something that we don’t often do.

  • MeenalSonal

    Spending time with oneself while introspecting life is vital aspect in life we all need to do in one way or the other and then accepting the weakness and strengths will make the difference in self journey.

  • Hema

    These are some golden suggestions. Having a passion does absolutely keep my spirit high. It made me super happy and this is how I found myself I would say

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