#BlogchatterA2Z #Themereveal: “A2Z of common diseases & their homeopathic treatment”- A series that presents causes, symptoms and homeopathic treatment of common diseases!

Theme reveal for BlogchatterA2Z
Theme reveal for #BlogchatterA2Z

Hi everyone,  

Here is the time of year again and I am excited for my third participation for one of the most amazing (and hardest) blogging campaign blogchatterA2Z hosted by blogchatter. Blogchatter is India’s most amazing blogging community that organized various amazing blogging campaigns throughout the year. I had participated in many of them and always had a great experience too.  

For those who are new to blogging, here is brief about BlogchatterA2Z.  

What is BlogchatterA2Z campaign?  

BlogchatterA2Z is Indianized version of worldwide famous A2Z blogging challenge. This challenge requires you to write 26 posts (in alphabetical order from A 2 Z) everyday, in one-month long duration (excluding Sunday). Apart from writing, it is also a community game that involves reading, commenting and sharing of other fellow blogger’s posts revolving around A2Z theme.  

Benefits of participating in blogchatterA2Z challenge 

Participating in this amazing challenge offers lots of benefits for bloggers. A2Z challenge is an excellent way to:  

  • Bring discipline in your writing  
  • Challenge yourself to write-read for long duration of 1 month  
  • Create a positive (and may be huge) impact by writing great quality content for challenge.  
  • Interacting with others and make new blogging friends  
  • Get loads of traffic and may be new subscribers for your blog and social media. 
  • Get a badge to flaunt off on your blog, after completing challenge successfully.  
  • Increase your chances for publishing an e book after A2Z (you may participate in blogchatterebook carnival that happen next to BlogchatterA2Z, and may use your A2Z posts to publish e book) 

My personal experience with last two seasons 

Though I used to participate in all kinds of blogging campaigns ranging from blog hops, blog train, MyfriendAlexa, and all others throughout the year, but A2Z is the campaign that brings lots of adrenalin rush to me. It first scares me, then challenge me, and lastly, I accept it to do something that creates “Most beautiful blogging memory” of the year for me.  

  • I had participated in year 2018 blogchatterA2Z challenge first and quit it in between due to feeling extreme pressure of writing and reading daily.  
  • In year 2019, I had participated with full preparation and complete my participation successfully. My theme for 2019 #BlogchatterA2Z was “Creative kids”. With this theme, I had shared 26 easy art, crafts, DIY projects and other education activities for kids, in alphabetical format, and later on published my first e-book too, with same theme. The best part of this e book was, “My both girls had co-authored this e book” with me. This book was an effort from my side to keep kids creatively busy and lessen their gadget obsession. Luckily, book got great response. If you are interested in checking out this book. Click here to download it for free.  
  • In year, 2020 I had participated again with the theme “healthy eating for busy moms” and shared 26 easy, healthy and vegetarian recipes for busy individuals. Along with completion of A2Z challenge, I had published my second e book too. Check out the book here, if you are interested in learning easy, healthy, vegetarian recipes.  

Now, it is time for 2021 participation.  

Honestly, I was so skeptical about this year’s participation, and I had thought a lot to say “Yes” to this year’s A2Z challenge. But after going through various phases of thinking and analyzing, I had decided to being a part of this once again.  

Now, the most exciting part of post, “Theme reveal”. 

Theme reveal for 2021 BlogchatterA2Z 

Theme reveal for blogchatterA2Z
Theme reveal for BlogchatterA2Z

There is a little story behind selecting this year’s theme for BlogchatterA2Z. I would like to share this with you all.  

As many of you may already know that I am a homeopathic therapist by profession with few years of academic and clinical practice experience in homeopathy. I was in mode of settling my homeopathic practice in India (during the time of 2012-2014), and then we have to move to USA in year 2015, due to my husband’s job.  at the same time, I had started blogging to share my areas of expertise with others and to get connected with other like-minded people.  

Initially, blogging was just a hobby but now, with the passing time, it has become an integral part of my life. Blogging has given me so much, from getting recognition for my write-up to fulfill my dreams by exploring creative aspect of my personality.  

I am so grateful and feel so humbled with this amazing journey of 5 years with many glorious achievements.  

But apart from this satisfaction and gratitude, I have another side too.  

Being a bright (and topper throughout) medical student, I always had a dream of running my own homeopathic clinic and serving sick people with my medical knowledge and expertise. I also wanted to pursue MD in homeopathy to being more qualified in field.  

But, with change of country and visa restrictions (H4), I could not work it here with my professional identity. Now, it has been more than 5 years, I had not gotten a chance to feel myself as a doctor.  

Yes, there are some days, “When I feel a lack of satisfaction with my professional achievements and also feel a strong urge to get a chance to work as a homeopathic therapist and serving community with my knowledge”.  

I am not sure, when will it happen?  

But as my father always says. “look the brighter side of any situation and try your best to prove yourself a champion”.  

So, this year I had carved a path for myself to present my professional identity through my blog.  

After thinking a while, I had decided that  

So, what, if I cannot practice as a homeopathic therapist, I have another medium (my blog) to share useful medical information through my write-up. Still, I can help others by writing useful information through my blog posts and can serve community in this way.  

So, this year’s theme for A2Z is dedicated to my professional identity. This write-up is a little effort from my side to helping others with my expertise.  

The name of this year’s theme is,  

“A2Z of common diseases and their homeopathic treatment” 

In this series, I will write 26 posts (in alphabetic format) about all common diseases. As “A” to acidity to “Z”, “Zika virus infection”, I will share a proper detail about all common diseases. Each post will have details of causes, symptoms, diagnosis, prevention and homeopathic treatment of common diseases. I am hoping this information and especially homeopathic remedy suggestions will work as an “Easy handy guide for at home treatment of common diseases and aliments”.   

Here is a list of common diseases that I am covering in this series.  

  • A- Acidity  
  • B- Baby colic 
  • C- Childhood injuries 
  • D- Diarrhea 
  • E- Ear pain  
  • F- Fever 
  • G- Gingivitis (gum inflammation)  
  • H- Hair fall  
  • I- Indigestion  
  • J- Joint inflammation  
  • K- Keloid (over growth of scar tissues) 
  • L- Laryngitis (throat pain)  
  • M- Mouth ulcer 
  • N- Nosebleed 
  • O- Obesity 
  • P- Pimples  
  • Q- Q fever 
  • R- Runny nose 
  • S- Sleeplessness (insomnia or loss of sleep) 
  • T- Toothache (teeth pain)  
  • U- Urticaria 
  • V- Varicose vein  
  • W- Warts  
  • X- Xeroderma (yellow discoloration of skin)  
  • Y- Yellow fever  
  • Z- Zika virus infection 

I am hoping all these topics and posts will give a detail and proper information about 26 common diseases and routine aliments, and their at home treatment.  

I am working really hard and need lots of good wishes from all of you to make this series useful and informative.  

Want to convey lots of best wishes to all my dear friends who are also a part of A2Z challenge.  

Looking forward for a great month of writing, reading and interacting with amazing fellow bloggers.  

Stay tuned. All these is coming soon! 


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