8 Amazing lifestyle hacks to stay motivated & productive everyday!

lifestyle hacks for productivity
Lifestyle hacks for productivity

Modern life is chaotic and stressful. We all faced various challenges in our routine life. Sometimes the pressure of responsibilities makes us feel overwhelmed and many times, we feel bored and unmotivated due to monotonous routine of life.  

We all want to stay motivated and productive in our everyday routine but it seems like a big deal for many of us. Do you know, according to a recent search conduct by the University of Scranton, confirm that about 92 percent of people do not achieve their set goals. Failing to meet set goals leave them with a feeling of being discouraged and disappointed.  

Everyone suffers from a lack of enthusiasm at some point in their life. This lack of motivation and enthusiasm becomes a major obstacle in achieving a desired success and also leads to a state of lack of satisfaction and frustration in many people’s life.  

Though going through a phase of “lack of motivation” is frustrating but on brighter side, there are many creative ways to deal with this phase positively.  

In this post I am sharing 8 amazing lifestyle hacks that will help you stay motivated and productive during day-to-day life. Read the post to know more! 

8 amazing lifestyle hacks that will help you stay motivated and productive every day! 

Lifestyle hacks for productivity
lifestyle hacks for productivity

Pre plan your week/day & set a schedule for all important tasks 

pre-plan your day/week
Pre-plan your day/week

“If you don’t plan your day, someone or something else will”- Nir Eyal (Aurthor of hooked) 

So true 

Pre-plan your week is the first and basic step that help you stay motivated and productive throughout the week. It gives you a vision and better idea, how you are going to fit everything in. Pre-plan your things ahead allows you to stay organized and stay on track. This is the first step that help you utilize your time more efficiently and enhance your productivity amazingly.  

Using a planner, vision board or make a to-do list is a great idea to add a creative touch to your pre-planning.  

Read this post to know more about how to pre-plan your week ahead?  

Follow a routine and finish your routine chores as soon as possible  

follow a routine
Follow a routine

“You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine”. John c. Maxwell 


This one is my personal favorite. I strongly believe that following a routine creates a sense of discipline in our everyday life. It brings a state of self-regulation in completing various duties and responsibilities on time.  

 Being a mom/ busy individual, we all have a long list of duties/responsibilities every day. We  may feel stuck and unfocused, if we did not have a plan to execute these multiple responsibilities all together.   

 Following a routine and keeping a positive approach can be a big help. This small step can make a huge difference in our overall attitude and productivity.  

Additionally, finishing routine chores ASAP is another great idea to increase productivity. This step will allow to get more time for things that we actually want to do or love to do.  

Personally, I follow this mantra religiously in my day-to-day life and try to finish all routine chores ASAP. This step helps me to wind up my day (and even week) early and I get plenty of extra time to spend with my family.  

Create a vision (or purpose) in your life and follow your passion wholeheartedly  

vision board
Vision board

“Follow your passion. It will lead you to your purpose”. Oprah Winfrey 

Couldn’t agree more on this.  

For many people, this is one of the most challenging aspect of their everyday life. Many of us just wake up and get engaged in completing our routine tasks and duties mechanically, without having a clear vision or goal in mind. Life seems like a burden, when we did not have any passion or ambition in life.  

It is very important to have a clear vision and goal to stay motivated in our day to day. We need to carve out some quality time for things that you actually love to do (or want to do). This thought process (and its execution) adds a meaningful approach to our routine life. This small step can change our attitude and mood and can covert an ordinary day into an extra ordinary one.  

Try to find out something that makes you really happy and gives you an internal satisfaction. This small thing gives you a reason to wake up every morning with a feeling of enthusiasm and excitement.  

Being clear about your choices help you in taking better decision and keep you motivated even with adverse outer situations.  

Do not forget to take care of your mental and physical health 

follow a healthy lifestyle
Follow a healthy lifestyle

“Take of your body. It is the only place; you have to live”- Jim Rohn 

This one is another important step that can bring a huge difference in your overall health and well-being and increase your productivity and self-efficiency.  

Here are some tips that can help you in following a healthy lifestyle even with hectic schedule:  

  • Take out some time for pre-planning during weekends for next week’s diet and exercise schedule.  
  • Shop healthy stuffs and keep your pantry ready and organized for next week for making healthy, homemade meals.  
  • Keep a creative and innovative approach for meal-planning. Involve your kids/family members to make this process fun.  
  • Try to do any kind of physical activities at least 45 minutes per day (for 5 days in a week). Mixed and match indoor and outdoor activities (yoga, walking, cycling etc.) to make this process interesting and enjoyable.  
  • Keep a check on your stress level. Add stress relieving techniques (like journal writing, meditation ) in your daily routine.  
  • Last but not the least have some fun and relaxing time with your family, even during busy weekdays.  

Get organized  

Get organized
Get organized

“For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned”- Bejamin Franklin 

Being organized is the next important step that can offer great help in staying motivated and productive throughout the week. Try to keep your workplace clutter free and keep your routine stuffs on proper place. Take out some time during weekend to rearrange your wardrobe, pantry etc. And organized all needed things for coming week.  

Being organized can bring a major positive change in your weekday routine and bring a sense of calmness even with hectic routine.  

Here are some great tips to get organized for busy week ahead.  

Learn something new everyday  

learn something new everyday
Learn something new everyday

“Always walk-through life as you have something new to learn and you will”- Vernon Howard 

This one is another creative idea that help you stay motivated every day. Being a grown-up and a responsible person, we all tend to follow a fixed set of routine that involves completing multiple tasks and responsibilities. This thing brings a lack of enthusiasm in our day-to-day life.  

Learn something new every day is a great creative idea to keep our brain cells young, even with growing age. Try to take out at least 15 minutes per day to explore new things. You can choose any topic (new language, any technical skill or even a recipe) as per your individual interest. 

 Learning new things everyday add an exciting and creative touch to your routine and you will feel more accomplished and satisfied at the end of day even after having a hectic day otherwise.  

Learn time management skills 

Time management skills

“The key to time management is to see the value of every moment”- Menachem Mendal Schneerson 

This one is another important step that reduce your work pressure and associated anxiety. Time management is a skill that helps in multiple areas of life. It helps in reducing stress-level caused by pressure of multiple responsibilities.  

Try to set a time limit for each task and duties. push yourself with hard work and dedication to complete that particular task in set time range. Time management also give you a vision and helps in achieving your goals faster.  

Strive for progress not perfection 

strive for progress not perfection
Strive for progress not perfection

“Strive for progress not the perfection”- Bill Phillips  

Last but not the least, strive for progression rather than perfection.  “Try to be perfect” at all place and all the time, is a basic human nature but in practical world, it is not possible at all.  

 Try to keep a flexible and progressive approach. Enjoy the journey and focus on progression, not the perfection.  

So, these are some amazing hacks that I apply in my routine life. These hacks help me in stay motivated and productive every day.  

What is your secret mantra for life that help you in stay productive and motivated in day-to-day life? Please share with me! 

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  • Alpana Deo

    Awesome tips Surbhi. I have been following these pointers for many years and have seen positive results. Motivation comes from within. The satisfaction that ww get by the end of the day when we are able to finish all the tasks planned for that day is priceless.

  • Archana

    Absolutely true Surbhi, life without passion, ambition or goal is like a roaming around a hollow world. Everyday motivation be it bigger or smaller gives us boost to ace in our day to day life and eventually a hit the bed with contented mind and sound sleep

  • Neha Sharma

    Thanks for sharing these superb hacks for staying motivated and productive. I try to follow some of these like planning ahead, following a routine, and learning something new every day and that does help a lot in staying motivated. I need to work on the last point that you mentioned, I strive for perfection and that makes me slow.

    • Imagemakeover

      These are some wonderful tips Surbhi and quite doable. Prioritizing your task definitely keeps you motivated and keeps you on your toes. Following your passion and doing what you love keeps you mentally and physically fit too.

  • Ruchie

    To be productive and complete the work, its important to have good time management and the tips you shared I agree to all. This is the only way to stay motivated and follow our dreams.

  • Anjali

    There’s no limit to our imaginations when it comes to inventing excuses. We cave to our emotions from time to time, even if the thing we’re avoiding is healthy for us. Self-discipline is the first step in breaking the unending cycle of justification.
    These motivating hacks are ideal for overcoming a depressed state of mind.

  • Cindy Dsilva

    Yes when I realised that I had barely done anything when my daughter was born, I thought that my life was over because hers had begun. Only after that I realised what my passion was all the while.

  • Rahul Prabhakar

    You are so right! These lifestyle hacks have helped many – including me – to stay motivated and productive every day. Time management skills need to be learned and practiced regularly. A routine is good and with little focus, you can see the results fast. Also, one must continue to monitor progress, especially learning from mistakes.

    • Varsh

      You saved the best for the last, Surbhi! I always insist on enjoying the journey to perfection. Having a clear schedule surely helps and when coupled with rest and me time one can surely stay motivated for good.

  • Priyal poddar

    We must manage all work with proper time management, I am following these tips for a long time. Yeah being passionate about my work every day I keep myself busy in work and keep myself motivated whenever I face any difficulties in my work.

  • Sandy N Vyjay

    These are excellent hacks that are sure to add new meaning to your life. I value being organized and learnng new things a lot. The thrst for knowledge and an innate curiosity is what keeps us going and makes life all that more interesting and inspiring.

  • rakhiparsai11984

    This post needs to be bookmarked. I totally believe in discipline and being organised primarily to lead a good life. Half of the stress can be avoided if we follow a set routine and keep things in proper manner.

  • Humaira

    Awesome tips Surbhi. I have been following these pointers for many years and have seen positive results. Motivation comes from within.

  • aditi

    Great tips to stay productive everyday. Organising and management of time are two time tested hacks to lead a better life. I try to follow these but sometimes lag in my sincerity…..shall try to maintain the flow.

    • Richa Nimeshwari

      Great tips to maintain physical and mental health. I will definitely try these tips to improve my productivity. Thanks for sharing ?

  • Shilpa Garg

    With work from home becoming the norm, one cannot be productive if they are not organized and disciplined. I start my day with to-do task list and then complete my chores and attack the list. Since the work hours have increased considerably, it is important to unwind and relax. Playing word game on my phone or watching dogs and cats video keep me sane.

  • Snigdha

    Planing , schedule and follow a routin is actually helps a lot . I always to to follow the same but somewhere I lack. Including all these taking care of physical and mental health is necessary too.

  • TripleAmommy

    Thanks for these very good pointers. All are important for us given we are handling so many things in parallel. Loved the last one where you say that the focus should be on progression not perfection. Totally agree.

  • jhilmildsaha

    These are some really amazing tips to stay productive. An aimless existence can create a lot of issues. These tips can help anyone, be it a homemaker or a working professional, strive her best.

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