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#Bookreview-Healthy Indian Breakfast Recipes by Kalyon Munnaluru : An awesome eBook for amazing breakfast ideas!

Healthy Indian breakfast recipe e book
Healthy breakfast recipe e book

Breakfast is one of the most important meal of the day. We all know the amazing benefits of having a healthy and nutritious breakfast in the morning. Scientific studies also confirmed that having a healthy breakfast provides you a good source of energy throughout the day and also help in maintaining a healthy weight.   

Luckily our Indian cuisine have wide varieties of options from different cuisine and states. Idli and Dosa from south India to various kinds of tasty parathas from north India, we have multiple options to choose for our breakfast.  

But it has been said that we human are demanding by nature and we get bored easily with the things or options that we already have.  

Despite having multiple options to choose and explore, sometimes we all feel bored with our routine set of choices for breakfast. Many times, we feel stuck and did not get interesting options to include in our morning breakfast. I am sure you all would be agree that many times, cooking just seems like a routine chore rather than a creative process to cook, eat and feed something healthy, tasty and delicious.  

If you are going through same kind of phase during your routine, hectic life, then I have a solution for you. Recently, with #Blogchatterebook, I got a chance to review one of the good cook books by Kalyon Munnaluru named, “Healthy Indian breakfast recipes- Homemade breakfast recipes inspired by tradition”.  

I have a good reader experience while reading this book. What is the more special feature of this book? And why should you give this a try? Read the post to know more about it.  

Healthy Indian breakfast recipes- Homemade breakfast recipes inspired by tradition” 

Author: Kalyon Mummaluru 

Pages: 24 

Genra: Cookbook, recipe book 

Format: e book 

Available on: Blogchatter website for free download for a limited time period 

Rating: 4/5 


This e book Giving you the best possible start to your day, which includes nutritious and varied healthy daily breakfast recipes. This comprehensive e-book provides a wide range of simple – enticing Indian breakfast recipes that deliver your daily requirement of nutrients and carbs for you to start your day and successfully navigate the day! Setting a solid tone for the day with tasty, healthy, and nutritious breakfast dishes that help you set healthy eating habits on a daily basis. 

Author bio 

Kalyon is a passionate cook, he cooks from his heart and has a knack for turning basic ingredients into soulful meals. He did his Master’s from Aberdeen University Scotland and subsequently worked in diverse portfolios in his corporate career. Subsequently, he gave up his corporate career of 10 years to fulfill his dream of becoming a chef. He creates magic whilst cooking Indian and continental dishes plus can also bake a mean cake. 

Post his corporate stint – he delved into being a food entrepreneur. He was a founding member of Kitchari Katering: an on the wheel’s food-providing platform supporting IRCTC e-catering platform to serve the customers passing through Mumbai suburbs. Simultaneously he was associated as Home Chef with GORB, a startup of ZEE livingfoodz. 

He is now a full-time food blogger and vlogger running his blog & successfully. His passion for cooking and sharing his experiences is beautifully captured in this vlog. Visit & to learn more about him through his posts. 

My take on book  

Being a cooking enthusiastic, I always love to read, explore and learn new healthy recipes. I was really excited, when I get a chance to review this healthy breakfast recipe with #Blogchatter e book carnival. Reading this recipe book was a really good experience for me.  

This recipe book has 18 exclusive chapters about healthy, Indian, vegetarian breakfast recipes. The recipe collection is really good and versatile. Author has included a wide varieties of healthy breakfast recipes in each chapter, ranging from our own popular “Poha and Aloo paratha” to “Rava Dosa and Dalia pulao”.  

Each chapter as a proper detail description of recipe including ingredient list, step to follow and time required for making that recipe. Recipes has been explained in simple and easy to understand language. Along with written description, each chapter has a beautiful image of recipe that add an extra visually appealing element to book.  

As additional information, author has also included the calorie that each recipe has provides. This information can be especially useful for those people who are on a weight loss diet or just want to keep a check on their daily calorie intake.  

My favorite recipes from book 

Though I loved all the breakfast recipes narrated in the book and in fact, I make most of these at my place as routine breakfast, but some of the recipes were really new to me. Like, Dibba or urad dal roti and Veg Pongal. I did not try these recipes before.  

With the help of this amazing eBook, I had learnt these new recipes and now, I am excited to try and include these both recipes in my healthy breakfast routine.  

What can be added? 

Though I love the book and collection of breakfast recipes but while reading, I had a feeling that book is short (page 24). After learning these amazing recipes, I wish Kaylon will publish second part of this eBook and we readers get a chance to learn more healthy and tasty recipes from him.  


As a conclusion I would say, “This healthy Indian breakfast recipe book has a quite good and versatile collection of easy to make, Indian, vegetarian breakfast recipes. I had a great learning experience while reading this book. I will highly recommend this book to everyone who are interested in learning and exploring new healthy breakfast recipes.” 

Many congratulations to Kaylon sir for this e book publication and I wish him lots of good luck for great success of this amazing book.  

Here is link to free download this book.

So, this is all for now. 

This moth, I will share more amazing eBook reviews for the books from #Blogchatterebook carnival. So, stay tuned! 


  • Alpana Deo

    Indian cooking is so versatile that for 365 , we can get 365 dishes. Each course has plenty of options. It I sup to us, how we bring twist in already cooked recipes. With a slight changes in the spices and ingredients, a new recipe is born.

  • Imagemakeover

    As they say eat breakfast king size and I truly believe in that. Add variety in breakfast will make my day begin with excitement. This book looks awesome. Thanks for the wonderful review

  • Deepti Menon

    Surbhi, your review has enticed me to read this book. Breakfast is always a meal that needs variety and a book like this will certainly make life easier for many. Kudos to Kalyon Subbarao!

  • Kavita Singh

    If there is one problem I often face with breakfast then it has to be the Variety. I am definitely downloading this book and saving it in my phone. I haven’t tried pongal too, about time I guess 🙂

  • Ruchie

    Seems like I got the solution for a daily question of “what to cook?” for the breakfast. I am going to download this book and check out what I can try!!

    • simi sp

      Healthy cooking is always the must for healthy lifestyle and I love healthy cooking definitely will be checking out the book thank you for sharing the review.

  • bytetrails

    I am always on look out for some new recipes idea, and I am sure this ebook will come in handy.Shall check it.

    • Varsh

      This book will be so handy to know some healthy breakfast options that we can easily make at home. Will check out his blog as I’m a complete foodie and love to try new recipes!

  • Sandy N Vyjay

    The book seems to have some really interesting breakfast recipes from across India. The best part is that they are healthy alternatives and are sure to widen the breakfast options at home.

  • Roma

    For a novice cook like me this book can undoubtedly serve as a saviour. Thanks a lot my dear for recommending this and your earnest perfect review as always

  • Gleefulblogger

    I need to download this book and read thoroughly, as often I am at the loggerheads in the morning – what to make for breakfast? This will be my answer to all such queries.

    • mummatalks

      One of the toughest task at hand for me is to plan what to make for Breakfast. Now this book is going to be my guide. I will download the book and check out yummm recipes.

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